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Best 5 Xbox One Racing Games of 2020

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Are you an Xbox One Racing lover? Then it’s time to get behind the wheel, take a pit stop, drift, and compete and go head to head with opponents in-ground style in some of the world’s most realistic racing games in 2020. Take advantage of the power of Xbox One racing games delivered to you in this article.

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With the most detailed environments, locations, and showcased cars all designed to make you feel the real effect of being behind the wheel. You know there’s this exciting vibe racing game give when you compete with others to be the best, that adrenaline rush when you drift to take first place and defeat your rival. Exciting yeah?

This article will deliver to you the best Xbox One Racing games of 2020, among which are some arcade-style racing games that allow you to cause mayhem while you capture the feel on the road. It doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie or an expert, there’s a game for you in the list below.

1. Forza Horizon 4 (Best Arcade Racing Game)

Forza horizon 4

Forza Horizon 4 is a game set to push you to the limits of modern gaming with its amazing realistic graphics and locations affected by the changing seasons. It comes with new content every week with rewards and different challenges, so there a lot to keep you behind the wheel.

Forza Horizon 4 works best because of its online shared world allows you to race with friends, and while your friends are offline, you can compete with different AI drivers while taking part in a co-op challenge. It supports both online and offline gameplay, but the online option gives you more challenge with players around the world.

One best feature about playing online, loss of internet connection does not affect your progress whatsoever.

With access to different seasons, you get to choose between seasons that is best for you without waiting all through the year to see the next season. The weather condition also shifts week after week, delivering new things and provides new ways to race with fresh and exciting content.

Forza Horizon 4 delivers sharp and shiny cars and trees to add details to the locations. The games give a dynamic lighting system, which makes the world look better when its dusk or dawn.


  • Beautiful graphics
  • Over 400 vehicles to choose from
  • Additional seasons with new layers of replayability


  •  There are no Toyota or Lexus cars
  • Gameplay can feel repetitive

2. Dirt Rally 2.0 (Best Rally)

Dirt-Rally-2.0 Xbox One Racing Game


The first thing you will notice about this game is how it looks from the way light shines down on trees to the glint off of cars before you take them off the road.

Dirt Rally 2.0 comes second with its exciting gameplay as it delivers red dirt roads, mountain tracks, and forest pouring down rain. It brings you excellent rally racing with beautiful graphics.

Dirt rally 2.0

Race with others on the dirty mountain roads and have fun while getting dirty; all these delivered to you on Dirt Rally 2.0. With each course looking unique, while the races use the same tracks, making it look repetitive.

One of its best features is the improvement of handling the wheel and the environment. Whether you are racing through the woods or in deep mud, you don’t need to fight with the controls as it delivers smooth controls through obstacles. When you combine all its features, you get a more realistic experience than ever before.


  •  It has excellent rally simulator
  • Racing location is all over the world


  •  Gameplay can feel repetitive
  • It has a steep learning curve for new players

3. Project Cars 2 (Best Realistic)

project cars 2 Xbox One Racing Game

Remember, when Project Cars first came into the scene years ago, it came with a realistic experience, lots of cars, and track, but it made it difficult for new players to love the game.

But with the introduction of Project Cars 2, it has expanded on its foundations delivering an all-round experience without putting its realism aside.

The handling of cars has received dramatic improvement, whether you are playing using a wheel or controller. Cars are far more responsive, with the issue of traction no longer existing.

Playing career mode has become more prominent than it used to be with more options and more freedom. It gives you the ability to skip races to unlock more prestigious tiers while you have to prove yourself in the lower leagues first.


It also supports an online mode where you have to compete and race with other games rather than going solo.

The weather adds to the experience. There’s this unique weather system that adds to the playing experience and brings out a layer of realism to the gameplay.


  •  It has expanded career mode
  • It comes with over 180 different cars
  • Amazing updates to the handling of cars


  •  Steep learning curves for newbies
  • Frame rate drops and graphic stutters sometimes

4. Forza Motorsport 7 (Best of the Best)

Forza motorsport 7 Xbox One Racing Game

As you will realize, racing games all follow the same formula and principle. They all have tracks with curves, unlocking of cars, and a bunch of taillights, amongst others.

Forza Motorsport 7 took the racing formula and mixed it with stellar graphics, lots of vehicles, and stunning tracks that will make you embrace racing once again.

The most critical events on racing games happen on the track. How cars are handles, or how the tracks work together to give you a great experience. This game manages to deliver all of these fantastic experiences to keep you stuck on the wheel.

Forza Motorsport 7 offers updates on drifting and tuning of cars to be responsive than ever before.

Forza motorsport 7 Xbox One Racing Game

Challenge new drivers and fans alike with upgraded graphics. With its updated weather conditions to show off every angle of the cars you drive and how you drive on the tracks. It gives you access to play with a view inside the vehicle where you get to see the warning stickers on the doors.

From start to finish, this game brings a top-notch experience that will make you enjoy every bit of racing for Xbox One.


There’s no steep learning curve for beginners as its controls are easy to handle with multiple supported modes of play and hundreds of cars to choose from. This all of this, your fun is in your hands.


  •  Amazing graphics
  • More than 150 tracks and cars to race with


  •  There are no Lexus, Toyota or Tesla vehicles on the roster

5. F1 2018 (Best Formula One)

F1 2018 Xbox One Racing Game

F1 2018, the officially licensed game of Formula One racing delivers the best and full Formula One experience on Xbox One. Since the Formula One permits it, it has the full roster of official drivers and teams with a complete calendar for the 2018 season.

With different tweaks under the hood and a contract system that allows you to renegotiate your driver’s contact each season, F1 2018 comes with an extensive campaign mode with RPG elements where you have access to create your character.

F1-2018-Review-Ferrari-Red-Bull Xbox One Racing Game

It goes to the extent to let you build your team and career for over ten seasons. It delivers stunning graphics with cars and tracks. F1 2018 has gotten better whenever you are driving fast.


  • Opponents AI makes for more challenging races than ever
  • Smooth and glaring graphics


  • Its mechanics have not received any meaningful updates

At the tail end of everything, every racing game listed above has its gameplay, handling and handing you more fun than other racing games.

When you put together different cars, you have unlocked and dozens of tracks and impressive graphics, it’s easy to say that the games listed above are absolutely the best racing games available today on Xbox One.

Do well to share your thoughts and feedback with us by using the comments section below.

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