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10 Best Free IDM Alternatives to Try in 2023

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IDM, or Internet Download Manager, is amongst the most popular download managers. It has some outstanding features such as download speed acceleration, resume download, scheduled download, video recording, browser integration, etc.

Unfortunately, IDM is only available for Windows. Additionally, the software is available for a 30-day trial period, after which you will need to purchase a license which costs $24.95.

So, if you are searching for an IDM alternative free or that can also work on other operating systems, you have this article covered.

So, here is a list of the 10 best free IDM alternatives that you can try without further ado.

Best Free IDM Alternatives

Here are the best free alternatives to Internet Download Manager. The list contains native apps and browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox.

You can view the full list using the content below and use it to navigate to specific apps if you want.

1. JDownloader 2

JDownloader 2 is one of the best free IDM alternatives with some open-source elements. In terms of functionality, JDownloader has most of the tools provided in IDM.

For example, you can keep downloading, set bandwidth limits for your downloads, and apply themes. JDownloader 2 also provides multilingual support like IDM.

In addition to the similarities with IDM, JDownloader can also resolve some CAPTCHAs by itself. Whenever you come across a website that requires you to solve the CAPTCHA before presenting you with a download link, JDownloader will automatically resolve it and start the download immediately.

You can download JDownloader on Windows and Linux, Mac, or any other Java-based operating system.

2. EagleGet

EagleGet is a lightweight download manager accessible for Windows. It has IDM-like features like scheduling downloads, accelerated download speeds (up to 6x), theme themes, setting speed limits, and browser integration.

Unlike IDM, EagleGet does not require any additional antivirus program on your computer but has its malware scanner.

EagleGet Download Manager can even update expired download addresses without restarting from scratch.

You can also import your download list from any other download manager into EagleGet, so if you are migrating from IDM, you can easily do this by moving all your pending downloads to this free software.

  • Free download
  • Platforms: Windows

3. Free Download Manager (FDM)

When it comes to providing an accelerated download experience, FDM (Free Download Manager) can make IDM work for your money.

This online download manager’s highlight is organizing downloads efficiently to download even large files without any hassle quickly. Also, it allows you to resume interrupted downloads and control the priority of torrent files, which is another advantage from a competitor’s perspective.

Another feature that makes it a big rival for IDM is the ability to process media files of different formats, which could be great if you often deal with many media files.

That’s not all; FDM operates with most platforms and also integrates seamlessly with major web browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, and Safari.

  • Free download
  • Platforms: macOS, Windows, Linux and Android

4. FlashGet

FlashGet is a swift download manager that can speed up your downloads up to 10 times faster, compared to 5 times for IDM. With some similarities to IDM, it allows you to create unlimited download categories and automatically invoke your antivirus program after the download is complete.

FlashGet also comes with a built-in offline player. By integrating your browser, one of the best candidates will be the best alternative to IDM.

  • Free download
  • Platforms: Windows

5. Internet Download Accelerator

The Internet Download Accelerator is one of my favourites on this list. With many features like scheduled downloads, multilingual support, video and MP3 downloads, up to 5 times fast downloads and themes, it has many similarities to IDM and is always free.

You can utilize it for personal use as much as you want, but if you’re going to use it for commercial purposes, you can purchase its Pro version, costing you $9.95 as a single user.

With this professional version, you can get rid of ads and even access other features like download speed control, FTP explorer, site manager, etc.

  • Download: Free$9.95
  • Platforms: Windows

6. uGet Download Manager

uGet Download Manager is a free open source project released in 2003. Equipped with all the basic functionality of a download manager, the lightweight application is available on many different platforms.

Like IDM, it can download multiple files at once, resume interrupted downloads, and schedule downloads.

Once your source code is transferred to SourceForge, you can be sure of your security.

  • Free download
  • Platforms: Windows, Linux, macOS

7. DownThemAll!

If you make use of Firefox, you can download DownThemAll! Add-on for your browser. Although it is an add-on, it offers IDM-like features like one-click downloads, categorized (filtered) downloads, download speeds up to 4 times, and download summaries.

Unlike IDM, which only works on Windows, you can use DownThemAll! On all platforms supported by Firefox.

If you are not searching for a standalone download manager, you should try this one.

  • Free download
  • Platforms: Firefox

8. Download Ninja

Besides being an alternative to IDM, Download Ninja can also be a DownThemAll alternative for Google Chrome. Plus, you don’t need to download it to your system for it to work.

Just affix it to your Chrome browser, and you’re done. With Download Ninja, you get IDM-like features like speed limits, multilingual support, themes, reloads, and download speeds.

In addition to these similarities, you also have the option to shred data and upload metadata for maximum privacy.

Since Chrome is a download manager extension, it is one of the best download managers you can use on your Windows PC or Mac.

  • Free download
  • Platforms: Chrome

9. Xtreme Download Manager

Under the pretext of increasing download speeds by up to 500%, Xtreme has all the comforts needed to give IDM fierce competition without adding complexity to the mix.

So how does this internet download manager attain such fast download speeds? Well, it takes full advantage of a sophisticated segmentation algorithm, link reuse, and data compression to speed up download speeds.

Besides, it provides the convenience of continuing interrupted/dead downloads or schedule downloads like its known rival. Additionally, DXM records FLV videos from anywhere as well and supports HTTP, HTTPS, and FTP protocols.

Not to mention the convenient integrations with all major browsers, including Google Chrome, Firefox Quantum, Opera, and Vivaldi.

  • Free download
  • Platforms: macOS, Windows, and Linux

10. aria2

aria2 is a command-line download advantage for those who love and appreciate the CLI. Supports FTP, SFTP, HTTP/HTTPS, Metalink, and BitTorrent.

You can download a file with aria2 from multiple sources to maximize its maximum download bandwidth.

aria2 also works as a full BitTorrent client with features like DHT, PEX, encryption, magnetic URI, website setup, selective downloads, local peer detection, and UDP tracking. At only 4MB, aria2 is a lightweight download manager you can’t miss.

  • Free download
  • Platforms: OS X, Windows and Android

11. Bonus: Turbo Download Manager

Finally, the “Turbo” download manager is one of the best Internet download managers on the market. It is undoubtedly a well-deserved alternative to the IDM, which gives this free open-source download manager multi-threaded support, which provides the convenience of increasing the download speed.

And with the pause and resume function, it also lets you get work done at your own pace. One of my favourite features of this software is viewing media files (i.e., videos, pictures, and sound) even when the files are still being downloaded.

  • Free download
  • Platforms: macOS, Windows, Android, and Linux

Download Well with these free IDM alternatives for Windows & Mac

Downloading is one of the most fundamental and essential tasks when you are online. There is a variety of tools that can improve this experience by a mile.

And now that you know many download managers that you can replace IDM with, it’s time to use the same features as the free tool. So which download manager will you utilize on your Mac or Windows computer? Let us know in the “Comments” section.

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