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Best places to visit in the Caribbean

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If you’re looking for some of the most beautiful vacation destinations in the world, then you must think about the Caribbean.


Tourist from all around the world has picked interest in visiting the Caribbean for many good reasons. However, it can be challenging for some people to decide what island they should visit.

In this article, we will be taking a look at some of the best islands in the Caribbean that you should consider visiting during your next holiday.

18. Aruba


Aruba is a Caribbean island that offers a wide range of activities for individuals of all ages. If you are planning a trip with the family, it is an extremely family-friendly location, with many resorts taking care of families with kids.

On the other hand, if what you want are adult-centered activities, like nightlife and a wide variety of casinos. Aruba also features a slightly different landscape from what you can get on many Caribbean islands, looking more like a desert rather than forests.

17. Guadeloupe Islands

Guadeloupe Islands
France, Guadeloupe (French West Indies), Les Saintes archipelago, Terre de Haut, Marigot bay

Experience the French Caribbean life in Guadeloupe Islands.

You may have heard that Guadalupe has more than 12 sunny islands that take care of every type of traveler, including those traveling with children, with a partner or those traveling solo.

You can experience all things fantastic from relaxing on the sandy beach to taking a quick dip in one of the Island’s natural hot springs, exploring the island on a quad, deep-sea fishing, hiking through the green jungle mountains and many more places.


16. St. Lucia

St. Lucia

St. Lucia is widely considered one of the most attractive of the Caribbean islands. One thing St. Lucia has long been known for is its serenity for honeymooners.

The island features several all-inclusive hotels and resorts with lots of amenities, a green landscape with hills and mountains as well as flawless beaches. The island is also famous for its yearly jazz festival, held every spring.

15. Grenada


Take a journey to Grenada, the beautiful place that spices up the Caribbean where you’ll be welcomed by the fresh Caribbean air and captivating wafts of nutmeg.

Grenada caters to all types of travelers, whether you are seeking relaxation or adventure. Discover the unspoiled snorkeling, landscapes through hiking, and visiting one of many Grenada’s historic sites.

When you are planning to soak up the sun, travel to Anse Beach for a visit, a popular choice amongst locals and tourists alike. The beach here features a 2-mile stretch of clean white sand and a calm sea.

14. Barbados


Barbados is one of the Caribbean island’s most multifaceted islands, as it offers a wide range of activities and accommodations.

It has several places for visitors to stay, no matter their budget and a diversity of cultural events and landscapes. Visitors will especially enjoy going to the lively city of Bridgetown, which is as old as the 17th century.


One of the most spectacular attractions of the islands is Harrison’s Cave, which is a fantastic formation that can be viewed on a tramway.

13. St. Barts

St. Barts

St. Barts, which is also called St. Barths by local inhabitants, is a destination that is full of over-the-top luxury and relaxation.

There is a reason why so many socialites and celebrities repeatedly visit this tropical destination. This location is pristine and perfect for honeymooners, travelers who are In search of a sunny getaway. Visitors can stay at any of the elite hotels such as the recently renovated Hotel Le Toiny St.

Barth that will keep you feeling like you have walked into an interior design magazine. It is also possible to rent one of the St Barth’s villas that allows you to have a private getaway, and be sure to visit at least one of St. Barts 16 beaches.

12. Anguilla


Anguilla is the most famous place in the Caribbean for its clean white beaches, and there are over 30 of these to choose from. It is one of the smallest Caribbean islands, so you can see the entire island easily if you are there for a couple of days.

This island is the perfect place for people who are in search of a quiet and not so touristy Caribbean experience. Also, you can get some exciting nightlife on this island to stimulate you one day after relaxing on the beach.

11. St. John

St. John

Since St. John is a part of the U.S. Virgin Islands, any U.S. citizens can easily visit without needing a passport. There are several bargains on both St. John and St. Thomas Islands right now, so it is a beautiful choice for travelers who are on a budget.


If you are a snorkeler, you do not have to miss visiting Trunk Bay, which is one of the best spots for snorkeling in all of the Caribbean if you want to see amazing marine life.

10. St. Martin/ St. Maarten

St. Martin/ St. Maarten

St. Martin/St. Martin was a little hit during the time the Hurricane Irma struck in 2017, but we are thankful that the island is almost entirely restored to its natural beauty.

