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Best of Delhi Street Food and Places to Find Them

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When I first arrived at Delhi, I was not quite sure what to expect. Having heard so much about this great city, its people, its monuments, I was filled with excitement.

Here was a great opportunity to explore arguably the greatest city in India. The best way to do so, in my humble opinion, was to sample all the street food I could get my hands on.

It’s been a year since I’ve shifted here, and yet, this great city of Delhi never ceases to amaze and excite my taste buds. In this article, I attempt to establish a map down of the most savoured street food items one can find in Delhi.

The locations given in this article are must visit places if you would like to sample each and every item. First up in this series, if you feel nostalgic of home, is Pani Puri.

Pani puri

Pani puri is a much loved  street food item seemingly relished across the country. Known by various names such as Gol guppa, phuchka, pani ke batashe and gupchup, the essence of the dish remains the same, despite every region adding an unique touch of their own.

The origins of this great street food item can be seemingly traced to Benaras, one of India’s most popular towns. The Pani puri spread to the different regions of the country owing to migration of the people.

Highly revered for the tangy taste it leaves behind in your mouth, Pani puri is a dish you must sample in Delhi. The best places to do so are:

  1. Nathu’s in Bengali Market.
  2. Sundarnagar, South Delhi.
  3. Aristocrate in C.R. Park
  4. Ashok Chaat, Chawri Bazaar
  5. R.K. Puram, Sector 8
  6. Harsh Vihar Chawk
  7. Bengali Sweets, Mayur Vihar Ph-1
  8. Bengali Sweets, South Extension
  9. Ujjala Chaat Bhandar, Janakpuri
  10. Vaishno Chaat Bhandar, Kamla Nagar

Masala Dosa

South Indian cuisine is revered for its characteristic flavour and seasoning. Highly nutritious, there’s no surprise why health conscious people rely on a traditional South Indian breakfast to kick strat their day.

The most popular dish in South Indian cuisine is the Dosa. People can’t help but  indulge in this great food item.

The Dosa boasts of being one of India’s earliest dishes, tracing its origins all the way back to the 5th century, Karnataka. Despite its preference as a breakfast item, Dosa is consumed with the same enthusiasm at other times of the day as well.

Make sure to grab your favourite South Indian dish in the following locations:

  1. Naivedyam, Kalkaji
  2. Chidambaram’s, Khanna Market
  3. Sarvana Bhawan
  4. Krishna Udupi Restaurant, Kamla Nagar
  5. Carnatic Café, New Friend’s Colony
  6. Chennai Hot Café, Kamla Nagar
  7. Sagar Ratna, Defence Colony
  8. Karnataka Food Center, Motibagh
  9. Shree Rathnam


Jalebi is a much loved sweet characterised by its distinct spiral shape.  Extremely popular in the Asian countries like India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, Jalebi occupies the position as the official sweet for festive occasions.

Its’ consumption, however, is not limited exclusively to festive occasions. People consume it with unmatched enthusiasm, especially in the mornings.

The first traces of this dish can be found in an ancient cook book, dating all the way back to the 13th century. Its’ association with India, however is assumed to be more than 500 years old.

If you find yourself in Delhi, be sure to visit the following places for the best Jalebi the city has to offer:

  1. Bansal Sweets, Pitampura
  2. Dariba Kalan, Chandni Chowk
  3. Gujarati Samaj, Civil Lines
  4. Kaleva, Pitampura
  5. Gulab, Pitampura
  6. Bengali Sweet, South Extension-1


Recognised as the first smoothie the world had tasted, the Indian drink comprises almost entirely of yoghurt. The origins of Lassi can be traced to North India. The Lassi is revered for its effect on the body, and its great taste.

The best places to sample a great glass of Lassi in Delhi are:

  1. Pehalwan Lassi, Hudson Lane
  2. Shammi Lassi Wala, GTB Nagar
  3. Kunji, Roshanara Road
  4. Makhan Lal Tika Ram, Kashmere Gate
  5. Nagpal, Amar Colony
  6. Amritsari Lassi Wala, Fatehpuri Chandni Chowk


The much loved Chaat occupies a special position in the minds and hearts of every food-lover. The popularity of this dish can be seen quite clearly as consumers throng to roadside vendors to savour its sweet and sour taste.

Chaat can trace its birth to the state of Uttar Pradesh. Found in its many variants, Chaat is arguably the best contribution India has made in street food culture.

