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7 Best Spa Robe

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When we think about a spa resorts vacation or the beach one of the first things that makes the experience more relaxing and luxurious is being able to go along with the perfect robe.

A lot of hotels and resorts are known to offer free usage of their wonderful spa robes as part of the complimentary amenities they provide. For the guys this may not be anything significant however for ladies it’s by road is an important part of the equation.

For this reason, the quality of the sparrow you would be given should not disappoint. Remember that is stained plain or ugly rope with making your entire vacation a nightmare (maybe not that bad but we always want something nice when it comes to robes).

Not all women spa robes are the same. Spa robes come in a variety of types and in majorly depends on the materials they are made of. If you are thinking of purchasing a spa robe that will not dash your hopes voice cast session or a relaxing bath, it is very necessary that you finalise your preference and make sure that it matches the robe you will be getting.

Where to watch you prefer is getting wrapped in a warm and pleasing material or in a terry cloth make sure that the spa robe you choose fits you comfortably as that is very vital. As a matter of fact, a comfortable robe is what assures you that you are getting value for your money.

Below are the options you have;

1. Classic robes

Classic robes

Classic robes gotten from parachute are made of hundred per cent Turkish Cotton, and by default, they are what you would be searching for if you are a beginner when it comes to robe business.

Classic robes usually come with shawl collars two front pockets tie waist and are usually white or grey in colour. Robes do an awesome job in helping you stay warm after a bath.

Even though classic rooms are sometimes referred to as bathrobes or spa robes, they’re usually still quite great as a cosy wrap as you watch your favourite Netflix series sitting on your sofa. majority of the classic rooms you would find are usually lightweight and comfortable on the skin regardless of the kind of weather.

2. Kimono style bathrobes

Kimono style bathrobes

One of the most famous versions of spa robes come in the style of the regular kimono. as we already know, kimonos are a government that originated from Japan, and they’re usually very free and comfortable on the body. kimono bathrobe is usually long and loose with pretty wide sleeves.

For Asians and other individuals who have a knack for Asian themed colours and patterns, the kimono style bathroom is the best option. something else about this style of bathrobe is that they have a very sensual appeal. The most famous and best-selling bathrobe in this category is the old Shanghai which is made from polyester satin.

People who are crazy about robes would often tell you that the silky soft kimono style of bathrobe such as the Shanghai bathrobe are very unique pieces because they have a side slot apart from their inner thighs and the normal side pockets they come with.

this bathrobe can also be worn in a very fashionable manner if you want to stay outdoors. if you are considering a style that will make you look posh and funky all at once, then you could try wearing a pair of jeans and a lovely top with your kimono to top it off.

3. Bamboo blend bathrobes

Bamboo blend bathrobes

This is my favourite kind of bathroom because it is made from bamboo grass’s pulps. the bramble blend bathrobe is a very interesting type that offers you a naturally soft and smooth feel.

unlike every other type of robe, this particular one does not lose easily, and it shines even after a series of washers making it within its beauty and silky look almost forever.

Moreover, this kind of bathrobe brags about how it can repel bacteria because the fabric is made from bamboo and bamboo possesses antibacterial properties.

As with most things that have pros and cons, the bamboo blend bathrobes though very comfortable and great at repelling bacterias it is very poor at absorbing.

So if you are thinking of getting a bathrobe to stay warm is a good idea then you definitely do not want to purchase this kind of bathroom as it would leave you as cold as ice. If you must go for a bamboo blend bathroom make sure that the bamboo material is mixed with other fabrics like cotton.

4. Waffle weave robes

Waffle weave robes

During treatment, most spas and hotels make use of white walker with robes because these robes make the client feel a lot more pampered than any other kind of rob. the waffle weave rope is made from a blend of Turkish cotton and polyester.

this combination is an excellent one because it does the job of wearing the customer or user regardless of its being thin and without compromising its lightness. Waffle weave robes are famous as a pool oh beech cover up as well.

most waffle weave robes are quite fancy looking, and usually, they come in a variety of fashionable colours like navy blue, sky blue, red, pink, green, and even yellow so wearing them outdoor is not really a problem.

as a matter of fact, a lot of lovers usually put on one full weave robes while they’re on a journey or simply relaxing inside their houses because these robes are cosy, comfortable, and feel kind of not- fleecy.

5. Fleece robes

Fleece robes

This kind of robes are made from high-quality fleece fabric. like the ones made by pyjama, mania is very soft and cosy on the skin, and they can be the perfect garments for you if you want to stay warm while you lay around your apartment.

fleece robes usually come with two front pockets, inner ties, a shawl collars, and belts that are meant to provide you with a more comfortable fit. fleece robes are also a best seller, in fact, you will find a lot of them on Amazon, and they usually have good reviews.

the only set of people who have a problem with fleece roads at all people because this kind of roads come in short length and sometimes for tall people they would have to feel the tip around their mid-calf.

6. Lightweight woven robes

Lightweight woven robes

This type of rope is mostly made from 100% pre-shrunk cotton. if you’re looking for the perfect rope for summer, then you definitely should opt for a lightweight woven robe. three reasons why people prefer this kind of robe during summer time is because they are created sin and a perfect to wear during warm weather.

so if you live in a warm location or somewhere in the tropics, you should choose this robe over every other available option.

7. Terry bathrobes

Terry bathrobes

The last robe on this list is the terror bathroom which is famous for being very cosy and just perfect for you to slide into after a bath.

The terror bathrobe is very soft on your skin because the fabric is made from a highly absorbent material which makes it just perfect for drying up every single drop of water on your body after your bath.

Terry bathrobe is hundred per cent made of Turkish cotton, and that provides you with the luxurious feel that you need to get addicted to.

Many rob lovers to buy terry cloth because they’re fluffy light and soft; however you must note that after several washes the shine and beauty of this kind of robe are likely to fade off.

Every woman deserves a comfortable robe, and I hope that you find the least I have made quite helpful in helping you make your decision on the perfect rope for you if you have any suggestions or opinions you would like to share, please do not hesitate to leave a comment in the comment field provided below.

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