Tips for Choosing the Best Movie Streaming Service

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At this point, it seems like streaming of movies and TV shows are beginning to replace the basic cable TV that we are used to.

A lot of people, especially the young ones would rather stream a show or a movie from their mobile gadgets than sit back on a couch and watch TV.

And this is easy for them to do because unlike television you can watch your favourite movie or show in a car, from the beach, or even the public toilet. In recent years we have seen Netflix and Hulu take the entire world by storm as they provide movie streaming services.

DVDs have been almost completely displaced by streaming services as they become popular around every corner of the globe. Understanding that a simple subscription will give you access to all your favourite movies and you can watch them from anywhere makes life a lot easier.

What was once regarded as tuning into what your favourite show has turned to now I can watch it whenever I want. More and more television giants are keying into the streaming service market by purchasing production studios and creating their own streaming services where they can deliver their original contents to the audience who will subscribe to watch.

One other beautiful thing about a couple of streaming services is that they now offer live television and that makes them the best substitute for cable TV.

The question now is how did this live streaming trend begin? One may want to think that the natural answer anybody would give is it all started with Netflix. As a lot of us know Netflix is a giant in the TV show and movie streaming business and they deliver to their viewers only original contents.

What is even more interesting is that a lot of other companies are beginning to see the potential in streaming services and have started developing their own.

Walt Disney for example recently purchased 20th-century fox, and they’re currently working on releasing their own movie streaming services in the nearest future. At present, they have begun to withdraw all of their original content from other streaming services like Netflix.

However, in the world believe in nothing technology related goes for free and the streaming service providers have made it compulsory that you have to pay a monthly fee to enjoy their contents.

What these companies charge as a streaming fee may be very minimal, but you’d have to repeat it every month if you must enjoy the services. Now, that is one financial commitment that just might be drilling a hole in your pocket no matter how tiny.

Some streaming services require you to download content before you can stream it. But, some others will only allow you to watch online without bothering to download the content. Finally, there are generous streaming services that are completely free and also legal to use.

But what makes a streaming service good?

If you’re wondering what makes a streaming service good, then the most logical answer you can get is the quality of the content they make available and also what their library has to offer you. This explains why lots of streaming services including Netflix and HBO are doing their best to provide strictly original contents for their viewers.

I mean, why else would Netflix go through the stress of creating stranger things? Or why will Hulu create the hand made tale, or even the most famous of all – game of thrones created by HBO?

Another thing I must point out is whether the movies or shows you will be watching will be accompanied by adverts. Some streaming services make sure some ads would interrupt your favourite movies or shows when you listen, while some other ones have to charge you extra to get rid of ads when you watch their content.

Then finally, some platforms are completely void of any form of advertisement. This prince was to another very important point, and that is the kind of streaming platforms.

One very important factor that you have to put into consideration is the quality of the streaming platform you’re patronising. The streaming platform of your choice has to be fast, has to be very easy, it has to be good, and also not buddy.

There are streaming services that do not even have desktop platforms, and for that reason they can be accessed through your desktop browser, enabling you to watch online.

Another factor to consider is the accessibility of your choice of streaming service. Many services are easily accessible through your tablets smartphones smart TVs and even via your desktop PC.

Being provided for the flexible option of choosing when and where to watch your favourite shows or movies is very vital for a good streaming service platform.

This is not to say that one’s streaming platform is better than another at the end of the day the choice is completely yours to make. However, what we do know is that live streaming or streaming services are gradually phasing out cable TV as viewers preferred way of watching their TV shows and movies.

We hope that the tips we have made available above will help you in choosing the right streaming service. However, if there are any suggestions, you would like to share, or if you have opinions that you think will be helpful to other readers, please do not hesitate to leave them in the comments section below.

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