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23 Play to Earn Best Enjin NFT Games

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Are you in search of the best Enjin NFT games? We have got you covered. We have listed all the Enjin NFT games which you can play.

The Enjin is known to be a compelling gaming blockchain platform that allows you to mint all the scarce items blacked by the Enjin coin

To create scarce items in the form of tokens and collectibles, the game uses ERC-721 and ERC-1155.

Read further to explore all about the best Enjin games; you may find the game that interests you!

1. 9Lives Arena 

The 9Lives Arena is a PvP (Player vs. Player) arena where players can fight each other for glory and rewards. This exclusive model has been released as part of the best Enjin NFT games, which means it’ll be available only to those who have purchased the game.

2. Aldian Legends

Aldian Legends is a new game mode that Enjin has created for its blockchain gaming platform, Enjin NFT. It is an action-packed adventure where players will be able to battle against their enemies, collect loot, and level up.

3. AlterVerse

AlterVerse is a new feature in the Enjin NFT game that helps players create and share their digital worlds with friends. As of now, AlterVerse is active in only one game – Enjin NFT.

It’s a free-to-play game that allows players to collect and trade virtual items. It’s one of the best Enjin NFT games. 

4. Age of Rust

Age of Rust is a new game mode in Enjin NFT based on the age of civilizations. This game mode allows players to build their civilization and fight with other civilizations.

In Age of Rust, players are not just limited to building their civilization but can also choose from various random civilizations to play as. Players can also choose from different buildings and create their buildings and units.

5. Azure Heroes 

Azure Heroes is one of the best Enjin NFT games. This new game mode allows players to collect, trade, and battle with their favorite heroes from across the world of Enjin.

The main difference between this new mode and other game modes such as PVP or PvE is that you do not need to defeat your opponent but collect enough stars or tokens for them.

6. Binance Collectibles 

Binance Collectibles is an integral part of the Enjin Coin ecosystem. They are digital collectible items that can be built and traded on the blockchain. When you buy, sell or trade these items, you will receive Enjin Coin tokens.

7. Bitcoin Hodler

The Bitcoin Hodler is a unique item found in the game and can be used to trade with other players. Its price changes depending on the market value of Bitcoin.

The player who holds this item can trade it for another item or even for real-life money, which means they get paid to play!

8. Crypto Teddies

Crypto Teddies are like digital collectibles – they have a limited supply, and one player at a time can only own them.

This makes them valuable to collectors who want to ensure that their collection doesn’t get diluted with other people’s collections. Undoubtedly, Crypto Teddies is one of the best Enjin NFT games. 

9. Crystals of Fate

Crystals of Fate are a type of currency in the Enjin NFT game. They are earned by playing the game and can be bought with real money or earned by trading other items on the marketplace.

10. Cede

Cede game is a new game built on the Enjin platform. It’s one of the best Enjin NFT games available so far! The game is a sort of an experiment in which players are given a limited amount of time to develop their unique world before it is destroyed.

11. Containment Corps

The Containment Corps token governs the market and allows you to pay for item listings. The tokens are also awarded for creating items, reviewing items, and trading with other players.

12. Doctor Necrosis

Doctor Necrosis is an exclusive game available on the Enjin NFT platform. It is a unique and one-of-a-kind game that the Enjin team has created to test the limits of blockchain technology.

In this game, players will be given a choice to play as either a doctor or a patient. They will have to coordinate with each other to win the game.

The doctors will have to make sure that they save as many patients as possible, while the patients need to make sure that they don’t die during their treatment.

13. Division Network

The division network n is an online multiplayer game that uses Enjin’s NFT technology. It is a third-person shooter video game where players can create and customize their characters, weapons, and abilities. 

14. Beauty in the Streets

Beauty in the Street is a game that uses the Enjin NFT platform to create a virtual world where players can explore and collect items. It’s one of the finest and the best Enjin NFT games. 

In this game, people are rewarded with Enjin coins to take pictures of interesting places and share them with friends.

There’re also other ways to earn coins, such as completing scavenger hunts or battling against other players in the battle mode.

15. Boonance.US

Binance.US is a game that is developed on the Enjin platform. It allows players to play as a character who has been granted access to the Boon realm, where they can participate in various activities.

16. Cryptonom

Cryptonom was created by Enjin, a gaming platform that enables gamers to develop and manage their virtual goods using their NFTs.

The idea behind Cryptonom was to develop an innovative new way for players to interact with each other and play games together in real-time without any limitations or geographical boundaries.

17. Ether Legends

Ether Legends is a free-to-play online multiplayer game that allows players to create their character, build an avatar and explore virtual worlds. Players can also join a guild and contribute to the world by playing the game and making their guild.

18. Forest Knight

Forest Knights is a free-to-play, browser-based RPG that players can play in Enjin NFT. It has an extensive crafting system and allows players to choose from various classes and races to create their unique characters.

Players can also build their own places and castles on the game world’s map. Forest Knight is one of the best Enjin NFT games. 

19. Game TalkTalk

Game TalkTalk is a feature that allows players to talk to one another in-game. It is an extension of the Enjin NFT platform.

Game TalkTalk will enable players to communicate about anything related to their game, from bugs and glitches, trading tips and tricks, or just general conversation about what they’re playing.

20. Go! By Health Hero

Go! By Health Hero is an online puzzle game that helps people get active and stay healthy. This game’s goal is to collect as many coins as possible by jumping, running, or walking through levels.

Players are rewarded with ENJ tokens for playing the game, which can be used to purchase health products from Enjin’s catalog of over 1,000 items.

21. Grasshopper Farm

Grasshopper Farm is an idle game where you grow your farm, sell crops, and buy items with Enjin Coin tokens. One can also play with other people in multiplayer mode or compete with others to see who has the most productive farm.

22. Impulse

The impulse game is a new way of content creation that allows users to create their own interactive experiences on the blockchain.

The games can be anything from simple puzzles to multiplayer games or even a fully-fledged app with its marketplace. 

23. Kingdom Karnage

Kingdom Karnage is a massively multiplayer online game that Enjin created. It is a game where players can fight battles in their fantasy world. Players can also create their kingdoms and develop them into the most powerful empire.

Summing Up!

So what are you waiting for? Enjoy all these best Enjin NFT games; exploring them all can be helpful because, eventually, you can find a game that you like. 

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