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10+ Best Pregnancy Tracker Apps for Andriod

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During pregnancy, women often want to know how their baby is faring as well as the size of their baby. Sometimes you may wonder how pregnant ladies seem to know the size of their babies at each stage of development well there are apps for that.

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Although these pregnancy tracking apps are not a substitute for professional medical advice, they can be helpful in tracking your baby’s growth over time.

Since pregnancy is a time when the female body changes a lot, getting a tracking app ready could be a great way to prepare yourself and also have fun checking on your baby once in a while. Below are some best tracking apps for Android and iOS.

1. WebMD Baby:

This is an app that is meant for expecting mothers who are focused on having solid health information. The WebMD pregnancy tracker it’s pretty comprehensive. The app can help you track your weight, blood pressure, baby kicks, contractions, appointment organizer, symptom tracker (just in case you want to log some questions you would like to ask your doctor during your next doctor’s visit).

Other features include; baby book that allows you capture your baby’s memories, nursing and feeding trackers, sleep tracker, illness and emergencies, parenting tips as well as weekly articles relevant to the stage of pregnancy you’re at. Download Here

2. Ovia Pregnancy Tracker:

This pregnancy tracker helps you to easily track your baby’s growth, photos, and also ask anonymous questions for other parents in the Community section of the app. This app helps you look up the safety of some certain foods and also lets you log pre-natal vitamin intake.

Other features include; due date calculator, baby size comparisons via fruit-size, baby hand and foot size, daily articles, weekly videos, pregnancy tools (kick counter and contraction timer) as well as customized themes. Download Here

3. What to Expect Pregnancy Tracker:

Sometimes called the pregnancy bible, is one of the most popular pregnancy tracking apps that gives you a day-by-day and week-by-week guide during pregnancy. This app features details about exactly where you are in your pregnancy stage, week-by-week videos of your developing baby and body changes, Pregnancy information about nutrition, medication and exercises to prepare for labor.

The app also uses concrete visual benchmarks like fruit to track and contextualize your baby’s growth over time. Download Here

4. Pregnancy +:

This app gives you beautiful and interactive images for every week of pregnancy. It is personalized for dads, grandparents and other family members. It can track pregnancy week information, weight loss, gives you a visualized size of your baby, kick counter, baby shopping list, personal dairy, color and scan images of your baby, doctor visit log, contraction timer, over 1000 baby names, exercise and labor information. Download Here


5. Sprout Pregnancy:

This app helps to guide you through every day of your pregnancy. The Sprout pregnancy app features includes; daily and weekly information about your developing baby, pregnancy tools (kick counter, weight tracker and contraction timer), personal testimonials from other expectant moms, personalized pregnancy timeline. Download Here

6. Hello Baby Pregnancy Tracker:

This app is less about heavy medical facts, and concentrate more on cute lifestyle tips for expecting mothers. The app is concerned with you and your body (what is happening in your body and what’s normal), what you should do and learn the baby comes, pregnancy yoga tips, what’s going on in your body week by week, a beautiful 3D visualization of the baby, and checklists. Download Here

7. Pregnancy Tracker and Baby Date Calculator:

This app is a great guide to expectant mothers as it provides them with detailed information on the development of the baby and also prepares them for child birth. Its features include; daily pregnancy information, calculate current week of pregnancy, baby size information, track pregnancy on a week-by-week basis, track baby kicks, track contractions, weight, and body changes, calculate due date, make notes with pregnancy symptoms, manage weight and belly growth. Download Here

8. Best of the Bump Personalize Pregnancy Tracker:

This app makes your pregnancy journey a memorable and comforting one. Its features include; setting reminders, provide you with daily/weekly information of what’s happening inside you, pregnancy guide, finding the best maternity packages and parental services around you, and also allows you create a personal dashboard. Download Here

9. Pregnancy App and Bump Tracker-Glow Nurture:

This pregnancy app amongst many others stands out with its simplicity. The app helps you store your pregnancy statistics (health awareness log), bump photos of your baby and set appointment reminders (medication, next doctor visit etc).

This app is also very useful during the postpartum period as it allows you to track things like breastfeeding and pumping sections, mirror pregnancy tracker for your partner and over 1500 pregnancy articles telling you what to expect of baby bump. Download Here

10. The Mind Bump:

Pregnancy can be super stressful, and stress is not good for your baby’s health or yours. During this period where your body undergoes a great chance, your emotional well-being is as important as your physical well- being. This app is designed by mental health providers to help you meditate and keep your mindfulness. It is a great way to prepare your body and brain for the changes coming your way. Download Here

11. Week by Week Pregnancy Contraction Timer:

This is a pregnancy tracker that helps you to stay calm throughout the period of pregnancy. Since the development of your baby is very important at this point in time including a healthy diet, this pregnancy tracker will always keep you informed about all the processes your body undergoes and you can also start this app to find out answers to your questions in an unfamiliar situation.

This app features the things you should pay attention to this week, tips on nutrition (food and drugs you can and cannot take), test your knowledge to see if you’re ready for childbirth, prepares checklist for each trimester (an editable To-Do lists for each 3 months of trimester), draw your attention to important dates of your pregnancy calendar, provides you with tips for each week of pregnancy from conception to delivery, description of your baby’s current development, baby due date calculator by date of conception and track contractions. Download Here

12. I’m Expecting Pregnancy App:

This pregnancy tracker app provides you with weekly updates of what is happening to your body as well as your baby. You can view pregnancy videos and baby development videos weekly, and the app can also track your symptoms so that you can view top symptoms for each week.


I’m Expecting features include; weekly pregnancy guide videos, due date calculator, provides weekly updates on your baby’s growth, tack your pregnancy symptoms, it has a progress bar that shows the time remaining to your baby’s arrival, monitor your weight throughout the pregnancy period, sends you baby pictures daily, keep track of appointment dates and compares to see if there are other pregnant women who are experiencing the same symptoms as you. Download Here.

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