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Car Logos: List of 25 Top Car Brand Logo

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Many modern cars are introduced to the market daily. Auto users can hardly differentiate between various models and brands on the market.

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This should not be a problem if auto user pays particular attention to the auto logos. These logos are what identify the vehicle. Auto logos have continued to improve over the years.

These logos represent many things. Most companies rely on their logos to tell their stories. Here are the logos of leading automobile manufacturers in the world today.

1. Mercedes Benz

Mercedes Benz

Mercedes Benz started using its logo since June 1909 and registered under the name of the Daimler Company. The logo symbolizes landing on air and water. Circle around that logo was added in the year 1916.

The star on top of that circle simply represents happiness. The implication of that symbol that the car will bring happiness across the world. The logo is indeed one of the oldest. It simply represents what the Daimler product is known for.

This remains one of the oldest brands. The company may not want to change the logo because introducing anything inferior can be counterproductive. This is a popular brand globally.

2. Volkswagen


Volkswagen is a German car and the word was driven from German words Volks Wagenwerk. The car was meant for public use. The logo means the public company and the V inside it simply means that the public vehicle will win.

This simply means the people’s car or the public car. The origin of the car and the logo can be linked to Adolf Hitler. Prior to the emergence of Hitler, the economy of the country was in bad shape and many people cannot afford a car.


Hitler introduced the car as an inexpensive car to enable many people own cars in the country. The car specification as well as the logo was designed by Ferdinand Porsche and the specification was given by Hitler. The logo means people’s car.

3. Ford


The Ford logo of blue white and represents small animals such as rabbits. It tells the history of the evolution of the Ford brand. Henry Ford worked on two other companies before he settled down on Ford Company.

The first logo of the company was developed in 1903. The logo changed in 1909 and the font is the same with what is obtained today. The logo was overhauled in the year 1912. Blue oval was introduced to the logo.

This same remains the color as well as the shape of another Ford logo. The last major change in the logo was in the year 2003 when the current logo of Centennial Blue Oval was introduced.

4. BMW

BMW logo

The logo of BMW includes white clouds, blue sky as well as stop rotating propellers. It signifies the fact that the company originated from aero engine technology.

It also represents what the company stands for the future, which includes advanced technical skills, vast space as well as the latest concept of meeting customer needs.

It takes into cognizance the fact that the company must be moved ahead and meet the challenges of the time. It simply shows that the motor is not just for the past. The models remain relevant in the present as well as very vital for the future. The logo is presented in colors.

5. Ferrari



The logo is presented as a leaping horse. This is an Italian product, and it represents the bravely performance of the Italian pilots who performed very well during the war.

The logo also represents the relationship between Ferrari and Yamaha. The horse is known for its energy and stamina.

Even if the pilot is killed, the horse will still be there. The color of the logo is black. This means that the horse is strong, and it can withstand difficult challenges. The leaping horse is a sign that the horse does not get tired and that it will lead to its destination.

6. Peugeot


Lion trademark has been the logo of this company when it was first introduced. The mighty lion originally used in the car was a trademark of other products of the family that owned that Peugeot Company.

The logo represents many things about the company. It represents hardened wear resistant. The company originally specialized in saw production. When the car production started in the year 1890, it also started with the lion trademark.

The lion logo of the company was taken from region Franche-Comte. Justin Blazer designed the logo in the year 1847. The logo designed has been transformed over the years, but it remains the mighty lion logo.

7. Bentley


Walter Owen produced the first logo of this car industry in the year 1919. It includes four-cylinder racing cars and a badge.

The logo is a pair of hawk wings, and Bentley represented by the letter B. surrounds this. Word B that means Badge remains the logo for this auto company. This gives birth to wings. The wings are that of the volley soaring eagle.


This logo is still germane; this is because it is still in use. The car logo is the letter B, and that letter is derived from the first letter of the company B, which means Bentley.

8. Jaguar


Another brand logo we are going to discuss is the Jaguar logo. The logo and started from the year1937. Logos used by the company reflected the various transformations the company has passed through.

The name is currently given to the company is derived from the name of the company owner. The symbol also represents jaguar, which is a strong animal. The name was given to it in recognition of the fact that the jaguar is a strong and brave animal.