It is a very difficult task to find the absolute best places to savour this dish, especially in a vast city like Delhi.

So you can be sure that the places stated in this list are the must visit spots for some delicious Chaat:

For Aloo Chaat

  1. Vaishno Chaat Bhandar, Kamla Nagar
  2. G.K. 1, M-Block Market
  3. Amar Colony Market
  4. Panjabi Bagh, central Market, Gupta Chaat Bhandar
  5. Chandni Chowk, Near Central Bank
  6. Pappu Chaat Wala, K.G. Marg, C.P
  7. Atul Chaat Wala, Rajouri Garden
  8. Chawri Bazaar

For Papri Chaat

  1. Raju Chaat Bhandar, Bharat Nagar
  2. Bittoo Tikki Wala, Netaji Subhash Place
  3. Ashok Chaat, Hauz Qazi
  4. Vaishno Chaat Bhandar, Kamla Nagar
  5. K D H, Dariba Kalan
  6. Haldiram’s (at various locations)
  7. Bittoo Tikki Wala, Rohini


Kebab is essentially a meat dish originating in Iran, which with the advent of time, found itself dispersed into world cuisine. Kebab refers to meat which is prepared over flames.

Kebabs graced the royal court having found patronage amongst the Delhi Sultanate. It eventually spread to the subjects, consumed often with naan.

In recent times, the Kebab has become highly modified to suit Indian tastes. Here is a list of places to savour the best kebabs you can find in Delhi:

  1. Tunday Kababi, Winsor Market, Indirapuram
  2. Culture Gully, KOD
  3. Kays, Pitampura
  4. Nazeer Food, R.K. Puram, Sector-1
  5. R.K. Puram, Sector-6
  6. Sab Ki Khatir, near Lodi Hotel
  7. Dechchiwla (at various locations)
  8. Wengers, C.P
  9. Chanakyapuri
  10. Punjabi Bagh

Pav Bhaji

The stories behind the origins of Pav Bhaji are quite interesting indeed. Essentially the dish is consumed by using the Pav (bread) to eat the Bhaji (vegetables).

The Pav Bhaji is believed to have been invented as midnight snacks by street vendors, who brought together leftovers to make up this dish.

This dish came up due to the urgency to meet the demands of factory workers returning from their night shifts.

Make sure to grab a plateful of this delightful street food item in these locations the next time you find yourself in Delhi:

  1. Haldiram’s (at various locations)
  2. Shiv Chaat Bhandar, Karkardooma Market
  3. Arjun, Model Town
  4. Atul Chaat Corner, Rajouri Garden
  5. Kumar Pav Bhaji, Krishnanagar and Mayur Vihar
  6. Punjab Sweets, Karol Bagh
  7. Jhakkas Pav Bhaji, Sector 7-8 Dividing Road, Rohini


Originating in South Asia, the samosa we so love and revere today, travelled down to India from well-established trade routes.

The Indian version of this mince-filled dish is perhaps the most popular version in the world. It became a staple part of Indian cuisine from the 14th century onwards.

Small and crisp, this dish has become one f the most popular afternoon snacks consumed throughout the country.

The combination of Samosa and Chai is a very difficult one to beat and is a clear favourite amongst Indian consumers.

Savour a plate of some delicious Samosa in the following locations:

  1. Gopinath Bazaar, Delhi Cantonment
  2. Bittoo Samose Wala, Ranibagh
  3. Tilak Samose, Pitampura
  4. Prahlad ke Samose, Sri Niwas Puri
  5. BM Snack Corner, Mandi house
  6. District Centre, Janakpuri


Kachori essentially refers to a crust filled with numerable combination of spices. Kachori comes in a number of variants, with each region lending an unique touch to it. For example, in Gujrat, vendors add sugar to the filling to add a sweet taste to the kachori.

Make sure to go to the following places to grab a delicious plate of Kachori:

  1. Haldiram’s (at various locations)
  2. Kaleva, Bangla Sahib Lane
  3. Bikanerwala, Lajpat Nagar 2
  4. Bharat Sweets, Ashok Vihar
  5. Bittoo Tikki Wala, Rohini and Netaji Subhash Place
  6. Darbar, Pahar Ganj

Delhi continues to be a great place for foodies to indulge their taste buds. Owing to its rich street food culture, Delhi always delivers on its promise to excite the senses with a display of exquisite treats.

So, the next time you find yourself in this great city, make sure to visit these places. While you are there, remember to soak in the ambience and experience the great food along with the sights.

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