34 BEST Co-working Space in Lagos

Co-working Space in Lagos

The days of striving to rent, build or own traditional office space before starting a business are quickly dying. The availability of co-working space in Lagos and almost everywhere has enabled many SMEs to start up and operate efficiently.

Besides the free workspace, other necessities such as electricity and the internet usually include their paid plans. The benefits of the collaborative space cannot be overstated.

This could indicate why most hatcheries in Nigeria also offer spaces to work together as part of their hatchery plans.

Here is a complete list of co-working space in Lagos, grouped by region.

Co-Working Space in Lagos Island

1. Deskyard (Lekki)

Deskyard is a new co-working space in Lagos that offers a unique environment to increase productivity and creativity. Their monthly plans include a kitchen, outdoor patio, and tea and coffee making facilities.

2. SiNet Hub (Lekki)

Sinet Hub offers executive offices for short and long term leases. They claim to charge fees that “even small businesses can afford.”

  • Location: Phase 1, Lekki 32, Providence, Lagos.
  • Price: not confirmed
  • Online presence: twitter.com/SiNetHub

3. BVF Office Center (Lekki)

BVF is an offerer of virtual office solutions, including co-working spaces; the facility also offers other business support services, such as business addresses, meeting rooms, and fully-equipped workstations. Customers reserve or become members by subscribing to various virtual packages.

  • Location: Unit A8, Cole Street, plot 27 Emma Abimbola, opposite Arabella, Fola Osibo Lekki Phase 1, Lagos
  • Price: varies from ₦120,000 to ₦180,000 per year

4. Lagos Cowork (Lekki)

The real estate company 3invest based in Lagos launched Lagos Cowork in January 2017. In addition to the workspaces and other necessary equipment, it provides administrative support and different virtual office addresses. Lagos Cowork membership is membership-based.

5. Venia Business Hub (Lekki)

Venia Business Hub (Lekki)

Venia Business Hub offers spaces for co-working startups, small and medium enterprises, companies, and multinationals. In addition to basic office needs, the center offers a printing and videoconferencing room to facilitate work.

Shared/virtual training venues and offices are also available.

6. V8 Valley (Lekki)

V8 Valley, a derivative of V8 Africa, offers open desks for the workspace. Subscription packages include free parking, storage cabinets, office supplies, and presentation materials. A Community Manager is also assigned to serve your guests.

7. Strange Lakes (Lekki)

Stranger Lagos is a store concept inspired by the need to share curiosities and interests with a broader audience. The facility offers exercise space and membership plans.

Other activities offered include meeting spaces, rental spaces (exhibitions, installations, film screenings, etc.), welcome and discussion workshops. Services are open (by appointment) on weekdays and weekends.

8. Capital Square (Lekki/Ikoyi)

With offices in Lekki and Ikoyi, Capital Square is another establishment that offers spaces for collaboration. Besides providing a workspace for entrepreneurs, this joint initiative also operates a shared community for freelancers: entrepreneurs, creatives, and innovators.

9. Cre8 Space (Victoria Island)

Cre8 is committed to building a community of startups, investors, and stakeholders in the fintech sector. Cre8, located on Victoria Island in Lagos, offers fully equipped workspaces and meeting rooms for members.

10. Terrakulture (Victoria Island)

Popular as a restaurant, Terraculture could best be described as a center of artistic things. But also, it has a well-defined workspace. Your workspace provides the necessary essential equipment such as electricity, internet, and more for entrepreneurs and freelancers.

The payment method is membership-based.

11. Cranium One (Victoria Island)

Cranium One is also opening up a shared workspace for entrepreneurs and small businesses. Separate offices and meeting rooms are also available, providing sufficient privacy visibility to stay connected to the open space.

The facility also has a shared kitchen and dining area, which attracts workers and independent projects.

12. A1 Spaces (Lagos Island)

A1 Spaces is a center that allows startups, bloggers, freelancers, and entrepreneurs to work together. The A1 operates from an apartment in Lagos Town Hall on Lagos Island. Essential services such as WiFi and electricity are included in the packages offered.

Packages offered range from a private office (one man) and team members to shared tables with an outdoor pool and meeting room. Virtual office services are also provided.

  • Location: 203E, Town Hall, Catholic Mission Street, Lagos Island, Lagos.
  • Price: ₦2,000/day up to ₦40,000/month and ₦70,000/per year (for virtual offices)
  • Online presence: a1-spaces.com

13. The Lighthouse (Lagos Island)

The Lighthouse is a creative hub that offers a dynamic and convenient workspace with the practical tools and resources entrepreneurs need to take their business to the next level.

It also creates an open opportunity for community networking and sharing of ideas. Spaces are available for events, training, meetings, conferences, seminars, board meetings, and end of year celebrations.

14. WorkBox (Victoria Island)

WorkBox offers co-working spaces for entrepreneurs and freelancers. Services include private offices (for 2-3 people), conference rooms, and shared offices. The premises are available for weekly, monthly or annual use.

15. WorkStation (Victoria Island)

Whether it’s a permanent office or a temporary workspace, Work Station wants to offer both flexibility and convenience. The co-working space provides various packages so that interested users can choose the right for them.

16. Seedspace (Ikoyi)

Seedspace a co-working space in Lagos, is a shared workspace where tech entrepreneurs feed their ideas and grow their businesses. In addition to workspaces, services such as a gym/swimming pool and event rooms are available on request.

Potential users can subscribe to membership packages.