It reflects the fact that the company is a strong car because it started from a humble beginning and was able to overcome numerous transformational challenges.

9. Chevrolet


The car originated from Switzerland and the logo is a patterned bow. It represents the racing, which the brand is known for over the years. The company has the best recognizable logos. It has changed with history.

The logo looks like a cross and it is popular as a North American bow tie. The logo does not have much to do with a bow or cross. The logo was first introduced in the year 1913.

The famous logo is yellow and gold colors and the decoration are done in a silver border. The color represents two things and they include strength and enthusiasm. Before the present color was introduced, it used to be white, black or blue.

10. Lamborghini



The logo of the company represents strength. The strength is such that it is getting ready to dominate the market by launching an attack on the opponent.

The logo depicts the company getting ready to attack the enemy. The strength does not mean that the company was poised for war.

There is no war; it simply shows that the company products are high power, as well as high-speed sports cars and so on. The trademark is well positioned, and it is seen in the rear as well as the front. This is one of the most powerful logos on the market and it shows the strength of the company.

11. Cadillac

Cadillac logo

Cadillac logo reflects nobility. The founder of the Cadillac is a noble and the crown, which is the logo of the company, is a symbolic representation of that nobility.

The crown as shown in the logo symbolizes different things, which include the Cadillac family coat of arms as well as the seven pearl on the crown and the royal blue blood. The shield on the hand is a symbolic representation of the Cadillac army.

The shield is in four equal proportions. These also tell important stories about the Cadillac family. Across the bars are also the representation of the brave knights especially of the crusade era. The trademark or the logo of Cadillac has much to do with honor and bravery.

12. Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo logo

This logo was started in the 1930s. The emblem you see is a representation of Milan. It represents the medieval Milan. This is one of the logos that represents history of cities.

There is a cross in that logo. This represents the exploits of Milan wars and the army during the crusade wars. Crusaders from the Milan city were historic, and the logo is a reminder of that era.


The right part of that logo represents the Duke of Milan badge. One remarkable part of that is the snake, which is seen swallowing the Sarah fast pattern. This is also historic.

13. Mazda

Mazda logo

Mazda Motor Corporation was formerly called the Japanese industrial product. The car got the name from its founder. Initially the logo represents the hand holding the sun. This implies that Mazda would have tomorrow. It also means that Mazda will transverse the world.

M in the logo indicates that the company would fly to the great creativity. It equally shows that the company will always deliver sincere service to people across the globe and that it now represents a new thing or the new century.

It is certain from the logo that Mazda is the company for the future. They also want a company that will travel the whole world. It is a vision of growth and transition to greatness.

14. Porsche


You can see the word Porsche written in the trademark. The car was named after the original founder who goes by the name Ferdinand Porsche. The logo is the emblem and that represents the Stuttgart coat of arm.

The logo indicates that those whose named appeared own the company. Furthermore, it equally means that the company has headquarters in the city of Stuttgart. It also indicates that Stuttgart is rich with different horse species.

Stuttgart represent many things to many people. It is a great place for different kinds of activities such as hunting. The wheat color, which is at the base of the logo, simplifies that productivity of the land. The land is fertile, and it can produce all kinds of crops.

15. Rover



Rover is a mascot and it is a product of the famous homeless family, which is the Vikings pun. The rover is an English word and it means the Rangers or the mariners. The Viking heritage image is part of the logo and it has been there since 1920s.

It equally features a triangle badge. It shows that the car is a new generation car and it is for the new generation. The logo has undergone changes, but the Vikings helmet still forms part of it.

The logo shows the Congress ships in the virgin statute of the Viking ship which was used in 1929. The logo has much to do with the tradition and exploitation of the marine world.

16. Mini Cooper

Mini Cooper logo

Mini Cooper has a symbolic logo. This logo is quite different from of others already reviewed here because it can represent the winged sun. It is indeed an ancient symbol. It reflects the fact that the sun actually flies as it moves around the world.

In the process of the movement of the sun, it carries along with it-perfected soul. The logo is a reminder the company product will just fly the people of the world like the winged sun.

