9 Clothing to Avoid During Pregnancy

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Pregnant or not, ladies never want to look out of fashion. They always want to keep up with the trend it’s OK, but certain things are not suitable to be worn during pregnancy.

Why? Some of these clothing why not have a direct medical effect on you or the baby, but they may make you uncomfortable.

As your pregnancy grows, so does your body experience change. You start to notice both physical changes like increase in size, and emotional changes too.

Thus most of the clothes that looked good on you before pregnancy will become very small, and then you have to shop for maternity wears.

Some of the visible changes you will experience are enlarged breasts, widened hips, and a protruding baby bump making it hard for skin tight clothes to fit, but the good news is, after childbirth, you can still rock those sexy clothes.

Must you shop for new clothes?

Yes, most of the changes you experience during pregnancy call for soft clothing. The kind of clothing that does not interfere with blood circulation for both you and the unborn child. It is best to shop for dresses that can expand and has enough area to accommodate the baby bump.

Whatever clothing a pregnant mother put on should be light yet provide covering and support for the baby bump. Materials that can cause sweating and heat are not advisable as they would make you uncomfortable.

So no matter how beautiful the dress is when you notice that the texture of the material isn’t suitable for you, wearing it is not an option. The same rule applies to shoes when you’re pregnant.

You can’t put on heels or other uncomfortable shoes because you begin to experience swelling on your feet and that means you have to purchase footwear with enough space to accommodate the new size of your feet and also to give you balance.

So you see, you can’t manage the clothes you had before pregnancy you just have to buy new ones. Now that we know why we have to shop for new clothes during pregnancy let us go further to see the kind of clothes that should be avoided.

1. Tight clothing

We know that you want to look good, but please avoid wearing tight-fitting dresses, trousers, leggings, blouses, and skirts. Not only is it wrong for your not so perfect body shape right now, but clothes that are tight around the abdomen area can also pose a threat to the life of the growing foetus inside you.

2. Clothes made from synthetic fibre

The way your body reacts to things when your not pregnant is different from the reaction you get when you’re pregnant. Your hormonal changes make you sweat more during pregnancy; you get easily irritated and uncomfortable.

Thus you need clothes that are breathable and soft. Avoid wearing dresses made from synthetic materials because they cause heat and you are more likely to develop rashes from feeling hot and sweating because your skin is very sensitive during pregnancy.

3. Clothes that aren’t suitable for the weather

Some mothers sometimes attempt to hide the baby bump. Thus they end up putting on layers upon layers of clothes like sweatshirts, or even pullovers.

The danger is though your baby bump may be a little covered, your body temperature increases, and that is dangerous for both you and the baby.

Make sure to dress according to the weather and avoid the temptation to hide your pregnancy. It is entirely reasonable to be pregnant, and thus it is nothing to be ashamed of.

4. Poorly fitting clothes

Although it is recommended that you wear loose clothes, putting on oversized garments is not advisable. It is terrible for your looks and is not good value for your money. Try to opt for clothes that are just your perfect fit.

That way you can still make use of them after pregnancy, all you have to do is make some slight alterations and adjustments. Putting on your perfect fit during pregnancy does not only feel comfortable, but it also boosts your self-esteem and makes you look good.

When you continuously wear oversized clothes you are more likely to look very tired I’m sick even when you’re not.

5. Clothes that take ages to pull off

During pregnancy, you are visiting the toilet more frequently than when you’re not pregnant. At this point, the last thing you would want to do a struggle for 5 minutes to pull off your trouser or your underwear, you might end up peeing on yourself.

So make sure that you do not put on clothing that takes long to take off. Avoid tight belts and tricky clothing. If your pants have too many ropes that you have to untie before you can get to pee, just save them in your wardrobe for some other time. Not just right now.

6. Wrinkle-free or permanently pressed clothes

Nobody likes to put on clothes that are rumpled or squeezed. But during pregnancy, it is advisable to avoid clothes with the permanent press label or clothes that are made to be wrinkle-free.

This is because these materials are treated with chemicals that are supposed to keep them in shape and avoid lines. Such substances are not healthy for you during pregnancy.

7. Sexy panties

During pregnancy, the chances of contracting yeast infection are very high. Those fancy silky panties that you might want to wear are not advisable at this time.

The reason is that they collect too much moisture and do not allow breathing space thus they become a breeding ground for infections. Put on cotton panties instead, and make sure they are not too tight for you.

8. Oversized pants and bras

The same way you shouldn’t put on too tight pants or bras because they are unhealthy, putting on oversized panties and bras can make you uncomfortable, and they can be very embarrassing as well.

Look for a perfect fit that is at least loose enough to hold your breasts firmly and at the same time not cause you any form of pain. For panties, make sure that they are made from cotton, and they are not too tight.

9.  Avoid heavy jewellery is on heeled shoes

Everything you put on during this nine-month period should be geared towards giving you comfort. If you’re putting on jewellery, make sure they are light and are not tight. For shoes, make sure they are balanced.

Heeled shoes are very dangerous during pregnancies so try as much as possible to wear slip-on, or shoes with flat soles that you’ll be comfortable in.

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