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Best Electric Kettle in 2020

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Electric kettle’s are popular home appliances in the modern day kitchen. They fulfill the basic task of boiling water to be used for cooking or hot drinks such as tea and coffee.

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Finding the best electric kettle can be a daunting task and to help those of you in need we have made best electric kettle to help you with electric kettle reviews and give our unbiased opinion.

Below you will find some of the best electric kettles available and our thoughts.

Best Electric Kettle

Secura SWK-1701DB Electric Kettle

Secura SWK-1701DB Electric Kettle

If you’re prone to be clumsy and have had your last electric kettle break on you because you accidentally dropped it on the ground, you should equip yourself with an electric kettle that is guaranteed to withstand such conditions.

Secura has spent years trying to perfect the durability issues that people normally have with electric kettles to the point that they recently released an innovative version that no one has ever seen before.

This new and improved kettle design caught the attention of so many Americans that Secure itself has sold over eight million units in the United States alone. You can easily join one of those eight million Americans and purchase yourself a Secura Electric Kettle today.


The Secura SWK-1701DB Electric Kettle functions on 1500 watts of heating power to bring a full pot of water to boiling temperatures in a matter of minutes.

All that’s required on your part is to fill the Secura SWK-1701DB Electric Kettle up with tap water that normally contains mineral deposits.

Now if you’ve used an electric kettle before, you know that these mineral deposits typically stain the interior of the device and become impossible to wipe away. This happens because the lid of standard electric kettles are too small for you to get your hands in.


With the Secura SWK-1701DB Electric Kettle, cleaning its interior will never become an issue. This is because this kettle features a large lid opening that makes it extremely easy for you to thoroughly clean those mineral deposits away.

Once you’ve filled the Secura SWK-1701DB Electric Kettle with enough water and plugged it in, all you have to do is click down the illuminated switch located on the bottom side of the kettle. Thanks to the British Strix control inside, you know that 100 percent of the water ends up being fully boiled.

After the water comes to a full boil, the switch will automatically go back to its initial place, and you can feel free to pour as much boiled water as you need. This kettle will never boil dry, which is a fire hazard that will never come to reality.


The Secura SWK-1701DB Electric Kettle is on the larger side of standard electric kettles since it has dimensions measuring eight by eight by 12 inches. It is also on the heavy side since it weighs about 3.2 pounds without any water.

In regards to its water capacity, this kettle can hold a maximum of around 1.7 liters.

Stainless Steel Build Interior & Plastic Exterior

It’s rare to find an electric kettle that comes built with an entirely stainless steel interior, but Secura has made it a possibility. Normally you see electric kettles advertised as having a stainless steel body but fail to mention that its lid is entirely plastic.

With the Secura SWK-1701DB Electric Kettle, every portion of its interior from its lid, rim, spout, and filter is all made out of 18/10 stainless steel. This means that no plastic parts whatsoever come into contact with your boiling water.

The Secura SWK-1701DB Electric Kettle contains an inner layer that’s entirely made out of stainless steel and an exterior layer that’s made entirely made of plastic. Keep in mind that the plastic is classified as being BPA-free, so it poses no threats towards your health.

Since the Secura SWK-1701DB Electric Kettle contains two separate layers, the exterior portion of the kettle will always be cool to the touch. This means there is no way you can burn yourself while handling this kettle. Check Price On Amazon


  • Cool-Touch Exterior
  • Durable Build
  • Affordable


  • Heavy to Carry When Filled to the Maximum
  • May Break After Prolonged Use

Ovente KG83 Series Electric Kettle

Ovente KG83 Series Electric Kettle


For those health fanatics out there who understand the importance of drinking a cup of hot water in the morning, you deserve a kettle that can make your mornings easier and help you relax into your daily tasks.

Ovente prides itself in comprehending the importance of the health benefits that drinking hot water can bring, which is why it dedicates its time to manufacturing electric kettles that remove the toxins and chemicals known to be present in tap water.

The brand has released a series of electric kettles that offer extremely basic to advanced features in regards to boiling water. The one that will function optimally for quick mornings is the Ovente KG83 Series Electric Kettle.


Since the Ovente KG83 Series Electric Kettle has a smaller build than your typical electric kettle, it requires only 1100 watts to boil water.

Statistics show that using this kettle is over 80 percent more efficient than using a stovetop kettle because it can get the job done in less time and uses less energy in the long run.

