12 Best iPad and iPhone Pedometer Apps in 2021

Best iPad and iPhone Pedometer Apps

The best iPhone pedometer apps serves as a platform that keeps track of your steps.

These applications use the GPS tracking features on your device to be able to monitor activities. Nonetheless, for it to work smoothly, your device needs to be with you.

However, not many people understand the importance of a pedometer application. First, keeping track of your steps tells a lot of things about your health status.

Though it might seem like a normal routine, walking does a lot of things for you physically. Therefore, if you live a sedentary lifestyle or rarely exercise, a brisk walk can save you from health complications.

This is where using pedometer apps comes in. These applications inform you about the status of your physical health and just how much more steps you need to take.

So, if you want to develop healthy walking habits, here are the best iPhone pedometer apps for you.

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1. Google Fit

Regarding the best iPhone pedometer apps, Google Fit makes the top of the list. With a mission to help you live a healthier lifestyle, Google designed this app with exclusive features.

The app doesn’t just track your footsteps but also your cycling activity. However, you can customize the setting of fitness proportions to suit your health habits. 

Furthermore, it integrates with other applications that allow you to share your user experiences.


  • Works with instructions according to the World Health Organization (WHO) and American Heart Association (AHA)
  • Provides comprehensive and health tips
  • Awards points upon completion of daily task

Download Google Fit

2. Runtastic Steps

Runtastic Steps is a perfect pedometer app that emphasizes exercise to keep the body physically fit. The app can track your daily steps as well as the distance you cover.

Even better, it keeps watch of the calories you burn from these walks. 

Also, it gives you the privilege to set daily goals and work towards them. It also includes a free training plan to speed up achieving your targets.


  • You can explore all features of the app for free
  • Includes a plan to track your weekly, monthly, and yearly overview to monitor progress
  •  Easily integrates with Apple Health
  •  It works together with other Runtastic Apps to increase its functionality.

Dowload Runtastic Steps

3. Accupedo

Accuracy is one of the most prominent features of Acupedo. Even better, it features 3D motion recognition that tracks just your walking patterns.

Therefore, it can filter out irrelevant motions you make when carrying out other activities.

As one of the best iPhone pedometer apps, it allows you to monitor all these activities from your home screen.

Furthermore, it features a chart that gives you the best suggestions and trends to implement in your activity.


  • Features an in-built GPS tracking device
  • Flexible and easily adjustable
  • It is conversant with users as it updates their experiences
  • It includes several color themes to choose from

Download Accupedo

4. Stepz App

Do you find yourself moving frequently throughout the day? Why not monitor your activity progress and aim at staying healthy with Stepz?

It’s easy to do this simply by employing an accurate tracker and completing daily tasks.

Even as you carry on with your day-to-day tasks, you can relax while Stepz walks in the background.

  • Features
  • It allows you the choice of setting your goals yourself 
  • Easily integrates into the Apple Health feature
  • You can export or import your data as CSV files 
  • It displays your achievements
  • Works alongside other users
  • It demands no logins
  • The app doesn’t need a GPS tracker to function
  • Has a long-lasting battery life

Download Stepz

5. Activity Tracker

This is the best iPhone pedometer app to track your fitness. It allows you to track your all-around-the-clock activity without having to carry a fitness gadget around.

With the Activity Tracker, you can view the distance you cover, your steps, and the calories burned.  

It also includes multiple color selections; however, only one allows free access. For references, you can import or export your progress data. 


  • Keeps track of your steps even while climbing stairs
  • Allows you to customize its features to your preference
  • Displays an hourly progress report
  • Features an impressive user-interface
  • It is independent and demands no need to start or stop the app

Download Activity tracker

6. Argus

If you’re looking for a professional fitness app with multipurpose features, Argus is the best for you.

First, it functions as a regular pedometer app, tracking your steps and activity levels. It goes further to measure the distance you cover, your weight, and the calories you burn. 

Argus implements other features which allow it to track your sleep and resting conditions.

There is the “discover” feature that allows you to to find new friends that share the same fitness goal. If you’re a runner, Argus can keep track of your heart’s health.

With its combined features, argus is the best iPhone pedometer app that tracks your health status with little effort.


  • The Argus App easily integrates with third-party apps for more functionality
  • It is very affordable
  • Features GPS functionality 
  • It has social integrations for friendly duels to motivate users.                               

Download Argus

7. Steps App

One of the most intriguing things about the Steps App is its simplicity and easy-to-use features. Added to this is its interface that turns your phone into an activity tracker instantly.

It includes history and trends for an informative experience. It also integrates with Apple Health to update the present condition of the body.

Furthermore, the Steps app has a wheelchair tracker for those in a wheelchair. This is one of the factors that makes it different from other step-tracking applications.


  • It performs its tasks using a GPS tracker
  • The widgets are simple and attractive
  • It is available in multiple colors
  • Features a wheelchair tracker 

Download Steps 

8. Leap Fitness

Leap Fitness’ Steps counter is the best iPhone pedometer app for those looking to utilize their battery life.

Despite this, it works smoothly with built-in sensors that track your steps daily. To motivate you, the app features badges that you earn upon completion of a task.

It is easy to use and requires no log-in.


  • It requires no sign-in or cloud service or operation
  • Operates very well with the GPS off
  • Saves battery life
  • It gives options for backup to Google Drive

Download Leap Fitness Steps counter

9. Pacer App

If you are in search of the best iPhone pedometer app to track your workout routine, Pacer is your best option.

Pacer combines your steps tracking with your workouts to create a fun-filled adventure. It Syncs easily with an Apple watch and emphasizes your body fitness with safety features and effective plan customizations.

There is also a community for interested candidates to meet others with similar interests


  • Audio and video workouts and tutorials
  • Simple and friendly user-interface
  • Good tracking technology

Download Pacer

10. Pedometer++

This free app works best with your iPhone when in your trouser pocket and close to your hips.

It is well integrated with Apple Health for the data collection on your progress. It takes track of your steps, helping you keep tabs on your health.

After the assessment, it provides you with a detailed report.


  • Permits user to set custom goals and other health routines
  • Has low impact on battery life
  • Has in-built features that encourage and motivate users

Download Pedometer ++

11. Fitbit

Fitbit works with your iPhone to extract information about your body and work out routines. It features a step counter and can track every ounce of calories burned from your regular activities.

The best part is it offers a three-month free trial period for you to enjoy some of its features.

Once you subscribe, you have access to several health programs, guidance, workout videos, daily challenges, and more.

Furthermore, you can join the Fitbit community of individuals on its platform. Through this, you can set custom challenges with your friends and loved ones.


  • Works with iOS systems
  • Tracks your physical activity
  • Provides guidance on health issues
  • Features a broad community of individuals
  • Offers three-month trial 

Download Fitbit

12. Myfitnesspal

True to its name, it is the best iPhone pedometer app for shedding extra weight.

It does count your steps and records your health status but also focuses on keeping you fit. Thus, myfitnesspal tracks your eating habits and provides a healthy nutrition program.

The app has a graph that gives an overview of your progress.


  • A great app for counting steps
  • Keeps track of nutritional habits
  • Gives a report on your progress

Download myfitnesspal


With pedometer apps, you can set goals to improve your health conditions, body shape, and health habits. Whether you prefer walking, running, or simply going about your day, the best iPhone pedometer app can set you on the right track.

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