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19 Best Truck Simulator Games for Android

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There are plenty of tracking apps to help you pass the time while driving a big rig. You might be looking for something more entertaining.

Therefore, check out these truck simulator games for Android that are sure to keep you busy.

Also, they are entertaining in downtime moments when you’re not hauling freight on the open road.

Best Truck Simulator Games for Android

1. SpinTires

The first on our list of best truck simulator games for Android is SpinTires. Here, players can choose between several vehicles, including tractors and heavy-duty trucks.

The graphics are crisp and well-defined (although textures are bland), and navigation is simple and fluid.

Additionally, it’s easy to modify vehicles in SpinTires. This will allow you to design your own from scratch if you so desire.

As a bonus, players have access to all-terrain types that truckers might encounter. This could be daily in their line of work: deserts, forests, mountains, and snowfields.

2. Euro Truck Simulator 2

Though it’s been around since 2012, Euro Truck Simulator 2 is still one of the best truck simulator games for Android.

It’s easy to see why: you can drive through hundreds of miles of European cities. Also, you can manage your deliveries and start making money.

In addition, the game is available on several other platforms. But there’s something enjoyable about doing all that work with a touchscreen.

Don’t forget to look up from time to time. This game includes in-app purchases, but they aren’t required, and some users have even found them unnecessary.

3. American Truck Simulator

It’s not one of the best truck simulator games for Android per se. It’s more like an open-world driving game with a strong focus on delivering cargo across America.

In it, you drive a large 18-wheeler around expansive environments — like San Francisco or New York City. In addition, listening to custom music stations (via iHeartRadio) it’s a lot of fun.

The drawback is that it doesn’t include trucker lingo (or anything close). So if you want authentic experiences, you might be disappointed.

Meanwhile, if all you want is something that feels slightly different from your typical racing and action games, American Truck Simulator will fit right in your wheelhouse. Just remember: Look both ways before crossing!

4. Wheels of Steel Haulin’

As soon as you start playing 18 Wheels of Steel Haulin’, you’ll know precisely what your task is.

It is one of the best truck simulator games for Android that places you behind a rig and charges you with driving it. In this case, you may come across some very challenging roads.

Meanwhile, the game starts easily, but it can get tricky later. Haulin’ looks pretty good as far as graphics go, although your cargo doesn’t move around too much.

Still, if you’re looking for something that gives you an authentic feeling of driving a big rig, then 18 Wheels of Steel Haulin’ might be what you need.

5. Bus Driver

This game puts you in control of a bus with a mind of its own. As you speed down a highway, keep an eye on your surroundings. And make sure to avoid traffic, pedestrians, and other obstacles in your path.

In addition, as you progress through levels, you’ll unlock new vehicles. Also, you will get access to buses in different cities around the world, unlike many other truck simulator games for Android.

There are over 20 maps to explore and hidden power-ups along each journey.

6. Heavy Truck simulator

Suppose you’re a big fan of heavy truck simulators and driving massive trucks.

Then you should download Heavy Truck Simulator games for Android. It’s an entertaining game that lets you roam freely on a highway or narrow city street.

Also, It’s not like other best truck simulator games for Android. There is only one type of driving mode, and it becomes boring after a while. In the Heavy Truck Simulator, you can do what you want and where you want.

In addition, You can roam from one city to another without restriction (except maybe some fuel).

You can usually drive or take part in racing competitions with other players. However, there could also be some downsides to Heavy Truck Simulators.

7. Truck Simulator the USA

There are several best truck simulator games for Android. But if you want to drive a real American truck, there is only one that can deliver.

The play by PlayWay S.A is not a full-fledged simulator, but it features realistic truck driving controls.

It also gives you an authentic experience of driving big US trucks on narrow and busy roads.

Also, another great thing about Truck Simulator USA is its fantastic design and graphics if you are unsure what to do after playing the other best truck Simulator games for Android, download and try out Truck simulator USA.