This electric kettle comes with a button located at the top portion of its handle that controls the opening mechanism of the plastic lid. Once you press the button and the lid opens, you should fill it up with as much water as you need to drink your daily cup of hot water.

After you sufficiently fill up your Ovente KG83 Series Electric Kettle, you can then press down the lid and plug in the device to power it up. Since it comes built with an illuminated LED indicator light, this kettle will light up in a blue color when it’s beginning to boil the water.

You should adhere to the convenient water level gauge located on the exterior part of the glass body, so you know exactly how much water you’re heating up.

Once the water sufficiently boils to the maximum temperature that the heating element concealed in the bottom portion this kettle permits, you’ll notice that the bright blue LED indicator light will shut off.

The boil dry protection function is what turns this kettle off, which comes in handy when you don’t want your kettle to pose a fire hazard risk.


Dimensions & Capacity

The Ovente KG83 Series Electric Kettle is one of the smallest kettles we have found since it has dimensions measuring six by eight by 9.3 inches and weighs around 2.7 pounds.

The most amount of water this kettle can hold is about 1.5 liters, which is less than 7 cups of water.

Glass Build

This kettle is manufactured with all three materials that are commonly seen amongst electric kettles. It contains a Borosilicate glass body, a plastic handle, and lid, as well as a stainless steel bottom.

Other kettles that claim to come built with a glass body don’t typically feature Borosilicate glass because it is much more expensive to manufacture. Borosilicate glass is the type of glass that you’ll find amongst lab equipment, so you know that it is of high-quality.

In fact, the Borosilicate glass is stain resistant as well as heat resistant, so you don’t have to worry about burning yourself with the Ovente KG83 Series Electric Kettle.

The stainless steel bottom is what contains the heating element, which is responsible for the fast boiling system specific to this kettle. The plastic handle and lid ensures that these portions of the kettle always remain cool, so you can easily carry this device wherever you want. Check Price On Amazon


  • Durable Glass Body
  • BPA-free Plastic
  • Affordable
  • Comes in Eight Different Colors


  • Collects high amounts of steam
  • After a several years of use the plate could potentially melt

Epica 6-Temperature Electric Kettle

Epica 6-Temperature Electric Kettle

For tea aficionados out there, having a kettle that can boil water to a specific temperature goes a long way in ensuring you’re always drinking a superb cup of tea. Thankfully, the Epica 6-Temperature Electric Kettle can provide that type of specificity and much more.


The Epica 6-Temperature Electric Kettle beats your typical stove-top kettles since it functions with a power usage of 1500 Watts. When compared to other stove-top kettles on the market, this one will surely help boil your water in a fraction of the time.

In fact, it’ll take this kettle five minutes to boil the maximum amount of water it can hold.


You’ll know that your Epica Electric Kettle is turned on because it comes with a convenient indicator light. This light element permits you to see whether or not your device is on or off, which takes the guesswork out of waiting to figure out if the water inside is indeed boiling.

When the Epica Electric Kettle is completely done with boiling the water, you’ll hear a click. This click also ensures that the kettle is fully turned off, which is safer for your household in the long run.

The problem with standard electric kettles typically consists of having the boiled water spill whenever you try to pour it into a cup that’s ready for tea.

You can say goodbye to this problem with the Epica 6-Temperature Electric Kettle since a lot of buyers have confirmed that it pours without the chance of spilling hot water all over your kitchen countertop.

Stainless Steel & Plastic Free

If you take pride in your interior decorating skills when it comes to your kitchen, then you’ll find that the Epica 6-Temperature Electric Kettle will make a great addition.

Keep in mind that since the Epica Electric Kettle features a full stainless steel body that it’ll complement a kitchen that follows a more modern design scheme than a vintage one.

You’ll be happy to hear that the stainless steel body ensures that the Epica Electric Kettle will last you a long time so that you can think of it as a long-term investment.

The kettle also comes with a two-year warranty, so you have the option to replace it if anything happens to it within a two-year time span.

Plastic and heat don’t mix well, so Epica took it upon itself to design its electric kettle with a plastic-free body. The only plastic that the kettle contains is on its lid portion. This plastic lid ensures that the kettle provides a tight seal, so your water boils at an extremely fast rate.

Since the plastic that the Epica Electric Kettle comes with is entirely BPA-free, you shouldn’t worry about it altering the taste of your boiled water.


