The Upright Go: Better Body Posture With Technology

Upright Go

One of the many (unpleasant) gifts that technology has given us is a poor posture. We spend hours and hours slouching over our smartphones, smartwatches, tablets and laptops and complain about the ache at the back that seems to have gotten to most of the millennials. It’s the new type of wearable technology use that you probably haven’t yet heard of.

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However, since the main aim of technology is to make life better, an Israeli start-up, named Upright, is now planning on creating a device, Upright Go that will keep a track of your right posture and prevent you from slouching as long as it is stuck to your back.

With this, the company aims to bring about good health and posture among the people who have been slouching for way too long now.

Product details

Upright Go

Since it is obvious that nobody would want the device that is sticking to their back to be distinguishable, the device is a tiny one; just about half of the size of a ball point pen and the thickness is similar too.

The dimensions of the product are 55 x 33 x 11 mm and weighs only about 12 grams. There are alcohol wipes provided to you to keep the device clean and the adhesive should be strong enough to keep it sticking on your back for at least a few weeks.

It is bright white in colour making it least noticeable and the LED lights that help you sync and power it up are not very flashy either. There is only one button on this device and you have no reason to worry about pressing it accidentally. That won’t happen.

Using Upright Go

Once you have bought it, you will have to charge it. After that, connect the sensor to your phone – it can be done on Android as well as iOS – you will then have to enter some personal details.

Put it on your back where it sticks easily and you are good to go. You will see a miniature version of yourself on your screen and this will be showing you your posture.

Throughout the day, the sensor will be keeping a track of your posture. If you have been straight without any slouch, then the figure on your phone will be green in colour.

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However, if your posture is wrong, or you are slouching, then, you will know this in real time as the figure on the phone will be red. Make no mistake, even the slightest bend will make it change the colour.

You can use between two modes – tracking and training. The training mode will make you feel a buzz the second your posture is out of line.

Start slow with the training mode tracking your posture being as little as ten minutes and then increasing the duration of this mode over a few weeks. The tracking mode can help you understand your posture for the rest of the day.

There are certain settings that you can choose to make your overall experience much more pleasant. You can give yourself a few seconds of bad posture before it starts buzzing, and even reduce the intensity of the buzz so that nobody else notices it.

Bottom Line

For a generation that spends hours slouching over their devices, this sensor is definitely a saviour. If you want to improve your posture and thereby, your overall health, then this could be one of the best technological innovations for you.

It is a simple device, that doesn’t attract unnecessary attention, is easy to set up and can be effectively used as well. Just try it out for a couple of weeks and you will be more careful about your posture, whether you are sitting or standing.

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