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8 Best Video Sharing Apps and Sites You Should Use in 2021

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With faster and more reliable internet connections, video sharing sites have become a success, especially with increased user participation.

Videos quickly make up the bulk of the content we consume online today, and with the rise of virtual and augmented reality, the demand is likely to skyrocket even more.

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The Best Video Sharing Apps and Sites

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We have collated a list of some of the best video sharing apps and sites with content from unique artists and creators and users. The list also describes some of the more popular live streaming services that you should know if you are a creator or perhaps a follower.

1. YouTube

Owned by Alphabet, Google’s parent company, YouTube makes the best use of machine learning to index and compile suggestions for users, and supports content up to 8K and HDR that can be streamed in any of the popular video formats.

This means that creators have a great chance of making money from YouTube. To monetize AdSense-enabled ads before and during impressions, authors must have at least 1,000 subscribers, with at least 4,000 audience hours in the past year.

These rules were implemented in early 2018. Also, creators with 50,000 or more subscribers can now offer exclusive content and other products in exchange for a monthly subscription of $4.99 to viewers.

Additionally, channels with 10,000 or more subscribers can sell official merchandise through a sales shelf, a line of officially approved products available under the video.

Finally, by visiting the YouTube Studio dashboard or using dedicated apps, creators can view statistics such as total subscribers, total audience, view video comments, or analyze data such as the source of the traffic, age of viewers, your gender, devices used, and profits display the time of user activities related to videos.

As a creator, you can easily use the desktop or YouTube apps to upload videos, launch new videos, or add Instagram style stories to enhance progress.

Finally, the “YouTube Creator Program” is one of the most advanced of all. It supports various YouTube creators through workshops, provides infrastructure support through the “YouTube Space” studio, and recognizes top YouTube celebrities through activities like YouTube FanFest, YouTube Rewind, and all that.

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2. Vimeo

While YouTube is by far the most famous video sharing platform, Vimeo is still probably the best alternative to Google’s offering. Unlike YouTube, Vimeo doesn’t show ads either at the start or between videos, which is great from an audience perspective.

It also allows authors to download HD videos and has a maximum download limit of 500MB per week for the Free Basic package. After removing the “Tip Jar” feature, users who upload Vimeo videos now focus primarily on making their videos profitable using the “Video on Demand” model.

Vimeo’s only lag for video creators is that most of the perks are available to Vimeo Pro users, as the free basic plan is quite limited. By supporting downloads in multiple file formats, Vimeo provides 90% of its revenue to its content creators through its videos.

Cross-platform video streaming is a great promotion and marketing strategy, and Vimeo is one of the services that should be a top priority for a content creator. Providing audiences with the best video quality with the least intervention is what Vimeo looks like as a video sharing site.

3. TikTok

If lip-syncing videos have become a big craze these days, TikTok should get credit for a significant role. ByteDance’s exclusive video sharing platform has become a transitional platform for people who like to explore short videos of all kinds, including games, crafts, sports, comedy, etc. So if you like funny videos or want to create some eye-catching clips, then don’t miss this one.

One of TikTok’s strengths is the growing community of creators who continue to create compelling videos that you might not tire of watching. And with a lot of free music and sounds available, you also get the freedom you want to create your clips as you wish.

Not to mention the cool filters, realtime effects, and a wide array of AR objects that add an x-factor to videos. All taken into account; It’s tough to ignore TikTok.

4. Facebook Watch

Facebook Watch

Facebook, the biggest social media platform, is also home to one of the most diverse catalogs of video content generated by the users themselves and the site’s brands and creators.

To compete with YouTube’s offering, the Facebook Watch comes with several notable features, such as watching any video with friends. You can tour the latest videos uploaded by creators and your favorite Facebook pages in a scrolling format with a highly personalized feed.

Creators have access to a dedicated platform called Facebook Creator Studio to post and moderate original video content while managing subscriptions. They can insert ads before and during playback in videos, and while on-demand content is limited to certain countries, Watch is available in multiple countries.

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In the US, Facebook Watch also offers award-winning original series like Mind of Chef. Moreover, the social media app is also among the pioneers when it comes to supporting 360-degree video.

