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Christina Carlin-kraft’s Muderer Caught

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Recently, we posted that the play boy model Christina Carlin-Kraft was murdered in her apartment and the person who murdered her was unknown. Now the killer has been found and arrested.


The suspect Jonathan Wesley Harris was nabbed just as he was about getting off a bus in Pittsburgh. Christina and Jonathan had apparently met with each other after getting a ride from her place of residence in Ardmore to Philadelphia.

We don’t know how the two hooked up but surveillance videos showed that Christina had returned back to her apartment which she just recently got from her boyfriend a week to her death and shortly after Jonathan was seen entering her apartment as well.

Jonathan was seen entering the apartment the very morning she was found dead but there were no videos to show and record him exiting the apartment. According what a source told the authorities, Jonathan had written in text messages that he had recently met with a woman and he was going into her apartment. He had also written that he was in the woman’s apartment at Ardmore the very morning of the murder.

Jonathan had once been convicted and had previously been imprisoned at the state correctional institution-Greene. He was convicted for drug abuse and Robbery and he was just released on the 15th of July 2018 which is barely a month to Christina’s murder.
Jonathan is being charged with murder and theft by the Lower Merion Township police and the Montgomery county prosecutor.

If you would remember accurately, just before Christina died, she had complained to her father and the police that she was robbed. This had taken place shortly before she died.
On the 17th August 2018, Christina was robbed by Andre Melton. According to the arrest warrant served to Andre for his arrest, Christina had blacked out after drinking an expression which she ordered at the Sofitel hotel. The next day when she woke up, she felt extremely sick and she noticed that she was still wearing the same clothes she had on the previous night.

According to her report, she said that she never gave anyone permission or access into her apartment neither did she give directives to anyone to take her property. After the report, the surveillance video was pulled up. She was seen staggering into her apartment and being held by a man, who turned out to be Andre.

Shortly after that, Andre was seen coming out of the apartment with a box of goods in his hands and he eventually left the apartment with those things he picked from her home. Eventually Andre was charged with criminal trespassing, burglary and theft, receiving stolen goods and items after a lot of Christina’s designer wears including shoes and clothes were found at his place.

Although there are speculations as to if she was raped or not, the autopsy hasn’t exactly confirmed that information yet.

Meanwhile, the actress had been laid to rest in New Jersey on the 29th of August, 2018. Mau her gentle, caring and loving soul rest in peace.


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