This tiny island offers a pleasant experience as you have the chance to enjoy three distinct cultures from the Dutch on one end, the French on another end, and a mix of both combined with the exotic cultural heritage.

This captivating island is located in the middle of turquoise waters that offers sunbathing, swimming, and many watersports to give you a perfect sunny vacation. Live in a villa or luxury hotel and enjoy tasty food at any one of the island’s 300 restaurants.

Additionally, you can enjoy duty-free shopping on the Island, and if you are a lover of the nightlife, both the night club and the casinos are open until daybreak.

9. Bermuda


Bermuda may seem like a scary place because of the many tales about the Bermuda triangle, but this is one Island that is worth visiting.

This place is recognized as one of the most beautiful and relaxing of the Caribbean islands, as well as on the formal side. It has a profound British influence, and visitors can still locate many places where traditional afternoon tea is served.

If you love to watch cricket matches, you can also find them here. People who love the game of golf will also find Bermuda a great destination, as the island features many world-class courses.


8. Dominica


Travelers who are big on lush natural beauty will definitely enjoy a journey to Dominica if you are looking for an adventure through snorkeling, hiking, and sightseeing, or seeking relaxation by lounging by the ocean or taking a long dip in one of the several natural sulfur hot springs.

Dominica is an island you’ll want to be!

7. Antigua


Antigua is a tiny island that is usually grouped with its close neighbor, the Barbuda. A famous gambling destination, Antigua is home to a good selection of casinos.

It is also home to plenty of other fantastic nightlife, such as cafes, great restaurants, and discos.

The Antigua beaches are also quite spectacular, and visitors can find literally hundreds of such, with both pink and white sand.

6. Grand Cayman

Grand Cayman

Grand Cayman is the largest of the Cayman Islands, which is located in a British Overseas Territory that blends art, culture, and nature to offer visitors a trip of a lifetime.

Visitors can experience Cayman Island’s most famous attractions, Stingray City, where they can become up close and personal with cute stingrays by swimming, feeding them, and even taking photos with them.


If you want something more exciting, you can visit the west side of the island; it is OK just to visit the beautiful Seven Mile Beach where visitors can relax by the ocean, snorkel, and try out scuba diving, or even wander the Seven Mile Shops.

5. Vieques


This small island is not quite as famous as some of the neighboring islands, and many guests consider that a lovely thing. Vieques is almost like the best Caribbean island for getting away from all the worries of the world.

It has much less than 10,000 inhabitants, making it look a little bit like a deserted island. The island is a famous destination of honeymooners, and it is also a favorite location of eco-tourists, who are attracted to the protected region known as Mosquito Bay.

4. Curaçao


Walk 90 miles north of Venezuela, and what you will find is the lovely island of Curaçao, an attractive destination that provides one of the most beautiful urban centers in the Caribbean.

Curaçao is a fantastic destination for travelers, young and old. You can take advantage of the bustling nightlife, go on a shopping spree, enjoy a day of golf, experience nature at one of the lovely parks, or relax by one of Curaçao’s flawless turquoise beaches.

If you like, you can head to Willemstad, the capital of Curaçoas, where you have a good view of the Dutch colonial architecture and enjoy a distinctive Euro-Caribbean experience.

3. Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is that place nobody wants to skip. This location is the commonwealth of the United States of America, so citizens do not have to get a passport to visit this beautiful island.


This is a fantastic bustling island that is full of exciting activities. Cities like San Juan and Ponce provide lots of historical sites, great food, and exciting nightlife. There are a lot of beaches, snorkelers, making it equally attractive for surfers, or people who only want to relax.

2. St. Kitts

St. Kitts

St. Kitts is famous for its rainforested mountains, pristine beaches, and grey, white and black sands. This is a Caribbean island that would be a fantastic destination for almost all kinds of travelers, whether you’d want to relax by the beach or get adventure via thrilling activities.

There is so much to do in this lovely location, no matter what your budget is.

1. Jamaica


Jamaica is a dream vacation location for many people. This Island attracts travelers of different ages and types. Some people visit to see the lovely flora and wildlife, including lots of exotic species of birds.

Here you can enjoy the best of reggae, enjoy incredible drinks and nightlife. So, guys, these are some of the best Caribbean islands you can visit in 2020 and beyond. Try them out.

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