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10 Best iOS Shopping List Apps for iPhone and iPad

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Have you ever walked out of the mall and felt you had no energy left? Well, shopping can be that hectic!

The process can be pretty tiring, from standing in long queues to trying to reach what you want. 

Fortunately, the best iOS shopping list apps are here for you.

These applications now provide you with better and easier ways to shop without stress. They save you the time that it takes to make decisions on what to buy.

Instead of taking time with paper and pen, you can use the apps to add the items you need to your list.

The best iOS shopping list apps also include scanners, coupons, and family-oriented features. 

If you want to make your journey to the store more accessible, these applications can help.

So, compiled below is a list of the best iOS shopping list and all the features that make them outstanding.

1. Apple notes

If you need the best iOS shopping list app, what better one than the one on your iPhone. Apple notes are an easy way to create and maintain a shopping list.

With Siri, all you need to do is ask her to include an item in your inventory. 


  • Draws and creates a checklist
  • Scans documents
  • Organises lists in folders
  • Allows you to attach photos or videos to items
  • Saves links to other websites
  • Allows you to set a password to protect your notes
  • You can share your list with others
  • Supports Siri that allows you to create notes with voice
  • Permits you to see notes in gallery view


2. AnyList

AnyList organizes your grocery lists in categories which helps you navigate quickly through your list.

The upgraded version of your account lets you add a photo of what is on your list.

In addition to its organization, it allows you to share your shopping list with your contacts. 


  • Imports recipes from other sites
  • Features a calendar that helps organize your list
  • You can use it with Apple Smartwatch
  • It offers photos of items you list
  • It allows you to add an image for recipes
  • Can measure recipe ingredients
  • It creates a budget with the price you’ve entered
  • Assigns items to stores where you shop
  • Features variety of these that you can customize
  • You can organize your list in folders
  • Creates reminders to alert you when you’re near a store


3. Todolist

With an easy-to-use interface, this application has many features that you can use for diverse tasks.

You use it to create essential lists like to-do lists and grocery shopping lists.

It allows you to customize your account and comes with animations that move when you check something off your list.

With its features, it is the perfect application for shopping lists.


  • Sets reminders for important dates and tasks
  • Organizes your lists and projects
  • Notifies you when you complete a task
  • Allow you to personalize your lists to your preference
  • Finds other tasks on request
  • Provides photo of your recent activity
  • Award points for completing tasks
  • Allows you to access your account remotely from other devices


4. Cozi Family planner

Cozi is another one of the best iOS shopping list applications that helps you stay organized.

It is best for creating grocery lists, completing tasks, and much more with a family calendar.

It is an essential and organizational application for families.


  • It reminds you of important activities
  • Syncs with other applications like google calendar
  • Creates lists for activities like shopping
  • Features a library that guides budgeting, house chores, recipes, and so on
  • It helps to manage schedules
  • It features a school supply list, packing, and travel lists
  • Supports an account with a single password
  • When you subscribe to premium, you get two weeks free trial period


5. Our groceries

If you want a simple shopping list application, Our groceries are the best choice for you.

With a user-friendly interface, it is simple and easy to use when creating lists for any occasion.


  • Easy to set up and use
  • Creates lists and recipes
  • You can add or delete list items
  • Keeps track of things that you need to purchase
  • You can share your list with others in the household
  • Secures your account and data
  • You can arrange lists in categories
  • Allows you to add an image for each item
  • Features barcode scanning 
  • Works perfectly with Google Home and Google Assistant
  • Supports use on the Apple watch
  • Use Siri to add items to your list
  • Works smoothly with iOS and Android


6. Mealime

Mealime is a unique application that not only creates lists but helps you plan meals and find recipes.

It has a built-in attribute that provides you with the nutrition content of each item. It also has a grocery list tool that creates lists related to your meal plans.

When you create a plan, it automatically lists out all the ingredients you will need.

These features make it one of the best iOS shopping list apps.


  • Creates a meal plan for you
  • Easy to create a grocery list
  • Provides nutritional information of recipes
  • Guides easy-cooking
  • Allows you to personalize your account to your preference


7. Shopshop

People love this application because it is straightforward to use, even for those who are not tech-inclined.

With Shopshop, you can add items to the list you create and easily cross them off when you finish with them.

The application also stores former data to add previous items you purchased with a few clicks.


  • You can access the app with VoiceOver
  • It is easy to use
  • Keeps a list of items you purchased regularly
  • Allows you to cross things off your list
  • It runs smoothly on iOS


8. Bring shopping list

Do you love visuals? Well, Bring application uses a pictogram to create a list for you.

You can add your items, and the application will create an icon to match that item. So, all you have to do is look to remember what you need to get.

Also, it allows you to search for recipes and share your list.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Organises items in grids
  • Creates an icon for each item on your list
  • Easily remove and add items to list
  • Allows you to share your list with others
  • Supports the search of recipes
  • Works smoothly on iOS and Android


9. Out of milk

One of the best features of this application is barcode scanning.

Scan a barcode, and you automatically add the item to your list. This makes it easier and faster to create your shopping list.

In addition, you can add prices to each item to create a budget.


  • Creates multiple lists on request
  • Groups items into categories
  • Remember things you shop for regularly
  • Scans barcode of items and adds them to the list
  • Allows you to share your list through texts and emails
  • You can access your list anytime, anywhere from any device


10. Flipp

One exciting thing about Flipp is its ability to find the best shopping deals for you.

Once you create a list, it finds deals with coupons allowing you to get the best at a cheaper rate.


  • Creates a grocery shopping list
  • Features ads from different retailers in your locality
  • It has several coupons from your favorite brands.
  • Easy to navigate



What else do you need? Now that you have the best iOS shopping list apps, you can make shopping interesting for yourself. Download one now and get started!

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