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Chris Pratt and Anna Faris Getting Back Together After Divorce?

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Chris Pratt and Anna Faris have been getting together a lot lately even though they got divorced after eight years of marriage. So how come they are friendly all of a sudden?
The duo is co-parenting their son Jack, and they are trying the best they can to be close buddies.


On Monday the two were spotted walking side by side with their son in Santa Monica. And today, the pair were spotted taking a stroll again.

Anna Shared that  “We have a great friendship, we really do, and we always have,”  she continued “And it’s always tough to envision your future as one thing, but I think there is a lot of love”.

The parents have moved on to date other people but the respect and friendship they share still keep them close to each other. Anna has since begun to date Michael Barret, and Chris found love with Arnold Schwarzenegger’s daughter, Katherine.

An eyewitness shared with E! News after spotting the parents and their kid. She was helping him and very nurturing. She was extremely friendly and laughing with him. You could tell she loves little kids and is very good with them.”

However, life experiences teach us some things, and when Anna looks back at her love life with Chris, she remembers the lessons she learnt.

I think it’s a lesson learned a little bit regarding keeping relationships a little more private, potentially, even though I pride myself on being a pretty open person. But, I don’t know, it’s tough when you’re under the scrutiny,” Anna shared. “I think it means valuing yourself. I was such an insecure kid that if anybody [was] remotely attracted liked me, I was just completely smitten. Like, I can’t believe the popular guy likes me.”

“I think my mom was always trying to reiterate: Value yourself, value yourself. We talk about that on the podcast a lot, about how women tend not to don’t really prioritise themselves.”

It is a good thing that the duo are creating a pleasant atmosphere for their son to grow up in, and their friendship is getting stronger as their son grows older.


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