Dimensions & Capacity

The Epica Electric Kettle features a dimension size of 8.25 x 9.75 x 12 inches and can hold up to 1.75 quarts of water. It comes with a 37-inch cord, so its ideal to use if you have limited power outlets available to you in your kitchen.

Advanced Yet Easy to Use Programs

The Epica Electric Kettle comes loaded with numerous advanced programs that are easy to use since all that’s required on your part is the press of a button. You have available to you six programmable water temperatures so that you can make the perfect cup of tea.

The six temperature options that you can choose from are as follows: 160, 175, 185, 190, 200, and 212 degrees Fahrenheit. Check Price On Amazon


  • Expedites the Water Boiling Process
  • Affordable
  • Portable & Cordless


  • Hard to fill up with Water due to Tall body

Hamilton Beach 40880 Electric Kettle

Hamilton Beach 40880 Electric Kettle

Whether you wish to boil water for making a cup of hot chocolate, instant coffee, or even tea, you need a reliable kettle that can get the job done within minutes.

You may have already heard of Hamilton Beach, a well-known kettle manufacturer that’s typically seen in the dorms of college students because they are easy to use and reliable.

To stay ahead of the game, Hamilton Beach constantly focuses on finding innovative heating systems that can boil water quicker than its competition. With its newest electric kettle, Hamilton Beach utilizes a rapid-boil system that ensures you don’t waste any time waiting for your water to boil.


You can readily load yourself up with the necessary caffeine content that you need to get through that paper with the Hamilton Beach 40880 Electric Kettle. Requiring only 1500 watts to operate, this kettle will boil a cup of water much faster than a microwave ever could.

First, you’ll have to push the button located on top of the lid to open the kettle so you can fill it up with water. Once you’ve filled the kettle up with water, you can press the lid back down and place it on the base that contains the concealed heating element.

After you plug it in you can then press down the on and off switch to start the heating process. You’ll know when your Hamilton Beach 40880 Electric Kettle is on when the power indicator light turns red.


Once the kettle is completely done with the boiling process, which will take less than five minutes if its full with water, the on and off switch will click back up to off. The power indicator light will also stop emitting light, so you know that your water is ready for use.

Whenever you feel as if the water that’s being boiled is looking too murky for your tastes, you can easily clean the removable mesh filter. No other cleaning is required with the Hamilton Beach 40880 Electric Kettle, which makes it perfect for college students stressing around finals week.

Dimensions & Capacity

The Hamilton Beach 40880 Electric Kettle remains to be on the smaller side of your standard electric kettles since it has dimensions measuring 6.24 by 9.24 by 8.78 inches. This appliance is even lighter than most generic kettles since it weighs around 2 pounds without any water.

When you fill up the as much water as this kettle can contain you’ll fill up around 1.7 liters of water, which is around 7.2 cups. If you’re having a tea party, this would be the perfect appliance to get the job done.

Stainless Steel Build

In regards to overall build, the Hamilton Beach 40880 Electric Kettle features an design that doesn’t stand out when compared to competing electric kettles.

The Hamilton Beach 40880 Electric Kettle contains a stainless steel body that covers both its interior and exterior portions. This means that you want to keep your hands away from touching the body of this kettle after its just been in use.

The only portions of this electric kettle that don’t contain any stainless steel are both its lid and handle.

Since the lid is entirely made out of plastic, you run the risk of having some plastic contaminate the water that’s being boiled, but that’s a risk you take with all kettles that contain a plastic lid.

The handle is also made entirely out of plastic, which means that it is the only portion of the Hamilton Beach 40880 Electric Kettle you can touch after the water has thoroughly boiled. This is because the plastic handle will stay cool to the touch, which makes pouring hot water an effortless task. Check Price On Amazon


  • Boils Water Fast
  • Affordable
  • Advanced Heating Technology


  • Plastic Alters the Water Taste
  • Does Not Contain BPA-free Plastic

Royal Electric Kettle

If you’re in the market for an electric kettle, you desire one that makes your life easier in regards to boiling water because you know how much of a fire hazard using a stove-top kettle can be.


The Royal Electric Kettle operates similarly to standard electric kettles that you may have already used in the past, but you’ve never seen a kettle designed like the Royal Electric one.

Even when it comes to how it boils water, the Royal Electric Kettle allows you to see every step of the boiling process. This is a feature that no other stainless steel electric kettle can offer.