8. Trash truck simulator

If you love truck simulator games for Android, then the Trash truck simulator is a fantastic game.

It’s simple, fun, and will surely make you smile. The game has excellent 3D graphics that are impressive.

In addition, there are several levels in which you have to complete different missions and challenges.

Such as picking up trash, recycling garbage, or transporting dangerous goods without damaging your vehicle or running over pedestrians.

Apart from having excellent graphics, exciting challenges, and missions, it also comes with fantastic sound effects. This provides additional entertainment to players of all ages.

So, overall, the Trash truck simulator is a fantastic app that can be downloaded on any android device for free. Don’t wait! Download it now and have fun playing!

9. Truck simulator off-road 2

The next on our list of best truck simulator games for Android is Truck simulator off-road 2. The second entry is a series of games about driving big and powerful trucks.

Also, you can break through almost any obstacle. Interestingly, it’s not just a cool-looking car; it is capable of more than that.

In addition, tons of different physics-based puzzles will keep you busy while you’re playing the game. This is because they add a lot to all of these fun levels.

It’s also worth mentioning that there are still various special boxes and packages with multiple parts in your work garage. You’ll need them to construct certain vehicles.

So what do we have here? Excellent graphics & design, unusual obstacles/puzzles, and an excellent soundtrack. Just download virtual truck off-road 2 for android devices and enjoy! 🙂

10. The Road Driver — Truck and Bus Simulator

The Road Driver, from Kalle Studios, allows you to drive realistic trucks and buses on both city streets and highways.

You can deliver passengers in a range of fully interactive vehicles that feature their engines, gearboxes, suspensions, etc.

In addition to pick-ups and drop-offs on public roads, you can also participate in construction sites.

This is where all of your driving skills will be tested. There are 20 city scenes with realistic traffic lights and 300 road intersections taken from real life.

Also, the game’s 3D graphics are accompanied by ambient sound effects (with or without music). As well as radio stations: 40 licensed music tracks in different genres.

Such as rock/pop/rap/classical, and more, with over 1 hour of uninterrupted gameplay. Read on as we give you more truck simulator games for Android.

11. Grand Truck simulator

If you’re looking for a solid sim-racing experience on your phone, try out Grand Truck. It doesn’t have many extra features (no multiplayer, customization options, or garage).

But it does offer incredibly detailed graphics and dozens of realistic trucks to choose from. Additionally, the game provides various scenarios that put you behind some of the world’s best trucks.

Grand Truck isn’t an easy game, and its steep learning curve might turn off casual racers.

But if you want something with depth and accuracy, go for a Grand truck. Grand truck is one of the best truck simulator games for Android!

12. World Truck Driving Simulator

The best truck simulator games for Android have high ratings on Google Play, but World Truck Driving Simulator tops all others.

Suppose you’re looking to simulate driving a semi-truck across different terrains and make some money. Then World Truck Driving Simulator is one of your best bets.

In addition, you can choose from a variety of trucks and locations as you earn money by completing jobs. Also, by winning races and beating other drivers’ scores.

This game costs $2 but comes with no in-app purchases. Gameplay involves tapping to change lanes and avoid collisions or emergencies.

Also, while earning cash to buy upgrades in between job runs. You’ll also drive buses in World Bus Simulator — another popular app with tons of positive reviews on Google Play. Both are available for download on Google Play.

13. Truck Simulator: Europe 2

This excellent truck driving game lets you choose from various lorries and vans. There are also plenty of customization options available for each.

The graphics are realistic, which lends itself perfectly to an immersive experience.

In addition, there are three different modes: Career mode gives you lots of racing challenges to complete, Driving School teaches you how to drive your vehicle safely, and City Drive lets you explore a simulated city.

There’s also a quick-race option to jump straight into some competitive racing. This is achieved without having first to spend time completing tasks or lessons.

14. Recycle Dump Truck Simulation

Dump Trucks are designed to carry heavy loads and move them from one place to another.

The trucks have solid and rugged frames and can be operated by a single driver, allowing a simple one-person operation.

