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15 Best Villains in Video Games History

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Here are fifteen of the most famous and best villains in video games history, whether they’re diabolical masterminds, otherworldly forces, or oversized turtles.

Being a hero can be overrated at times. Instead, why not steal a gardener’s radio or plot a heist?  

There can be no storyline without a figure or thing driving some form of conflict, whether it’s the philosophical human vs. themselves, nature, society literary clichés, or the mustache-twirling ne’er-do-wells of Saturday morning cartoon shows.  

From being a sneaky assassin to becoming a space marine, video games offer settings where players can experience all aspects of life.  

However, this allows players to observe things from a different perspective, and some games even allow them to choose their path.

In addition, games that will enable gamers to play as a villain are few and far between.  

Still, they’re worth checking out if you’re looking for a break from the norm—playing as a villain enables unique story aspects that would otherwise be incompatible with a game about saving the world.

The titles listed below will allow the player to be the best villains in video games

1. Dead By Daylight

Dead by Daylight is a co-op game in which five people compete against each other simultaneously. Four of the players are survivors who must flee from a ruthless assailant.  

Furthermore, the murderer’s mission is to track down all four survivors before they can run, which might be difficult for the killer with a well-coordinated team.  

Additionally, you can choose from various killers in the game, including Pyramid Head from the Silent Hill franchise. 

2. Overlord

Overlord is one of the best villains in video games right now. It allows players to take control of the planet as an evil overlord. The game is a top-down view classic role-playing game.  

However, players must balance using minions and command the character they are presently controlling to make it through the battlefield. Although the current game has a co-op feature, the series has been around since 2007. 

3. Super Mario Bros

Bowser is the perpetual antagonist of the Mushroom Kingdom and its countless residents, first appearing in the 1985 N.E.S. classic Super Mario Bros. 

Furthermore, bowser, who appears in practically every Mario game, will almost certainly be on the lookout for Princess Peach and one step ahead of Mario and his pals until the medium comes to an end.  

Additionally, he’s the Platonic ideal of a villain, lying in wait after every castle and platforming course. While he occasionally teams up with Mario, it’s safe to assume that the two will always be mortal adversaries. 

4. Saints Row

Saints Row is similar to Grand Theft Auto, except it foregoes most realism in favor of comedy. Nevertheless, the Saints are a gang that will go to any length to achieve their goals, no matter how absurd they may seem.  

This involves using dance-inducing weapons and participating in bizarre side missions for insurance money. However, the games Saints Row: The Third and Saints Row IV are the most extravagant. 

5. The Legend Zelda

Ganon, the constant nemesis of Nintendo’s The Legend of Zelda series, first appeared in the 1987 N.E.S. title and has appeared in nearly every installment after that.

He is the epitome of the traditional video game villain concept, often represented as a bipedal orc-like monster.  

Additionally, his background and goals were fleshed out further in the 1998 game Ocarina of Time, where he is introduced as the head of the Gorudo people on a mission to pollute Hyrule.

Furthermore, Zelda’s Ganon, a pivotal role in every malicious act, is among the worst in gaming. 

6. Untitled Goose Game

Platforms: Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows, macOS, Xbox One, PlayStation4.  

Untitled Goose Game is one of the best villains in video games you should play. The Untitled Goose Game is for gamers who seek a shorter experience. However, this is a game in which you take on the role of a ruthless goose.  

Your objective is to steal items and make the humans around you miserable. It’s naughty fun that doesn’t involve any bloodshed. In addition, you may now team up with another goose to inflict even more havoc, thanks to a recent update. 

7. System Shock

System Shock was a series of two cyberpunk-influenced action RPGs produced by LookingGlass Technologies in the 1990s that served as the spiritual forerunner to the BioShock franchise.  

Additionally, the player assumes the role of an anonymous hacker entrusted with destroying SHODAN, a rogue A.I. system, on a far-future space station known as Citadel.  

