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Certain Foods That Can Help Enhance Your Liver Function

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Today I would be writing to you on ways to enhance your liver function and I would be centred on foods that you can take in to enhance your liver function.

In a previous post about some interesting facts you may not know about your liver, I made mention of the amazing things the liver does to help and enhance our body functions and that we shouldn’t neglect it and I also made mention that we should look out for this post. Well here it is.

Today, we would be looking at foods that can enhance liver function and in between, i would throw in some fun facts about foods to also neglect while considering your liver.

Marry your greens

You might be looking strangely at the word I used “Marry”. Well, yes marry your greens. Green vegetables contain antioxidants that helps in the fight against toxins and poisons within the body.

They work alongside the liver to combat toxins and they help and enhance the liver to this regard. Green vegetables such as spinach and collard greens are a recommendation for you if you don’t know what kinds to get. So, marry your greens, love and munch on her and she shall help enhance your liver.

Fun fact no 1: Alcohol is a big BAD NEWS for your health, try as much as possible to avoid it or reduce your intake of it. Alcohol is regarded a toxin for your body and when you take it in, it stresses your liver and too much intake will begin to cause your liver to lose its function which can cause LIVER FAILURE OR LIVER CIRRHOSIS.

Love your nuts and seeds

Nuts and seeds provide essential fatty acids needed by the body and likewise enhances the function of the liver by providing usable proteins needed by the liver. So, start munching in those seeds and nuts today and help increase your liver function today.

Fun fact no 2: Avoid eating heavy fatty foods most especially in the night. This is because they create more work for the liver and causes the liver to over function. Eventually if this continues, this will reduce the liver function and also cause the liver to become fatty which can likewise lead to type II diabetes. So, let’s all start running away from those fatty foods today, shall we?

Munch on those Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are a good source of beta- carotene which is also an anti-inflammatory nutrient that your body loves. This enhances the function of the liver. Beta carotene is converted in the liver to Vitamin A. Sweet potatoes is also a good source of good fibers and also vitamin C. This help in the cleansing of the liver and also boost the immunity of the liver.

Fun fact no 3: Another food to avoid is fried foods or excessively oily foods. This is also because most of these oily foods contain poly unsaturated fatty acids which are very harmful to the liver.

Be a friend to grape fruits

Grape fruits contain a very high level of vitamin C and anti-oxidants. Citrus fruits like Grape fruits, oranges and limes help and support the natural abilities of the liver.

Fun fact no 4: Avoid excessively sugary or salty foods. Too much of salt intake in the body causes the body to retain fluids causing your liver to work overtime in trying to remove excess toxins form your system. Likewise, excess sugar in the body can lead to obesity and likewise cause the liver to dive into overtime work in removing toxins from your body.


Apples are also a very good nutrient supply to the liver. They contain pectin in high quantities which is very good in enhancing the liver to relieve the body from toxins from the digestive tract. They enable the liver to be able to carry the toxin load from the body.

Pectin also helps in relieving cholesterol from the blood. By the action of the pectin, it relieves the liver from over working itself in removing poisons form the body.

Fun fact no 5: Red meat is a big red flag for the liver. This is because they contain a high dose of saturated fats which aren’t healthy for your liver. If you can, avoid red meats and if you can’t, please reduce your intake of them.

Green tea

Green tea helps in the reduction of fats in the body and likewise is a good supply for antioxidants to the body. Replace all your sugary drinks for green tea and water and watch the wonders it does to your liver.

Fun fact no 6: Reduce your intake of pasta, rice and white bread to help improve your liver function. This is because these foods contain a high percentage content of sugar and we have already established that too much sugar is harmful to your health. Instead of white bread, replace them with whole wheat bread. And likewise replace the white rice with Brown rice and start living the health life.

Think oatmeal

For your cereals, instead of the refined cereals, make a switch to Oatmeal and watch the wonders it does to your body. Carbohydrates from Oatmeal will help you gain the energy that your body needs to function properly.

The fibers they also contain helps in helping you watch your body weight by making you filled up with a very little quantity. That way you actually feel full without adding so much calories to your body.

Fun fact 7: Everything really isn’t just about your food intake too. Exercises are also very important for your liver. Lack of exercise will cause you to gain weight leading your body to obesity and that can drive your liver into an overtime work.

Remember your garlic and onions

garlic and onions

Both Garlic and onions contain very good nutrients that helps the liver to function. Both are rich in allicin which helps in the cleansing of the digestive tract and the blood. Garlic also contains selenium alongside allicin. Selenium is a natural detox agent, and this helps to lighten the extent or level of toxins in the body.

Don’t forget your Lemons

Both the lemons and the liver are in constant agreement with themselves. Lemons too are also a good detox agent. They provide a truckload of antioxidants and likewise Vitamin C and this helps your liver get more energy and also aids the liver in its digestive function.

You just got to love your Turmeric

Turmeric is a spice that helps the liver completely detox by aiding enzymes actively eliminate dietary toxins.

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