We will continue to break down as to how effectively the Royal Electric Kettle operates. Keep in mind that this kettle doesn’t come with as many advanced features as other competing kettles do, but it makes up for it with how efficient it functions.

The lid features a spring-loaded design and pops up vertically to allow you to fill the kettle with water. The interior of the kettle is in fact large enough that you can fit your entire hand inside when it comes time to clean its interior.

Once you fill up the Royal Electric Kettle with as much desired water, you don’t have to worry about firmly sealing the lid. This is because this kettle comes with two latch points located under the lid that ensure a firm seal against the inner rubber portion of the lid.

Thanks to its indicator technology, the Royal Electric Kettle comes built with bright LED lights that let the user know when it’s heating up the water. If you fill the kettle up to maximum capacity, you should expect it to take anywhere between 5 to 6 minutes to come to a full boil.

Then you don’t even have to worry about shutting the kettle off because once 30-seconds pass by after the water has come to a full boil, the automatic shut-off mechanism sets it.

For those with children at home, you can’t go wrong with equipping your kitchen with the Royal Electric Kettle.

Dimensions & Capacity

Slightly smaller than your standard electric kettle, the Royal Electric Kettle features dimensions ranging from 7.6 by 9.1 by 10.6 inches. Those who want a compact kettle that can perform the simple task of boiling water, then you have found your answer with this one.

In regards to its weight, the Royal Electric Kettle is on the heavier side with a weight of 3.2 pounds. You shouldn’t be allowing any children near this device since they run a higher risk of dropping than you.


This kettle can hold a maximum of 1.7 liters of water, which is normal amongst electric kettles.

Glass & Stainless Steel Build

When compared to other electric kettles, the Royal Electric Kettle stands out for its full glass body along with its stainless steel accents. The glass utilized to manufacture this kettle is of extremely high quality.

Those who are worried that the glass with break shouldn’t fret because this kettle does come equipped with stainless steel accents. The accents serve to function as sufficient enough protection that the Royal Electric Kettle can withstand any minor drops.

Keep in mind that the lid is built with food-grade silicon and is BPA free, which means that it will not contaminate the water boiling inside. Check Price On Amazon


  • Durable Build
  • Auto Shut-Off Feature
  • Stylish


  • White Build-up on Bottom after Extensive Use
  • Expensive

About Electric Kettles

Electric kettles are very popular small appliances for homes and offices. They can boil water very quickly, even faster than a microwave, and they are very convenient when making tea, coffee, instant soup, or hot chocolate.

With one of these tea kettles, it is possible to have better tasting tea. The advantage of an electric kettle is that most have automatic shutoff features, so it is not necessary to stop an activity turn off the kettle on the stove.

Many electric tea kettles have cordless pots and sit on top of a base that is kept plugged in. After the water reaches the boiling point, the kettle automatically turns off. With these kettles, it is easy to start the kettle and have a cup of tea within a few minutes.

Stainless steel electric kettles have been very popular for many years, beginning as stove-top kettles that whistle when the water is boiling. Traditionalists who enjoy this whistle will not find this familiar sound with electric models, and for this reason, some people may prefer to make tea the way it has been made for years.

If they are willing to give up the convenience of traditional kettles, they may very well find that electric models are actually much more convenient. There are many styles of stainless steel kettles sold today.

A large kettle can boil enough water for several cups of tea at one time. There is a water-level indicator and a removable filter in most models as well.


Offices and home work areas will definitely want an electric model since there is no stove available in these areas. Thanks to the convenience of electric kettles, it is not necessary to leave the office to go out for tea.

Instant coffee can also be made with the boiling water from the pot. Very little space is required, so the device can be placed in a corner, or it can be put in a break room or lounge for refreshment time.

Little time is lost waiting for boiling water since an electric kettle boils faster than anything else. Heating a full pot of water takes about five minutes with an electric kettle, instead of the fifteen or twenty minutes it would take on a gas stove.

Different brands of electric kettles often have slightly different features. For instance, one kind has a blue light when the pot is turned on to boil, and when the water is hot, the light turns off. Pots are also made in different shapes from rounded to rectangular.

Almost all of them sit on bases, which hold cords that start the heating element. The pots are generally cord free, another convenience when pouring and serving the tea because there is no cord to maneuver.

Electric kettles are also made of glass or plastic, but these are not as popular as stainless steel models that are made by every manufacturer of small appliances.