SHODAN’s character affected later game villains like GlaDOS and Andrew Ryan in numerous ways. Furthermore, SHODAN is as brilliant as dangerous, mocking the player from afar and plotting behind the scenes. She deserves credit for changing the path of gaming history. 

8. Resident Evil

Resident Evi;l has one of the best villains in video games. Albert Wesker, who appears in Resident Evil as the leader of the S.T.A.R.S. squadron, is a cunning genius prepared to manipulate and betray anybody and everything to advance his ambitions.  

Furthermore, he began his career as a promising virologist for the sinister Umbrella organization, and his deceptive attitude allowed him to enhance his position inside the company.  

Additionally, he is a mysterious puppetmaster towards the end of the first Resident Evil game. He becomes the superpowered final boss in Resident Evil 5 when he is only thwarted by Chris Redfield’s unmatched brawn and Sheva Alomar’s intellect. 

9. Infamous

The player in the Infamous games must also decide how they want to live their lives. A morality meter will be available to the players, and choosing to be a villain will significantly impact the plot.  

Additionally, the meter will also be linked to the skills that the main character can gain access to. The player will be left out of a large chunk of the content in these games if they merely play a good route. 

10. Portals

GlaDOS in portals is as evil as they come, even if she plays coy for most of the first game in the Portal series, which makes Portal one of the best villains in video games.  

She’s willing to dispose of anyone who gets in her way, with the only objective of furthering her experiments and no regard for anything else. 

Portal 2 expanded on the character, describing her background and compelling series protagonist Chell to forge an uneasy partnership with her in 2011. Although GlaDOS finally turns the other cheek and frees Chell from Aperture’s underground compound, she is untrustworthy. 

11. Fallout

Players in Fallout 3, 4, New Vegas, and, to a lesser extent, Fallout 76 will be able to pick their route. There are various plot options available, one of which is the notorious Megaton destruction in Fallout 3. 

In addition, players can choose how they wish to cope with their post-apocalyptic world and its people. However, they can either be the wastelands’ savior or the worst Villain they’ve ever seen. 

12. EarthBound

Earthbound is also on our list of best Villains in Video games. Giygas is easily one of the terrifying opponents to appear in a Super Nintendo game.  

Additionally, he is an unfathomably powerful Lovecraftian creature determined to put Earth into a perpetual state of darkness. However, he is the main adversary of the cult classic RPG EarthBound, and he is a constant menace to Ness and his companions. 

While he only appears as a prominent antagonist in Earthbound and Earthbound Beginnings, he has lingered in gamers’ imaginations for decades, setting an unattainable bar for many future RPG villains. 

13. Grand Theft Auto

Anyone bored of playing hero roles will like Grand Theft Auto. Every game lets you play as a bad guy and engage in various unlawful acts.  

Meanwhile, Grand Theft Auto V offers a big multiplayer mode where you can perform heists and cause mayhem with your buddies. Additionally, players who desire a game with real-world weaponry and scenarios will love this game. 

14. BioShock

Andrew Ryan, who appears as the main antagonist in the first few hours of BioShock, is a wealthy idealist who is so dedicated to his beliefs that he built an underwater metropolis to be free of societal constraints.  

Despite his best efforts to construct a utopia, his desire to maintain control ultimately doomed both himself and his city.  

Additionally, Ryan isn’t a decent man by any sense of the imagination. Still, following a dramatic mid-game twist, his role as the series’ main Villain is passed on to someone else.

Nonetheless, his self-indulgent speeches and outlandish notions leave an indelible impression. 

15. Tropico

Last on our list of best Villain In video games is Tropico. Tropico is a one-of-a-kind civilization-building game in which players assume the role of a dictator.

While the player can try to play the game as a decent man, there are plenty of crooked paths to take, such as influencing votes and dealing in dirty politics in general.  

Nevertheless, Tropico allows users to experiment with many scenarios and provides them the power to either lead a great nation or enrich themselves. 

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