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Abovi Ugboma (Bovi): Biography, Net Worth, Age, Career

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Abovi Ugboma popularly known as to “Bovi” is one of the most outstanding comedians in Nigeria. His unique touch of delivering jokes to his audience is one of the reasons he quickly became a fan favorite.

Apart from being a comedian he is also a director, producer, actor, and writer. Bovi is very good at what he does and in this article we will let you know all about his biography and net worth.

Abovi Ugboma Profile

Full Name: Abovi Ugboma
Age: 41 years
Nationality: Nigerian
State of Origin: Delta
State of Residence: Lagos
Marital Status: married
Occupation: Comedian, director, producer, an actor and a writer.

Abovi Ugboma Age

Born was born in Benin city on the 25th of September, 1979. However, Bovi is originally from Delta State in Nigeria.

Abovi Ugboma Education

Bovi’s parents were known to be passionate and concerned about their son’s education.
Bovi grew up in Benin and was enrolled In University of Benin staff schools for his early childhood education.

In 1991, Bovi attended a boarding school “Government College, Ughelli” in Delta State.

Due to Bovi’s parents fear of their son loosing his touch on discipline, Bovi was transferred to Edokpolor grammar school in Benin city.

Bovi’s transfer to Edokpolor did not work out and he was moved to Boys Model Secondary School, Onicha-Olona which was a boarding school.

In 1998, Bovi was admitted into Delta State University, Abaraka where he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Theater Art.

Abovi Ugboma Career

Bovi net worth

Bovi started off as an reporter at NTA where he did his youth service. In 2004, Bovi launched his adventure into entertainment. Bovi worked for Richard Mofe Damijo, as his Personal Assistant from 2004-2006.

He reported that he got his mentorship from Damijo for 2 years. Bovi was able to pull together his production team in the month of September in 2006.

In 2007, Bovi adventure into comedy and in April, he was able to bring his vision of a sitcom “Extended Family” to actualization. After his sitcom shows in 2008, Bovi became one of the most sought after comedians in Nigeria.

Bovi got his huge break when he featured in Opa williams’ Nite of 1000 Laughs and Basketmouths’ Basketmouth “Uncensored” and ‘Lord of the Ribs’.

Bovi has been featured in many big Nigerian comedians such as I Go Dye, I Go Save, Buchi, Basketmouth, Julius Agwu and Okey Bakassi.

As Bovi’s career was developing, he set up his “Man on Fire show” in 2013 at Eko Conventional Center. This show was well received and kept his fans longing for more episodes every year.

In 2014, ” Man on Fire Show” took another turn as it featured international icons in the likes of Ja Rule and Ashanti.

Bovi had a new show he titled “The One-Man Special”, he performed in many cities in USA, Australia, London and Toronto. On the 9th of September, 2016, Bovi produced his first movie titled “It’s Her Day”.

In 2017, Bovi’s “Man on Fire” franchise went back to Lagos and it was very successful as expected. In 2019, Bovi held the fourth edition of “Man on Fire” in Lagos which he made it known to the public as it’s last edition.

Bovi started off his YouTube TV series titled “Back to School”. Bovi now manages a production house called “Kountry Kulture Networks” which is into production for television, film and other events.

Abovi Ugboma Relationship

Bovi is married to Kris Asimonye Ugboma and their union is blessed with three children, Elena Ugboma, David Ugboma and Peter Chuchu Ugboma.

Abovi Ugboma Achievement

Bovi is a talented entertainer he has received a lot of awards such as;Comedian of the Year at Culture Peoples, Comedian Of The Year at Awards Ghana and Best Youth Comedian at Standup Comedians Award.

Bovi also received the Best Comic Actor in Nigeria at the Nigeria Entertainment Awards, Best Actor in Comedy at the Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards and Most Creative Comedian of the Year at the Nigerian Entertainment Awards.

Abovi Ugboma Net Worth

Bovi has an estimated net worth of $2.8 million.

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