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11 Best Spy Apps for Android

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Need to spend money on an Android spy app? In our opinion, the best spy apps for Android make it easy and convenient to keep an eye on someone. 

They are challenging to detect, if not impossible. Additionally, they have powerful features that allow you to monitor all activity on the target Android device.

Good spying software is hard to come by, and there are indeed a lot of covert surveillance apps for Android available. 

However, not all of them are simple to set up or use. Additionally, some lack the capabilities you’d expect from a surveillance tool. 

Your best option for shielding loved ones, and their gadgets from offensive information and hazardous software may be spy apps. 

The top spy applications come with various capabilities for easy and remote monitoring. Whether you select a free or premium version, be sure that the best spy apps for Android are trustworthy and undetectable. 

1. Minspy 

One of the most often used cell phone surveillance programs available at the moment is called Minspy. The developer of the app has ten years of experience in cybersecurity. 

Furthermore, this product may track any contemporary Android smartphone quite effectively. The software includes a robust feature set and a great stealth mode on top of that. 

Major websites, including Tom’s Guide, BuzzFeed, and Mashable, have all reviewed it. However, you can use the app to covertly and remotely monitor anyone’s Android phone. 

It is simple to utilize Minspy. From your phone’s web browser, the app allows remote access to anyone’s phone activity: 

  • GPS and WiFi tracking in the phone provides for location tracking. 
  • The app may view the person’s texts and social media communications. 
  • Also, you may discover every image and video that person has shared or received. 
  • With the keylogger, Minspy may be able to record the user’s username and password. 
  • You can keep track of a phone user’s online browsing history with the app. 

2. Spyier 

Syier is also one of the best spy apps for Android, and the stealth mode of the software is well-known. With all recent Android versions, the app is compatible.

Furthermore, the program is simple to install, and you can spy from your web browser in only a few minutes. With the app, you get many beneficial features, including: 

  • The app can track contacts and call history. 
  • You have access to both deleted and visible messages. 
  • The application may monitor social media use. 

A difficult-to-beat stealth feature in Spyier is: 

  • On the targeted Android phones, the program operates covertly. 
  • If necessary, you can remove it with a single click. 

3. Spyzie 

Spyzie is a parental phone monitoring solution, as you would have inferred from the name. Additionally, Spyzie.io is an excellent tool for monitoring your kids online, and the app allows you to monitor your youngster remotely. 

You can control your child’s screen time with the use of Spyzie.io: 

  • Verify the apps your youngster utilizes. 
  • Control their web browser usage. 
  • Observe how they use social media. 

This app may be the most excellent parental control Android app available: 

  • It is simple to install, and it is pretty easy to use. 

4. Spyine 

Next on our list of best spy apps for Android is Spyine. Recently, Spyine has become well-known in the market for Android espionage apps

Over a million people in more than 190 nations have downloaded the app. It frequently appears on prestigious media websites like The New York Times, TechTrends, and Android Authority. 

The app’s powerful functionality and superb privacy options contribute to its popularity. The software is risk-free because it doesn’t keep any of your personal information on its servers. 

With all popular Android smartphones and tablets, Spyine is compatible. With OS 4.0 and later devices, the app is compatible. 

In the following section, we go through the app’s features and what makes it the most excellent Android app available. 


Spyine will record all text messages sent or received on the targeted Android smartphone. These messages are saved in your account as an archive, implying that you can still view deleted SMS from your phone. 

Social Media: 

From your smartphone, you can keep an eye on activity on several social media apps. Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and Instagram are just a few of the social media platforms that Spyine can monitor. 

Call Logs: 

You’re curious about the caller you get on their phone. Spyine will allow you to find out. In addition, the software may display your call logs and information about call durations, contacts, and frequent callers. 


You can look through your smartphone’s contacts list. All the information, including identities, will be available to you. 


Are you interested in the person’s present location? What is the background of their movement? Spyine keeps track of crucial data like the phone’s current and past locations. However, you may see addresses, coordinates, and a 3D view on Google Maps. 

Web browser history

Spyine enables you to view the device’s web browser history. Furthermore, a list of their most popular websites is available, and site descriptions and time and date information are among the additional information logged. 


A solid built-in function is a keylogger, and it may be able to obtain the user’s usernames and passwords for several different internet accounts.

Calendar events: 

Does the user’s device list any forthcoming events in their calendar? Also, you can use Spyine to find out if they have noted key upcoming dates and activities. 

Emails and notes: 

Spyine can also monitor emails and notes using the keylogger. The software can record emails and messages on well-known programs like Google Keep, Samsung Notes, and Evernote. 

5. Cocospy 

A popular phone monitoring tool is this app. Also, the market for this app has been open for a long time, and it has a strong track record and reliable features. 

