Ranking of the 15 Best Summer Fruits

Summer Fruits

Summertime is here already and it comes with the best and most delicious fruits nature has to offer. A lot of people do not know that it’s possible to feed on fruits throughout the summer and not get bored.

In fact, going on a fruit only diet this summer is one of the best ways to get rid of the copious amounts of pizza and chicken fingers you have been feeding on.

Fruits in the summertime are the best things ever, especially because they are a great way to stay hydrated in the heat and also enjoy some healthy and filling bites as you walk around with sand between your toes.

There are so many fruits to enjoy this summertime and just like everything else, these fruits have their individual ranks when it comes to taste, consumers’ choice, and many other important factors that are associated with choosing fruits during summer.

Without boring you any further, let us dive into ranking our favorite summer fruits in ascending order.

1. Cantaloupe


Growing up, I used to get into fights a lot and I would call people terrible names just to get them upset. I recall calling someone I had a fight with, the annoying cantaloupe in every bowl of salad.

This tells you how much I do not fancy this fruit but that doesn’t change the fact that cantaloupe is a healthy and tasty fruit even though most people think it’s nothing but a garbage melon.

If you are going to enjoy eating a cantaloupe, just make sure it’s wrapped in prosciutto as that’s one of the best ways to eat it.

2. Blackberries

I’ve never heard anyone say they love blackberries but trust me, these boring arms messy guys are so healthy. Never make the mistake of abandoning the blackberries in your fruit plate this summer.

3. Apricots

For me and a lot of folks I know, when it comes to apricots, the dried iteration of them is the best you should go for.

However, for people who love to eat weird fuzzy fruits that are a little tinier than peaches, then eating an apricot may just be a dream come true. Try getting some dried and fresh ones this season so you can choose which one you like best.

4. Raspberries

As I typed the word “raspberry”, my heart skipped a beat or two just because I’ve never actually been a fan of those sweet little guys. However, raspberries remain one of the best summer fruits for everyone who loves berries.

5. Honeydew


Hey, the next time you go fruit shopping, make sure that you go looking for a very good honeydew fruit. Do not let your honeydew take the bottom part of your fruit salad bowl as that’s the best way to enjoy this melon. I Love to eat my honeydew with some peanuts on the side.

6. Blueberries

Blueberries are a mealy fruit and that makes them a huge “NO” for some people. But if you freeze them, you just might find yourself enjoying these darlings on hot summer afternoons.

7. Plums


Finding a ripe plum is everything perfect when you want something delicious to munch on. But most times, people like me end up biting into a fruit that is shy of perfect. But hey, who says you can’t get some ripe and delicious plums from your local market? it’s worth everything bite.

8. Figs

Figs are very expensive fruits but they are very healthy and tasty too. $8 is not too much to spend on a fruit that will make your summer afternoons with friends relaxing and enjoyable. Get yourself some good ricotta, go ahead and slice them in half, then enjoy yourself.

9. Strawberries

I love strawberries. You will find me reaching for a strawberry flavored ice cream when I’m buying ice cream or even making a smoothie. This summer, they’d do much you can do with a handful of strawberries. Eat them as an afternoon snack, make a salad, make a smoothie, or just freeze them like I love to do.

10. Lychee nuts

If you have issues with fruit texture, then you probably should skip buying some Lychee nuts. But if you’re not one of the many picky people on the planet then you should hurry off to the local fruit shop and buy some because they are totally amazing.

If you’re in a very happy arms festive mood, you can just drop one of these into your martini and make a quick toast to bringing back the year 1995. One thing I can guarantee is that when you try Lychee nuts, you never want to stop eating them.

11. Yellow peaches and nectarines

Yellow peaches and nectarines

I don’t know about you, but I strongly believe that yellow peaches are a lot better than yellow nectarines. Finding it hard to make a choice? just purchase some and try them this summer.

The best part of eating yellow peaches for me is the part where I can brag about the colors of peaches I’ve tried.

12. White peaches and nectarines

As I had earlier said about the yellow peaches and nectarines, I strongly believe that white peaches are better than white nectarines. But then, you can try both before you decide.

13. Mango

Mangoes are easily anybody’s favorite fruit. They come in different sizes and texture but their unique taste has made it easy for people to just sit down and munch on as many of them as possible.

I feel mangoes are stressful to eat, but they are worth the work especially if you want a filling and refreshing fruit for lunch on a summer day. Did you know that mangoes make a great addition to salads? now that you know, why not try them?

14. Cherries

Is there anything like a perfect fruit on this planet? The answer to that question is yes and cherries are proof of that. The only reason why you may want to avoid eating too many of them is that you may have to stick your butt to your toilet seat by the next day.

15. Watermelon

Watermelon is number one on this list because you can never go wrong with a watermelon on a sunny day. It not only keeps you hydrated, but it is also tasty and can be eaten in so many different ways.

You can make a watermelon Popsicle, you can go outside and dig into a full watermelon all by yourself, you can eat a watermelon any time of the day, and even spice it up with some salt and lime. Nothing beats a summer day with this wonderful fruit.

What else do you need me to add? this ranking is the best you can find anywhere. Get out there and have yourself a fruity summer.

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