It means perfect transportation to all parts of the world. Just as the sun moves to all parts of the world, the same will the company product move to all parts of the world. The logo stands for innovation and transformation.

17. Tesla


Tesla is one of the hottest auto company around the globe. It is a car for the future as it is pioneering electric car production.

The logo is T and it represents the company products. T is a representation of one of the poles. It means the innovation in the auto industry. The symbol is just a cross section of the electronic motor industry.


T is made to face upwards and it means that the company is for innovation and that is why it is working hard in the manufacture of great cars that are designed for the future.

18. Maserati

Maserati logo

The logo is known as the Maserati tridents, it was designed by no other than the founder of the company Mario Maserati, and he designed it in the year 1914.

The logo of the car is derived from the Fontana de Neptune in Bologna. It is an Italian company. The logo is a replica of the Roman god, which is known as Neptune, and this god is holding the trident.

It does that stilling and directing the water. This logo is not one of the most popular among auto lovers and the logo has remained there for a long time.

19. Vauxhall


Vauxhall is from the UK and the company has a strong German affiliation. The company delved into auto production in the year 1903 but it was established in the year 1857.

The company has introduced different logos and they keep changing the logo with time. The logo involves Griffin and it holds the Vauxhall flag. The most current version of that logo was designed in the year 1998.

The logo is also symbolic, and it represents many things. It represents innovation. The auto has great German, American as well as English affiliation. The logo is global in outlook and that is why it produces a sharper and better image.

20. Shelby



Shelby is an American car company and the logo represents an image of snake and the name of the cobra. The Cobra as you can see from the logo is placed in a circle and the company name is seen overlapping that image.

The badge was designed out of the company model name. The car logo is very important because it tells an important story about that brand.

It signifies that snake is a popular and yet a poisonous snake. It is not yet clear why the company decides to choose the snake cobra. Cobra is a strong snake and maybe it suggests that this is a strong company.

21. Dodge Viper

Dodge Viper logo

Shelby introduced the use of the snake and it appears that makers of dodge viper perfected it. The company had introduced different logos in the past and the third logo is what they are using now. The new logo is the Stryker.

The same people that designed Chrysler designed the logo and the owner wants a logo that capture sinister look as well as an evil grin of Pete sneaky. The logo is great, and it has implications.

The viper head is the most distinguishable aspect of that logo. The logo is frightful, and people are yet to know more reasons behind that logo.

22. Abarth


One of the most interesting logos is the by Abarth. The image in that logo is a scorpion, which already has its pincers outstretched. The logo is a representation of the astrological animal of the company founder Alberto Abarth. He was born under the Scorpio sign.

The founder chooses the logo because he believed that other people would not emulate it because it is an ugly creature. The shield is also important part of the logo because it tells something about victory as well as the prestige, which the brand is known for.


It has other colors which include white, red as well as green stripe colors. These are also symbolic because they represent a lot of things and one of them is the representation of the Italian flag.

23. Saab

saab logo

The image or the logo is telling the story of the company and it tells the story that it is born from the jet. That may not be the correct representation of the situation because the company has not been producing planes.

It only started to produce crop planes from the period 1940, and it continued with the crop plane until the second world war. Included in the logo is the plane bomber which is one of the products of the company.

The company is only saying that it had met the challenges and the needs of the people. It changed to an automobile after the second world war.

24. Mustang

Mustang logo

This is perhaps the best of all logos as many people love it from all parts of the world. It represents a running horse and because of that badge people can recognize it wherever it is.

It is a sports car and it is certain from the logo that it tells the story of creating the sports car. The logo was designed by no other than Philip Thomas Clark.

It tells the type of car it produces and not anybody who sees that car will be in doubt as to what it is all about. It is one of the few cars that use animal as symbol.

25. Corvette

Corvette logo


The emblem used to be around the white emblem. Rather it was changed to a crossed flag. It features flags, the one on the right is black, the other is the white, and that represents a racing flag.

It also features the American flag and it stood where the red flag should be. This was changed because it is not proper to use the national flag on a commercial product.

It now contains Chevy bowtie symbol. This is also symbolic as the logo tells the American story and the American dream. It is one of the logos that represent the national efforts.

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