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Best Gun Safe Reviews

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Here is our best gun safe reviews, we strive on providing an excellent convenience when choosing and comparing the ideal safe for your firearms. We’ve compiled the best products from top brands so that you can make a more informed decision and get the best gun safe for the money.

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Please follow this guide and it’s selections.

Why a Gun Safe is a must have addition to protect your Firearms

For any individual who possesses a gun, there are several issues that ought to be of significant concern. Above all else is the issue of security.

Actually, any individual who watches or follows the news nowadays is well aware of the climbing numbers in criminal action encouraged by the unlawful utilization of guns.

Likewise, there appears to be a disturbing expansion in the quantity of kids who steal their guardian’s guns and afterwards take them to class for whatever reason. Kids will be kids, and no matter how well you’ve raised them, the curious mind can be a dangerous thing at those young ages.
The second is the issue of harm and damage to weapons themselves. Buying a firearm is an investment, and sometimes a pricey one at that. If you are an enthusiast, chances are you’ve spent a significant amount of money on ammunition and weapons.

What a shame it would be to destroy your investment due to an accident that caused a house fire?  What about other disasters that are out of control such as burglary, theft and even earthquakes.

If you’re a hunter or you operate your weapons in nature, there is always the issue of protecting your gun from things such as snow and rain as well dirt and mud that can easily jam your gun or put it out of operation. Other issues such as corrosion also come to mind.

By now you’ve realized the list of threats to your weapon or others because of your weapons is long, I’m sure you’ve come up with a reasonable personal list yourself.

It is therefore common sense that you should have certain safety and protective measures in place so that these issues can be avoided.

The first and in my honest opinion BEST measure you can take is investing in the best gun safe that meets your needs as far as security, portability, accessibility and safety.


We’ve compiled some of the highest rated gun and pistol safe reviews for you make an informed decision.

Best Pistol Safes, Side-arm and Small Arm Safes:

The following safes have been chosen to be the best overall as far as safety, protection and accessibility by the owner. Many of these include mounting hardware, extra security cables and fast access features.

Many of these are also TSA approved making them suitable for air travel.

Name and Brand Construction Lock Type Capacity
The GunBox Biometric Hand Gun Safe Aluminum Alloy Biometric 1 Pistol
Gunvault MV500-STD Microvault Pistol Gun Safe 16 gauge steel Key Code 1 Pistol
GunVault NV200 NanoVault with Key Lock 10 gauge steel Key code 1 Pistol
Sentry Safe Biometric Quick Access Pistol Safe 12 gauge steel Biometric AND Key Code 1 Pistol
Gunvault GV2000C-DLX Multi Vault Deluxe Gun Safe 16 gauge Key code 2 pistol
Gunvault SpeedVault SV500 gun safe 18 gauge Key code 1 pistol
BARSKA Top Opening Biometric Fingerprint Safe N/A Biometric and Code 1 Pistol+

Best High Capacity Gun Safes and Gun Cabinets

Name / Brand Construction Lock Type Capacity
Stack-On GCG-910 Steel 10-Gun Security Cabinet, Green Thin Steel Combination Lock 10 Rifles
Homegear 5 Rifle Electronic Gun Safe Thin Steel Key Pad 5 Rifles
Modular Electronic Lock Fireproof Titan 12+ Gun Safe Steel Key Pad 12 Firearms
Stack-On FS-14-MB-E 14-Gun Fire Resistant Safe with Electronic Lock Steel Key Pad 14 Firarms or 7 with storage
Stack-On GCDB-924 10-Gun Double-Door Steel Security Cabinet Steel Key 10 Rifles or Shotguns
V-Line Quick Access Keyless Long Gun Safe (Black, 42-Inch) Steel Key Pad 1 Rifle

What You Should Consider Before Purchasing a Gun Safe or Gun Cabinet

Quick Tips – Do’s and Dont’s when buying a gun safe

  1. Not all safes are created equally – Familiarize yourself with fire and burglary ratings as well as common construction especially if you need maximum security from professionals.
  2. Cross-shop several brands to figure out the types of options you need – Mounting, accessibility, locking mechanisms, accessories, warranties etc…
  3. Take an inventory of exactly what you want to keep in your safe – Obviously you will be storing guns… but how many? What types? How many do you plan on buying in the future. And what about ammunition storage? IF you are planning on storing other items unrelated in your safe, it should be able to accommodate.
  4. Figure out where you want your safe to be stored – Some safes are best wall mounted, while gun cabinets will require some floor room. If you want to protect a single firearm or pistol consider underbed and car storage as well.

Construction – Type of Locking bolts and thickness (gauge) of doors/walls

If you buy a general purpose budget gun safe, chances are you will get what you pay for. The safes provided in the charts above are adequate for the novice that wants to deter and protect.

If you have the need for maximum security please take a look at some heavy duty safes such as this one here: Heavy Duty Gun Safes

In general the thicker the gauge of the steel the better. Steel gauge construction can range from 16 (thinnest) to 7 (thickest) gauge steel.

If you have no budget always opt for the thickest steel gauge. Even if you are on a budget, when cross-shopping look for brands that actually advertise the gauge of the steel gauge. Similarly, the way the safe is constructed is important.

Even if you have the strongest thickest steel walls, but they are poorly welded together, chances are it’s not tamper proof. A seamless construction is ideal.

Locking Bolts are also important when shopping for a heavy duty safe. The number a bolts will vary from safe to safe. However what you really need to pay attention to is the thickness of the bolts and the distribution.

Ideally you would want bolts placed all around the door ensuring no one side can be pried open easily.



As you’ve probably discovered by now, there are three main types of locks types: Biometric (fingerprint), numerical key pad, and dial combination locks. Which you prefer depends on what you require with respect to reliability and accessibility.

Generally a combination will rarely fail. Most high end and heavy duty safes are combination dial. Combined with tamper-proof mechanisms and steel plates, these are generally safer as well. Keypad locks provide extra convenience in that they are faster to unlock.

In the event of an emergency they minute or so that you will save can be life-saving. The bad-side of these locks is that they can fail and do require maintenance by requiring batteries. Last but not least we have biometric locks. These are locks that are opened via fingerprint scanner.

They add an even greater factor of convenience but are also more prone to malfunction. Many commercial and personal safes on the market provide multiple locking mechanisms for added security and convenience.

Fire Rating

Car fires and residential fires and reach temperatures of over 1200 degrees and can last for hours. The construction of the safe will play a major part in its fire/temperature rating.

Because many gun safes are designed to keep out intruders and moisture, the fire ratings usually aren’t of priority. However most “fireproof” safes have a much lower rating than what is practical.

It’s always a good idea to use separate fire boxes when storing small valuables such as documents and jewelry and store that box inside the safe.

Size and Capacity

A good suggestion when looking for the best gun safe is to consider the amount of guns you have and especially the ones you haven’t acquired yet. Chances are you will continue to purchases new guns of many types and sizes.

Always get something larger than your current requirement. This will allow you to store other things such as ammo and personal valuables in the safe as well.

If you are however purchasing a safe for your sidearm handgun, then you’d want a smaller safe that is easily concealable, accessible and storable. These smaller safes are ideal for storage in automobiles and in discreet areas such as under the bed.



By now you have a grasp on what makes the best gun safe for the money that’s appropriate for you. Hopefully these gun safe reviews have shown you what to look for when purchasing the right safe. Always keep in mind your collection; always look for thicker gauge steel and a high fireproof rating as well.

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