They can be fitted with a unique bed that tips up on both sides. Also, they can have hydraulic arms that lift while dumping all their load at once.

In any case, these truck simulator games for Android require very skilled drivers to operate effectively.

They need to calculate how much weight they’re carrying not to damage either themselves or their cargo.

In addition, in Recycle Dump Truck Simulation, you must drive your dump truck around an industrial plant.

They also help pick up waste and garbage and move large amounts of gravel and building materials.

15. Truck Simulator: Offroad

There are many best truck simulator games for Android. But it can be hard to find one that will take your breath away. Offroad: Truck Simulator is not just one of those games.

The graphics and physics are amazingly realistic, and you won’t want to put your phone down when you play it.

Meanwhile, once you start playing Offroad: Trucks Simulator, you’ll quickly realize how similar it is to driving a real truck.

To get around town quickly, you need to learn how to handle hills and ramps without crashing into them.

But also, your truck will encounter obstacles throughout each level. This depends on what type of terrain you’re traveling through.

And these obstacles may vary slightly, but they always keep gameplay interesting.

16. Down Truck Simulator

This is one of the most realistic 3D truck best simulator games for Android we’ve ever seen. It’s hard to believe it’s free, honestly.

Players can drive around an open world, choosing from different trucks and playing missions in either first or third-person perspective.

In addition, this game will have you on your toes as you play. Be rest assured that there are plenty of hazards to avoid on your way to winning races.

Players can purchase many different upgrades for their cars with money earned in races. There are tons of in-game purchases available too.

So, if you like racing games and need a change from Grand Theft Auto V, give Down Truck Simulator a try. It won’t disappoint!

17. Truck Simulation 19

Are you looking for a game that lets you climb into your 18-wheeler? Then look no further than Truck Simulation 19.

It has more than 500 trucks to choose from and endless customization options. It’s also easy to spend countless hours behind the wheel.

In addition, you can drive local routes or haul cargo across state lines; with every new challenge. You build up your reputation as an efficient driver, working toward a high score.

Before you know it, your coffee break will be over. It is one of the best truck simulator games for android people to enjoy.

18. Offroad Garbage Truck: Dump Truck Driving Games

Driving a dump truck may seem simple, but it can be pretty hard work. For example, have you ever driven one of those enormous off-road garbage trucks?

Where they’re unloading trash into a gigantic compactor or recycling center? That kind of truck is no piece of cake to drive! It takes real skill and precision.

And again, if you get it wrong, your boss will yell at you. If that sounds like fun, then Offroad Garbage Truck.

Dump Truck simulator games for Android might be what you need. It’s an exciting game with many challenging levels that require all kinds of driving skills.

In addition, the graphics are great, and there are plenty of different challenges for everyone. This app is free on Google Play Store and offers in-app purchases (not required).

19. Euro Truck Sim Truck Trailer Driver 2018

If you enjoy driving trucks, then you will surely love EuroTruck Sim. You will drive amazing big trucks in Europe and transport various goods.

This game is designed beautifully with beautiful graphics, making it one of our top truck simulator games of 2018.

In addition, Euro truck is one of the easiest to control and the best truck simulator games for Android.

They are easy to understand and master, so don’t worry about them because even beginners can enjoy playing them without a problem.

So if you like driving large trucks, you should try out the Euro Truck Sim 3D game.


If you’re an adventure junkie, these best truck simulator games for Android will give you an adrenaline rush every time.

They feature high-quality graphics and excellent gameplay that will keep you entertained for hours. The number of games on mobile devices is increasing rapidly.

However, we’ve identified what we believe are truck simulator games available in Google Play. These lists represent mixtures of free and paid applications.

They also cover a variety of categories — from highly addictive driving simulations to fun arcade-style racing modes.

Lastly, don’t forget each app can be downloaded directly from Google Play using your Android device.

If you enjoy having a wide selection of apps at your fingertips, then it’s time to check out our list!

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