All the features you could want are available on Cocospy: 

  • Call logs and message logs are both accessible. 

Overall, Cocospy is a good solution: 

  • The app may be set up without jailbreaking or rooting your device, and it is trustworthy and provides frequent data updates. 
  • We have no problem suggesting Cocospy because it is dependable and has good features. 

6. Spyic  

An easy-to-use Android tracking app is called Spyic. There are several helpful features available in the app. Furthermore, the app’s developer is a reputable business with extensive app development experience. Spyic is easy to set up and compatible with nearly all Android devices. 

You can see all of the phone’s activity from above with Spyic: 

  • Monitors communications, social media, and locations. 
  • Create a geofence around critical areas. 
  • View the call history and contact details. 

There’s a reason the app is so well-liked: 

  • The app’s remote control is possible from a dashboard, and remote data delivery is practical. 

7. GuestSpy 

Next on our list of best spy apps for Android is GuestSpy. The app has been available on the market for a while now, and it is an Android surveillance app that is free. 

The following are some of the app’s top advantages: 

  • The user’s calls, messages, and more can all be tracked. 
  • The program can be rapidly installed in covert mode. 

The app has a few drawbacks: 

  • Using GuestSpy might not be the ideal experience, and the program lacks install instructions and has an outdated user interface. 


This next application is called XNSPY. Without requiring root access, this program performs well overall. The program is easy to use and covert and lets you remotely monitor the target tablet or smartphone. 

The best elements of the app are as follows: 

  • The keylogger can be used to discover login information. 
  • Examine your social media and web history. 

The app might not be the easiest to use: 

  • To utilize advanced spy functions, you must be rooted. 
  • Over $99 is paid for the app each year. 

9. Hoverwatch 

Hoverwatch is also one of the best spy apps for Android. A comprehensive phone tracking function is on the Hoverwatch. In addition, the app’s feature set, simple user interface, and reasonable price garnered praise. The widely used Hoverwatch app can be purchased for a fair price. 

Along with standard features, Hoverwatch includes the following special ones: 

  • You can view the call history and to-do lists on the app. 

Some essential functions are missing from the app: 

  • Only Windows and Mac support login credentials; Android is not supported. 
  • The app does not track emails and notes. 

10. SpyToMobile

SpyToMobile is a simple program designed to track employee cell phones. Although the app’s user interface might be a little dated, it is compatible with all current Android versions, and the app is trustworthy and reasonably priced. 

With SpyToMobile, you can accomplish a lot: 

  • Examine your social media and text message notifications. 
  • Keep tabs on your online browsing and call history. 

The app has a few drawbacks: 

  • The app lacks several essential phone tracking functions, and the app’s stealth mode might not be trustworthy. 

11. Eyezy 

Last on our list of best spy apps for Android is Eyezy. After examining its characteristics, we concur that Eyezy is undoubtedly among the market’s most potent phone tracking programs. 

Furthermore, the software provides everything you’d expect regarding phone call and text monitoring, plus many additional advanced options. 

The Magic Alerts feature of Eyezy is one of its most outstanding features. With this feature, you may configure filters on the watch device and receive notifications whenever the app flags something as unsuitable. 

This might be anything from using particular phrases when looking online to getting or sending messages that you find unsettling. With Magic Alerts, you can keep track of your child’s activity without checking their device. 

The keylogger is another efficient tool that elevates Eyezy to the top of the list of Android spy applications. 

This feature keeps track of every keystroke made on the target device, enabling you to see what your child is searching for online and the websites and chat rooms they visit. 

Additionally, you’ll be able to examine precise timestamps and websites or programs related to particular searches or terms. 

How Do Android Spy Apps Work?

In reality, the architecture of Android spy apps is relatively straightforward. The surveillance program sends all of the data from the target device—a phone or tablet—to a distant online server once it has been installed. 

Each communication is instantly posted to the server, which you can access through a dashboard. The server also stores all phone call time stamps, IDs, videos, and photographs. 

You will have access to all of the data on the monitored smartphone whenever you connect to the spy app’s dashboard on another device. 

However, the finest spy software for Android allows you to “override” the device’s operating system, delete or block particular apps, disable WiFi on the target device, or even fully restrict device use by remotely locking it. 

In conclusion, Android spy apps can be helpful if you want to monitor your child and ensure they are safe online. Some organizations might gain a lot from using Android spy apps to ensure their employees only use company-owned smartphones and tablets for professional purposes. 

You need a recognized, trustworthy spy app, whether you want to use an Android spy app as a parental control tool or to monitor your staff. 

Our list of the 11 best Android spy applications and mini-guide is complete. We sincerely hope you will find the apps we’ve included valuable and worthwhile. 

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