Glass models may have polished chrome handles that stay cool when the kettle is picked up to pour the water. There are other styles that have black plastic handles. Plastic kettles come in a variety of colors, including orange, black, white, and other styles.

Some kettle models have temperature adjustments, rather than just having an on and off switch. This type of kettle is best for those who like teas that do not need such high temperatures. Green tea is one of these.

When making green tea with this kettle, it is easy to set it to medium for hot water, rather than setting it to the high setting for boiling water. There are hundreds of electric tea kettles to choose from to make the perfect cup of tea.

Why You Should Own An Electric Kettle

If you are a fan of good tea, you probably understand the importance of having a good tea kettle. Chances are that you probably own or have owned one of those older tea kettles that whistle when your water had reach its boiling point.


If you still own one of those, it is time for you to switch to an electric tea kettle! There are many good reasons why an electric tea kettle is a must have in any kitchen, especially the one of someone who loves tea like you!

First, an electric tea kettle will do the job expected from any kettle, it will bring the water to the boiling point, but in a more efficient way. Usually electric tea kettles tea to boil water much faster than kettle on the stove.

Moreover, most electric tea kettle will automatically shut off after the water reaches the boiling temperature, so you won’t need to worry or rush if you have to open the door, answer the phone or are watching the last minutes of your favorite show on tv.

Because of their unique characteristics and taste, different types of leaves require different brewing temperature. While some leaves need water at boiling temperature, other types of leaves need a much lower temperature.

This is especially true for white and green teas which taste are much more delicate than black teas. This is where an electric tea kettle comes in so handy. Indeed, because they are so specialized, electric tea kettles often have a very important feature to tea lovers : a temperature control system.

This allows you to choose how much heat you want to use to brew your perfect cup of tea. Many electric tea kettles will also keep your water at the wanted temperature for up to 20 minutes and even steep your tea for a specific number of minutes (preset or set by you).

Tea kettles also come in many designs. Plastic, glass, stainless steel, black, white, red, name it you’ll find it. You can find the electric tea kettle that will suit your kitchen easily.

Some electric tea kettles are cordless, making it more easy to pour the water and some feature a cord that can coil in the base for more convenient storage. Other electric tea kettles include a full tea set, for more convenience.

An electric tea kettle will give you the convenience of brewing your perfect cup of tea in minutes, increasing safety and leaving you more time to work on other chores. Take the time to shop around.

You can go to a retailed store, or shop online. Preferably choose an electric tea kettle that had been previously reviewed by your peers. This will give you an idea of what you are getting, the pros and the cons.


You will then be able to make a wise decision based on other people reviews and your own needs in regards to tea brewing. Look for quality, durability and a good warranty. Remember that sometimes, it is worth paying that extra few bucks for quality.

Last but not least, if you are purchasing an electric tea kettle, also consider trying new types of teas. There is a huge selection of teas available. Because tea brewing is becoming very popular, more and more tea stores are opening.

If you can’t find a tea store in your neighborhood, try to order online. Amazon.com is a good place to start, but you can also order from other specialized website. But nothing beats going to a tea store and smelling the fresh smell of loose leave!

Should You Go With A Cordless Electric Kettle

There are several advantages in using an electric kettle cordless option rather than a regular conventional stove top kettle.

First, electric kettle cordless options are more convenient, as they are specifically designed for heating water, making them more efficient than stove top kettles with water heating up 2 to 3 times faster.

Also, the energy used by the electric kettle cordless option is focused directly on heating on the water, rather than having energy wasted on heat that would escape from not being in contact with the kettle.

An electric kettle cordless option is highly portable, and easily fits into any luggage. Also, they are usually designed to shut down automatically after the water reaches a given temperature, which is called automatic shut-off.

This avoids problems of rushing to close the stove when forgetting about water you are boiling, which in turn removes the problem of boiling dry and destroying the kettle completely.

The electric kettle cordless option gives high energy savings, making it able to recuperate the initial investment with the electricity saved compared to regular stove top kettles.

Over-boiled water tends to lose its flavour, and the cordless electric kettle heats the water just enough for the taste to have its maximum potential. The insulation of the apparatus also removes the need of re-boiling the water after leaving it at rest for a given time.


Several types of tea leaves sometimes require water to have a very specific temperature to maximize the aroma and taste of the brewed drink and an electric kettle cordless option does a fine job getting to the right temperature.

A conventional kettle makes it difficult to regulate the temperature as it is quite difficult to get the temperature from inside of it. Some will boil it before letting it cool down, but this is just even more difficult and takes even more time.