To compete with YouTube, Facebook offers creators plenty of opportunities. With the Creator Studio site and dedicated apps, video producers can monitor their video performance, manage and optimize content, fabricate stories for their Facebook pages, and post content to linked Instagram and Twitter accounts.

Moreover, creators can also use these tools to monetize their videos. Facebook also allows creators and brands to make money by interrupting ads between live videos and allowing them to grab ads between videos.

To monetize their videos, videomakers must have at least 10,000 subscribers with at least 30,000 total views (at least one minute). Like YouTube, Facebook allows authors to cut 55% of their videos and keep the remaining 45%.

If you own the app, you can also use Facebook’s Video API to make money with your app’s user base by showing Facebook ads.

5. Twitch

If you are a gamer who would delight to play their gaming videos on the web, Twitch.tv is a superb platform. Twitch.tv is essentially a web-based video game streaming service. This network enables users to stream their games with a maximum transfer rate of 3500, for advanced gamers who want to take advantage of Twitch’s revenue-sharing model.

Television is one of the best networks for transmitting your games. While Twitch.tv has not released details of its content partners’ engagement, it has over 11,000 connected content creators on the network.

Twitch Turbo, a premium online account, allows users to watch all shows and videos ad-free. Although becoming a Twitch.tv partner is not easy; it does pay off for players to put in the effort because the network is a particular niche for the new Twitch.

For TV creators to become partners, it would take over 100,000 subscribers and an average of over 15,000 views of each video. Twitch.tv is a video-sharing site that you should consider to provide some coverage for the players themselves.

6. DailyMotion

Dailymotion is another popular place to share videos on the web. The website allows users to view, download, and share videos over the network. With a 2GB file size limit and a 60-minute video length limit per video, Dailymotion is a popular video sharing service.

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Additionally, with the Dailymotion Publishing Partner program, content creators can earn a share of their monetized videos’ revenue. Delivered through video ads, paid content, and monetization through a proprietary website, Dailymotion offers the best flexible revenue sharing models for content creators.

If you are targeting a regional audience, Dailymotion is very popular in Europe and France, where this site is located. Please choose the best set of videos based on the videos you recently viewed on their service.

Simply put, this is the type of platform that every video maker should take full advantage of for video marketing and promotion purposes.

7. IGTV via Instagram

Integrated with Instagram, IGTV serves a class of users looking for short video content in portrait (portrait) format.

This is intended for smartphone users, and simple scrolling and tapping gestures give you an easily consumable content source. You can use IGTV directly using its standalone app or from the Instagram app.

IGTV is designed to bring users together with creators and businesses, and the mobile platform makes content easily accessible. While Instagram plans to help enterprises to leverage the app, we’re still waiting for the company to reveal its monetization plans for authors.

For now, if you are a user, you can use IGTV to keep up to date with the most recent content from your favorite creators or upload content that can take up to 10 minutes.

8. Byte/Vine

If you’ve been smashed and broken after the owner of Twitter shut down Vine in 2016, the right message is that his successor is on the way. For those unfamiliar with Vine, this was a 6-second (mostly stupid) user-generated video platform that could be considered the forerunner of today’s leading platforms such as TikTok.

Vine creator Dom Hofmann first announced plans to work on Vine version 2.0 in 2019, but the launch was hindered due to the financial crisis. Finally, in January 2020, in full swing, he launched a “byte” application to share 6-second videos.

According to the latest Sensor Tower data, the app saw more than 1.3 million downloads in its first week of launch, leading the United States (70%), followed by the United Kingdom and Canada.

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While it’s too early for a reliable byte prediction, the video-sharing app looks promising to take over TikTok, which currently rules the most significant number. What caught my eye about this app is a fully customized stream edited by human editors that ensures you see the clips you prefer.

Play your videos on the best video sharing apps

The good thing about videos is that they are more impressive than text or images, attracting more users. Facebook designed it a long time ago and focused on video, and the world has caught up with it ever since.

We’ve listed some of the most promising video sharing sites and apps that we believe will help whet your appetite for an endless array of videos tailored to your tastes.

The list also includes some products that we think could be hot spots soon, such as Byte, giving authors full control over their work. Do you think we are missing a platform that you like or appreciate? Let us know in the comments below!

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