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Classes of Motorhomes

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Motorhomes are a special type of self-driven recreational vehicle that presents living accommodation services. They exist as caravan parks, holiday parks, sales dealerships or manufacturers.

Their existence started way back in 1910 following the introduction of Touring Lendau model by Pierce-Arrow motor company. During 1920s, manufacturers converted panel trucks and buses into camping facilities. It was until 1950s when the manufacturers transformed trailer bodies into bus or truck chassis.

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The pioneer, Raymond Frank, wanted a motorhome that could take his family for vacations in mid-west and Florida. If you have ever wondered what to use for your vacation then you must have thought of where to get and rent a perfect motorhome.

This causes a lot of confusion especially when exploring all the possible options to make choices. It is therefore important to note that motorhomes are of different classes among them Class A, B and Class C.

Class A

class C Motorhomes

In this class of motorhomes, strong and heavy duty frames are used to construct them. This implies that the frames are either built on motor vehicle chassis or commercial bus chassis. Trucks running on eighteen wheels use the same build since the 22.5 inch wheels are able to bear the Class A motorhome heavy load.

However, this class is not friendly in terms of fuel economy but is luxurious and of high quality on the other hand. It main booster is an ample storage space with a capacious interior. The space can enable between 2-4 people to sleep in a bedroom situated on the rear as well as the presence of coaches in the leaving room that can be folded into beds. Space, style, luxury and a home resembling interior makes the best option for those who want the desirables.

Class B

class B Motorhomes

When you take an outside view of this class, it resembles an oversized van and are commonly referred to as camper vans. Its interior is tall enough for one to stand. However, the living room, kitchen and the bathroom are small in size whereas the shower and the toilet have been congested in one space.


They are the least expensive motorhomes in terms of cost with no slide outs. Due to their small sizes, they are easy to drive with a more friendly fuel economy. There seems to be ease of parking due to its size but storage space is limited.

Class C

class C Motorhomes

This is an intermediary between classes A and B motorhomes that is built using the cabin chassis. Picking out from the over cab sleeping area is trouble-free with its sleeping location allowing for more space in the living area.

This enables 4-8 people to live in a single Class C motorhome. The motorhome can haul another car with gas mileage lying between class A and B motorhomes. With class C, you cab be able to leave it parked and see the sights of the city in the car.

Things to consider when buying a motorhome

This is mainly the duration and the number of people who will be going for the trip. If in case you intend to take longer time in your trip, it means that you are going to carry with you more food stuffs and personals. Also, if a larger number of people are travelling then it means you will look for a bigger vehicle. This thus will take you to the different types.

Maintenance cost– This will depend on the size of the vehicle. The bigger the car the more the maintenance cost. This is due to the many complications entailed.

Towing– you should ensure that you have got the accurate vehicle and equipment needed for towing if at all your RV will be a towing type.

Place of parking– large motorhomes like the class A type require that you have a lot of space for parking. This is due to their big sizes. Also at home you need to have some good place for parking.

Where to buy a motorhome

RV Shows– these are the best sites to look for a motorhome whenever you would want to buy one. These places offer all types all in one roof and dealers are there to help you with your questions

Dealers– they are found in various places and they have a variety of these vehicles.


Manufacturers– this is mostly found on specific websites where you can find a lot of information about the various types and models of motorhomes.

In conclusion, when finding a safe car for your recreational purposes motorhomes are the best. They are the most luxurious type of travel cars that will make you feel like you are at your own home. They are the most convenient type of travel cars that you can ever have.

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