Co-working Space in Lagos Mainland

17. Smart executives (Ikeja)

Smart Executives provides workspaces, training/meeting rooms, and other virtual office services for startups, business consultants, businesses, and foreigners. They also manage their SMART incubator, designed to support the development of startups and SMEs.

  • Location: No. 2 B, opposite Ajanaku Street, opposite the Salvation Highway, Oyetola, Opebi, Ikeja, Lagos Street.
  • Price: from ₦10,000
  • Online presence: smartexecutiveng.com

18. ReDahlia (Ikeja)

ReDahlia launched its launch shared workspace in March 2017. In addition to workspaces (shared cabins, private offices), amenities such as direct electricity, internet, and restaurants are also available.

A free training room, dormitory, meeting room, and cafe are also included in the paid plans. Space opens and closes at 8:00 AM at 6:00 PM respectively on weekdays.

19. TPX Hub (Ikeja)

TPX Hub provides an environment for freelancers, freelancers, entrepreneurs, and small and medium-sized businesses to work, share, incubate, and network. They also offer training/seminar services and mail handling/delivery services.

The TPX Hub provides a variety of flexible packages.

  • Location: No. 16 Alfred Olaiya Street, off Oroleye Crescent, Opebi, Ikeja, Lagos.
  • Price: ranges from ₦1500 per day to ₦110,000 per month.
  • Online presence: tpxhub.com.ng

20. The Colony (Ikeja)

The Colony is a collaborative community that runs a flexible month-to-month rental and referral scheduling. Depending on the work’s nature, planned users can combine their workspace services and the membership possibilities.

21. Wennovation Hub (Ikeja)

In addition to being an incubation/acceleration center, the Wennovation Hub also offers a shared work environment where individuals meet, work, network, share ideas and collaborate on projects.

22. Workbay (Ikeja/Maryland/Lekki)

Workbay Executive Int’l Ltd is a provider of office solutions that provide entrepreneurs and startups with private collaboration/office spaces and virtual services. The workspace is located in Maryland, Ikeja, and Lekki in Lagos. Price of workstations according to the customer’s choice.


22. African Hub (Ikeja)

African Hub is a business hub for MSMEs (micro, small and medium enterprises) and startups, focusing on entrepreneurship, creativity, culture, and lifestyle. The center offers furnished workspaces, meeting/exercise rooms, and business support services.

23. Phiret Energy Services Training (Ikeja)

As their name suggests, the Phiret Energy Services training spaces are designed to meet the energy industry’s needs through specialized in-house training. It also offers shared offices and exercise rooms with services like IP cards, WiFi, and power.

24. MusterPoint (Ogba)

Musterpoint is a point of sale that offers potential clients co-working space and virtual offices. They associate their advantage with a relaxed and fun environment.

  • Location: 1 Adekunle Owobiyi nearby, near Oladele Kadiri (next to Babcock University School), Ogba, Lagos
  • Price: ranges from ₦1,700 to ₦20,000 per quarter
  • Online presence: twitter.com/musterpointogba

25. eeSPACE (Ogba)

eeSPACE is located in the heart of the mainland of Lagos, Ogba, Lagos. It offers collaborative spaces, seminar/conference rooms, professional podcasting, screencasting, and video board courses.

It also has a professional library for potential users.

26. SMEhub (Ogba)

SMEhub offers exclusive workspaces and offices for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs. Also, the workspace hosts a series of training for business development courses to help customers.

Training and meeting rooms can also be hired.

27. 360 Creative Hub

The 360 ​​Creative Hub is a shared fashion sewing space operating at Surulere in Lagos, where potential users can register monthly, quarterly, or every two years. The workspace offers fashion entrepreneurs different types of sewing machines depending on their design.

28. The Circumference 

The Circumference offers serviced offices, virtual offices, meeting/exercise rooms, and business support services. Space contractor services for beginners, independent contractors, home professionals, and travelers.

Amenities such as electricity, mail handling, and internet are provided.

29. The Village (Yaba)

The village is a recently opened co-working space in Lagos with an African theme for creatives, entrepreneurs, and small businesses. Add a local and urban touch to your surroundings. According to the founders, The Village attempts to infuse African culture into the urban environment.

It has an open space, a living room, dedicated and unconventional office spaces, and a balcony for relaxing.

30. Leadspace (Yaba)

Launched by the Passion incubator, Leadspace provides functional office space for SME founders/entrepreneurs, mid-level business leaders, freelancers, and creative artists.

31. LitCaf (Yaba)

LitCaf is a co-working/cafeteria space in the E-Center shopping mall, Sabo Yaba, Lagos. It offers workspaces and works from 8:00 am to 9:00 am every day (except Sunday).

In addition to the essential perks, Litcaf compliments its customers with coffee.

32. Fastlaunch.org (Maryland)

Fastlaunch is a family-oriented communal space specializing in helping employed people (especially families) who want to move from paid employment to business ownership.

The factory provides the necessary support (part-time or full-time) to grow the business from the idea phase to the production phase for long-term success.

33. Silver Ark (Yaba)

Silver Ark is another co-working space in Lagos for startups and entrepreneurs from Yaba. In addition to a shared workspace, the facility offers a virtual office and business support. The letter includes mail processing, office support, and other essential services required for your convenience.

34. Common Labs (Ogudu)

Common Labs is a subsidiary of TINK Africa, a business intelligence and consumer trends company. Common Labs wants to revolutionize the entrepreneurial approach to work.

Therefore, the atmosphere is relaxed and fun. Plus, casual co-working spaces, networking, and business support are included in your paid plan.

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