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How to Get Rid of Cat Fleas Naturally?

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Are you worried about your cats having fleas? Seen the signs and you’d like to know how to get rid of fleas on cats naturally?

This article shares everything you need to know about cat fleas and how to get rid of cat fleas in the house.

What are Cat Fleas? Let’s Explore!

Ctenocephalides, AKA cat fleas are reddish-brown male and female insects that depend on food and water found in red blood produced by animals they come in contact with. Any animal observed to be a carrier of cat fleas is termed a host.

Apart from the absorption of food and water from pets, experts have reported after carrying out various researches that cat fleas, like every other flea, cannot live without a host.

About this bloodsucker’s reproduction process, a female carries a pack of eggs in her belly which at this stage changes color to cream or dark brown.

The egg then transforms into 1-2mm long larva that feed continuously on their father’s feces until the pupa stage when the need for a host becomes crucial.

About 20 pupas may be found on the body of cats; however, spotting to remove cat fleas from a cat’s fur is never an easy task due to the body features of these animal-threatening-insects.

Why it is difficult to spot fleas is because they possess a flat lateral body that helps them hide around the hair roots, covered up within the thickness of fur which makes them unnoticed.

Even after spotting a few or handful of them, it is difficult to remove cat fleas from your little puppy or a large dog as cat fleas are sticky to the skin.

Your mewing guy might be carrying a crowd of these tiny monsters around while you’re a Jon Snow who knows nothing. See below to find out the most accurate cat fleas’ symptoms.

Cat Fleas Symptoms

Once you notice two or more of these cat fleas symptoms listed below in your dog, brighten up to learn how to get rid of fleas on cats fast.

  • Frequent scratching: it is normal to drive some scratching fingers over an itchy body part sometimes, but something may be wrong somewhere when a cat is found scratching some specific parts or every part of its fur furiously frequently. A continuous scratching over a long span of time automatically denotes fleas and you should always watch out for this. Why the scratching? The activities of those tiny brown devils which include sucking of blood and skin biting will trigger scratching. The itchiness may be so intense to make a cat roll its body on abrasive surfaces like stones, sand, and even a chair.
  • Jerking: does your cat jerks all the time or periodically? Apart from signifying an intense bite from an unfortunate lea, a jerking kitten should tell you that those blood-lickers have gone far while you slack. This is when you need to find how to get rid of fleas on cat fast.
  • Sleeplessness: if you’ve been doing a daily litter cleaning for your cat in recent time, you should be able to keep a record of how long those cute little kittens sleep. Any visible change in sleep pattern? There’s something a-brewing! Be sure to take this by heart as this is the most important of all Cat Fleas Symptoms.
  • Aggressiveness: I know our little four-limbed Jenna to always wag her tail playfully. She doesn’t bite, nor does she show her hulk, why the sudden change? Hi, questioner. Your Jenna’s got fleas and she’s going to flee soon.

I am sure you’ve noticed one of those symptoms and you’re ready to take a look at your cat for fleas. The question you’re asking yourself now is; what does fleas look like. See description below.

What Do Fleas Look Like?

Hunting in a thick bush at night is a perfect way to telltale a fleas-hunting experience to a friend. But wait; are you a novice fleas-hunter? Let me describe what we hunt for in this zone without sharing with you our tale.

First thing first, I am going to show you how they look like in the egg stage.

What does egg flea look like?

Have you come across some bunches of a maggot egg? When you see something like that on your cat, know they’re what needs to be killed first. They stick together and may measure up to about 6-12 under the fur.

We know the features of egg flea and can answer the question “what do egg flea look like” perfectly now, how about meeting the daddy?

Adult fleas can be identified with a brown-red body. Sticking to the skin part of cats, an adult flea continues to grow in size as long as it is on your cat’s body sucking blood the way butterfly suck nectar.

How Do Indoor Cats Get Fleas?

Our research team went all out last week with one question wrapped in their paper; how do indoor cats get fleas? And luckily, they all came with the same result from different expertise. See below.

  • The wind: fleas, especially in the egg form, are light-weight and so are easily be carried by the wind from the outside trees to the inside of your home.
  • Getting wet often: when your cat gets wet, perhaps after a playful day or bath, it is easy for fleas to stick to it and gradually crawl to the skin part.
  • Dirty home: a home with kiddies playing around is characterized by untidiness. Since research revealed that fleas are found better in litters, your dirty kids may cause your kittens to get infected.

How to Get Rid of Fleas on Cats Naturally and Fast!

Let’s get with the formalities. Here are the natural ways to get rid of fleas on cat fast.

  • Keep the house clean always
  • Bath cats with antiseptic soap and towel-dry immediately
  • Handpick fleas and kill with pesticide
  • Comb fur regularly with a soft brush to fall new fleas
  • Treat bleeding parts


Cat fleas can go beyond the control even after applying the tips shared here. Kindly visit a vet at this period.

Have anything to share or miss something? Use the comment box below. Did you find this content helpful? Click on the share buttons to keep your social media friends updated on our effective ways of how to get rid of fleas on naturally and fast.

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