Green and white tea drinkers will certainly gain a lot from getting a cordless electric kettle, with its internal thermometer that measures the exact temperature of the water.

As a side note, electric kettle cordless options can have prices that vary from 10 up to 150$ US (5 to 100 Euros), which makes them very accessible to anyone and about the same price as regular kettles.

Some are more expensive simply because of design, others have better precision and extra features. Those with the highest prices usually are the ones with nicest designs (nice enough to be served in a high-class kitchen) and greatest amount of features.

An example of an electric kettle cordless option with an elegant classic design is the Cuisinart Traditional Electric Kettle Cordless option model RK-17, a durable and easy to operate apparatus.

You can get it at 70 or 80$ US (40 or 50 Euros). An example of one with extra features would be the Krups AquaControl FLF3 54 oz Electric Kettle Cordless option (made of Stainless Steel) which is a 1.75 kW electric kettle cordless  option which remains cool when touching the handle and body even when the water is boiling inside.

It costs approximately 50$ US, or 30 Euros. An example of an inexpensive model would be the Electric Kettle Cordless option model Proctor-Silex K2070, that you can get at less than 10$ and still have great features such as automatic shut-off. For maximum safety, a Chef’s Choice 678 2-Qt Electric Kettle Cordless option is the best with its double boil dry safety shut-off.

There are several other models that offer different features, and most have a very affordable price that is anyways saved from the energy savings made compared to a regular kettle. When choosing an electric kettle, cordless is certainly the way to go.

Finding The Best Electric Kettle

It can be very confusing when you are looking for an electric tea kettle because there are many thousands of models on the market and in the stores.


How do you know which one works consistently to quickly boil water for tea, instant coffee, soup, and other items that require boiling water? Many people look for a popular brand that has a solid reputation for working well.

Others choose by the shape of the kettle since there are so many different shapes available. Still other people are convinced of the right kettle to buy when they see features such as a blue light that goes off when the water is ready.

One kettle that is well-liked by many users is the Cuisinart PerfecTemp Cordless Electric Kettle CPK-17. This stainless steel pot has six preset temperatures for the tea connoisseur since various types of tea taste best when made with different temperatures of water.

With these settings, it is easy to have the proper temperature with just the push of a button. There are features that this kettle has that are not usually found, such as a swivel base that keeps the cord out of the way, a memory feature that holds the setting for two minutes, and it comes with a three year warranty rather than the one year warranty that most models have.

Those who love the classic look of a stovetop kettle will appreciate the similar look of the Cuisinart Cordless Electric Kettle-KUA-17. It rounded pot, long spout, and curved handle are very charming and good for those who don’t want to give up their traditional kettle. It is well made, has an ergonomic handle that makes it easy to use, and it has a generous three year warranty.

Most electric kettles do not have temperature controls, but the Adagio UtiliTea Variable Temperature Electric Kettle does have this feature.

Those who drink a lot of green tea will appreciate this because this type of tea is best when made with water just below the boiling point. It is possible to get this temperature with this kettle.

Other features of this model are an automatic shut-off, a stainless steel pot, and a plastic handle that stays cool. The one downside of this pot is that it only brews four cups of water at a time, whereas most kettles brew six cups. If you are only making tea for yourself, this will not be an issue.

The Capresso H2P Plus electric tea kettle has received high reviews from many websites. Many people consider it to have the best look and design of any kettle. The glass pot allows you to see the water boil, and it has a stainless steel lid that stays cool. It also has an automatic shutoff for safety.

Chef’s Choice Cordless Electric Kettle 677 is also well-liked by users who like its sleek style and the fact that the cord retracts back into the base when not in use. It has a large capacity and a stainless steel exterior.


The Chef’s Choice Glass Electric Kettle is another favorite with its glass and brushed stainless steel design that features a black plastic handle that is designed for both left-handed and right-handed users.

A large capacity kettle that holds 10 cups of water is the Hamilton Beach 10 Cup Electric Kettle. It is stainless steel with black plastic handle and base, and it has a rounded sleek styling. Very few stainless steel kettles are made in the USA since almost all stainless steel products are imported into the country from China.

Even if a product is partially made in the USA, it usually has electrical components or other parts from China. There are also imported electric tea kettles from Japan and Germany.

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Kettles can come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and styles. Not to mention, each one will cost different depending on their quality of...

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