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5 Best Phone in 2018

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The world never stops moving and you have got to move with it to keep breathing. Are you ready for an upgrade? 2017 though, came with a lot of best android phones and iPhones ran out fast with all of the appraised versions and specs it came with, and there’s always a need to get one’s feet into the wet market to know what new juice the new year has come to offer.

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Last year, we had the Infinix 4 notes, Tecno’s Camon versions, the powerful battery of WX3P, and a lot more that kept the market alive and noisy, this year, we have got a lot more on the shelves. With hardware like the Samsung Galaxy and the Apple iPhone X taking their places on the shelves, you are all ready to bring all the coolest specs into your pocket. Read below to see the newest smartphones you shouldn’t miss out on before the years run out with them.

Apple iPhone 8/8 Plus

Qi Wireless Charging

Coming after the smart iPhone7/7 plus, the iPhone 8/8 plus is the first from Apple to come with wireless charging capacity that is done through the glass back. Being a standout on every Apple shelf, it can be seen as an upgrade on its predecessor 7/7plus with the camera improved, more advanced processor, and a brighter synchronized LCD display.

With the iPhone 8 around the price of $699 – $498 and the plus around $949 and $749, you can get better sound performance with the ultra stereo speakers, use all of iTunes latest Apps on the large RAM.

The battery charges up to its fullest capacity within 1 hour if you use the factory charger and present to you more than 10 hours of game play and video watching on the large screen. The glass body is strong enough to withstand all the tension of falling though, a protector is advisable for safety.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9

The competition last year between Apple and Infinix stayed between the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and the iPhone 7 though, it ended on a loss on Samsung’s side that was knocked out of the most used phones list by the monstrous iPhone X which I am going to be giving you its full features in the next bullet. Nevertheless, after the release of Samsung Galaxy Note 9, the screams around the Apple pride begin to die down for the Samsung Galaxy savior.

The note spots a Bluetooth S Pen, advanced dual rear cameras, 4000 mAh battery, a rear fingerprint scanner and an enhanced audio capability. The Bluetooth S Pen is not only more sensitive than other Bluetooth pen but also has a remote-control functionality and will soon be having and SDK in few months from now. The coolest spec of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is the 1 Terabyte external memory support that gives you an unlimited storage capacity.

The 3.5mm headset Jacket, stunned AMOLED screen, lightening wireless charging and high level of water resistance will push both the 128GB and the 512GB version alive even beyond 2019. Yes, we had the Infinix 4 note with the 4500mAh battery last year leading the phablet world, but can it stand the must-have specs of Samsung Galaxy Note 9?

Apple iPhone X

The 5.8-inch display has been around some few months back from now with the mist advanced technology and promising features that will push the incoming 2019 phone world beyond the trending smartphones. Since there’s no visible button around the 64GB version and the 256GB version, it relies on facial recognition in giving users access to everything on the A11 bionic chip powered Apple iPhone X. It is the first iPhone to use a Samsung OLED panel and the first to use a wireless charging process by placing around a charging device that is wireless.


With a TrueDepth labeled front camera of 7 megapixel and a dual rear camera, every moment can be captured back and front at every sizes and sharpness. The large screen is almost unnoticeable until you have a video watch on it or get your favorite action games with the coolest graphics on it. This highest rank in the iPhone collections of Apple is standing between the present and the future after which comes what lies beyond smartphones.

Google Pixel 2 XL and Pixel 2

Google Pixel 2XL

This Google Pixel 2 is going receive a lot of sales from bloggers and online store owners as it will give everyone the best blogging experience by making blogging easy with its hassle-free Snapdragon 825 processor and the big internal storage that allows you to save those videos, pictures, and articles without needing to delete any as you never get to run out of space.

Apart from the 4GB RAM, the integrated 128GB and 64GB storage enable you to run any application no matter how large it is on the 6-inch 18:9 Display.

With the IP67 dust and water resistance, you can use the 12-megapixel single camera to capture those precious moments naturally in the sharpest form without the need of a photoshop editing. The 3520 mAh battery buy you enough time to watch the most trending. Videos on YouTube, the most played offline games on PlayStore, and make you spend enough time on your favorite Instagram. The battery doesn’t take more than an hour to reach 100% charging capacity.

Huawei P20 Pro

Huawei P20 Pro

Spotting a triple rear camera of 68-megapixel power of shooting, Huwei P20 pro is among the most exciting phones in 2018 that uses its lowlights to beat every other smartphone down on the badass latest smartphones of the year list.

On the 979 power Kirin Processor, you will have to spend a whole day to burn down the full power on the 4000mAh before the need for a charge arises. Draw your games and videos closer with the 6.1-inch OLED screen as the speaker give you the best ultra sound any Android have ever promised to give during 2017.

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