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What Is Blue Light? Its Effects to the Eyes and Ways of Protection

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It is scientifically proven that blue light emitting from your computer, smart phones, energy bulbs, tablet screen is not good for your eyes.

What Is Blue Light

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Blue light is one of the types of lights that forms the white light we get from the sun, together with red orange, yellow, green, blue, violet and indigo.

EM Spectrum of Visible Light

The EM spectrum of visible light is   the collection of red light, orange light, yellow light, green light, blue light, violet light, indigo light, which at the end they all come together form the UV light (ultra violet light) which can actually be seen by the human eyes.

The energy of these light wave increases as we go towards the end from left to right (that is, from red to indigo) which makes blue light one of the highest intensity types of visible light. Light is made of EM waves of energy and it is this energy we perceive as light. This waves come in different wavelengths, which means we get different colors of light. The red light, blue light are the different colors of light that we can perceive from the EM spectrum day and night, and regulate your sleep cycle.

Blue Light Filter

Our eyes natural filters barely provide us with protection from blue light on a particularly sunny day. The blue light from your devices is even worse. Early days devices emit much stronger blue light than we get from the sun. Spending hours stirring at the screen cause eye damage and fatigue.

This is due to a much lower energy wave been absorbed by the cornea; the eyes outer membrane. Blue light goes straight through the cornea due to its high energy, and slowly deteriorate the retina. Because our eyes use blue light to differentiate between day and night, and boost alertness.

Spending time your phones, tablets, laptops late at night fools your body thinking it should keep you awake and this applies to all of them phones, tablets, any gadgets with a laminating display. They all use blue LED because they are energy efficient and cheaper to produce. But your body disagrees. Basically what keeps you awake and alert during the day, can severely affect the quality of your sleep at night.

Blue Light and Melatonin

Blue light has also been shown to suppress the secretion of melatonin; a hormone that is produced at night, that helps your body to prepare for sleep. Scientist have also managed to find out the correlation between melatonin deprivation and conditions like cancer, diabetes and clinical depression. Do you still think that your tablets, phones are that harmless?


Before the invention of artificial lighting, the sun was the primary source of lighting. Evenings were spent in relative darkness. Good researches have shown that too much exposure to blue light during the day throws the body biological clock out of balance. Cell death has been worst cases. Other health-related issues that arise due to exposure to excess blue light are headache, eye fatigue, eyestrain, blurry vision. These disease incidence has resulted to a condition known as Computer Vision Syndrome (CSV).

Lutein and Zeaxanthin

Modern digital device white light appearance is made by mixing blue light with yellow. There are specific nutrients diet were found to made huge difference. These specific nutrients are lutein and zeaxanthin. They are obtained when one consumes primarily leafy-green vegetables, fruits and other colored fruits and vegetables. Lutein and Zeaxanthin are potent antioxidants, which help to protect the eye from damage and they help to absorb blue light before they get to the retina.

More Ways You Can Protect Your Eyes from Blue Light

Scientist have now designed special screen protectors that stops the blue light from reaching your eyes and causing damage to your retina. At a microscopic level, these glass has tiny ridges that block blue waves and let the others less harmful light go through. These glasses can block up to 60% of blue light and 99% of UV rays and people have reported that their sleeping pattern was significantly improved after only few days. There was also significant reduction in eyestrain, insomnia, sore eyes.

You can go for full protection and buy yellow eyeglasses that you can use for all blue light emitting devices laptops, computers, televisions. This works in a slightly different way to the protectors, as the yellow absorbs rather than blocks blue UV lights and lets other types of light go through. No matter what you do, whether in buying a protective glass or reducing the time you spend on your device, make sure you stay out on the lookout for the unseen damage that your day to day gadgets can do to your health.

You can also use the 20-20-20 rule. This rule can help to offset long hours on the computer. Every 20minutes you find an object 20feet away and stir at it for 20 seconds. Doing so will exercise your eyes, plus it will give you a little relief from stirring at blue light at all day.

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