Cobhams Biography and Net Worth

Cobhams net worth

When it’s comes to an ace Nigerian music producer, one cannot do without bringing Cobhams Asuquo into the spotlight. He is very good at what he does despite his visual impairment.

He is a very relentless music guru and has produced a lot of great songs for stars such as Asa, Tiwa Salvage, Somi, Tim Dakolo and many more.

This article contains facts about Cobhams biography and net worth.

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Cobhams Profile

  • Full Name: Cobhams Emmanuel Asuquo
  • Age: 39
  • Nationality: Nigerian
  • State of Origin: Cross River
  • State of residence: Lagos
  • Marital status: Married
  • Occupation: Music producer, song writer and a singer.

Cobhams Age

Cobhams was born on the 6th of Jan, 1981 into a military family at Jos Plateau. Cobhams origin can be traced to the Efik nation, located at Cross River State.

Cobhams parents were not wealthy but he classified them as middle class citizens. His dad served in the Nigerian army which made him grew up in military barracks.

Cobhams childhood days were not easy due to financial challenges but he stated that, he had lots of fun and was always ridding tyres with other kids despite his visual impairment.

Cobhams also made it clear on interviews, that he was also aiming to be better than other kids in the block during games.

Cobhams Education

Cobhams started school at the age of 10 due to his disability. He stated in an interview that he was taught most of the things he needed to know by his siblings.

After his dad was transferred to Lagos, he attended Pacelli School for the Blind and Partially sighted students.

Cobhams in an interview with The Guardain revealed that he went to a boarding primary school and was constantly bullied by boys who felt intimidated by his ascent and his way of life.

During Cobhams primary and secondary school he was an active member of the debate club and he was skilled in writing and orating.

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Cobhams skills in writing and orating led to his gain of admission to study Law in the University of Lagos. However due to some misunderstanding and frustration from the administrative aspect of the institution, he decided to drop out of school and go into music.

Cobhams Career

Cobhams net worth

Cobhams has always loved music right to an early age of 6. One will always find him dancing and drumming anything that comes his way.

Cobhams stated that music was his way of truly expressing himself. Cobhams, while growing up got a toy piano as a gift from his childhood friend which gladdened his heart.

Cobhams early exposure to music created his passion for music and he started off as a music producer. Cobhams came into limelight in 2007 when he was identified as the main music producer and mastermind behind most of the lyrics of Asa songs.

Cobhams throughout his career years has produced a lot of music for icons such as, Asa, Tiwa Salvage, Yemi Alade and many more. His collabo with Dekunle was a huge success and gain him a lot of fans and supporters. In 2008, he produced Lagimo, which gained him more fame.

In 2014, Cobhams released his first album “Ordinary People”, which was a bomb and gained a lot of fame and acceptance and put him on the spotlight. In 2015, Cobhams released another heart felt deep music “Do the Right Thing”. This music was a combine efforts of Cobhams and Bez. It turned out to be another success story.

During the festive season of Christmas in 2015, Cobhams released a single titled “Star of Wonder”. He took Christmas songs to a whole new level with creativity in his song.

In 2016, Cobhams released “Empty” featuring Falz which was the background songs for the Nollywood movie Banana Island Ghost and Boosit (a musical commentary on the Nigerian politics).

In the same year, Cobhams released another single “The Other Room”. This single was gotten via Buhari (Nigeria’s President) press conference in Germany.

During 2016 Christmas festive season, being his normal way of life, Cobhams released a Carole single, “Adore”. Which was widely accepted by fans. In early March, 2017 Cobhams wrote and produced his first gospel album titled “For You”. It was big success story and another win for him.

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After March , 2017 major hits, Cobhams and his crew started touring around the United kingdom and United States, performing live at different centers. On Jan 8th, 2018 Cobhams gave his fans another great taste of soul music as he released a single “One Hit”.

This song was a trend in the music industry together with another single “Everyday which was inspired by the Nigerian political scene featuring Bez and Sound Sultan. In 2018, Cobhams produced another single “Starlight”. This single was loved by fans due its remarkable taste and was added to his success track record.

In 2019, Cobhams produced a music “More than Pretty”, this song was inspired by the controversies surrounding gender based issues. Later in 2019, Cobhams together with Simi released a song ‘We Plenti”. This song was well received as it potrays their impeccable talents.

Cobhams is also the one of the Masterminds behind the movie “Daughters of Chibok”. Which turned out to be a success. Cobhams has performed a lot of ads for multinational companies like MTN, GT bank, Polaris bank, Keystone bank, Coca-Cola, Cadbury, Unilever, Procter and Gamble.

Cobhams was also involved in TED Talks in London 2012, and another in Yaba, Lagos tagged “Reboot”. Cobhams has performed in many concerts and international performances ranging from Paris, New York, Abuja, Lagos, Switzerland and many more.

Cobhams is also one of the judges in competition like Nigeria Project Fame and many more. Cobhams was assigned as an ambassador for UNICEF Nigeria. This opportunity was immediately after the released of his song “We Go Win”, which was inspiration for the fight against Convid-19.

Cobhams journey in humanitarian services keeps growing and he has contributed to European Union, INEC, United Nations, US-African summits, World Economic Forum and many more.

Cobhams Relationship

Cobhams came in contact with the love of his life Ojuolape Veronica Olukanni and tied the knot on 2nd of December, 2010. Cobhams and Veronica union is blessed with two boys.

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Unfortunately, based on recent interview with Veronica, she revealed that one of her sons has issues with his sight.

Veronica clearly stated that the reality of their son’s situation was challenging and got her closer to God.

Cobhams Achievements

Cobhams has achieved a lot throughout his career and most of fans feel he hasn’t scratch the surface of his limits in creativity.

  • In 2006, Cobhams emerged as the producer of the year at the 2006 Future Awards.
  • In 2007, Cobhams was honoured as the winner for the “Creativity, Fortitude and Exemplary Leadership in The Music Industry” at the LEAP Africa Awards.
  • In the same year he emerged as the winner for the ” Producer of the Decade” at the Nigerian Music Awards.
  • In 2008, Cobhams was honoured at the Headies Awards as the “Producer of the Year” in Asa’s album “Bibanke”.
  • In 2008, he also emerged as the winner of “Gospel Composer/Writer of the Year” at One Gospel Award.
  • In 2009 at the British Council, Cobhams was the winner of “International Young Music Entrepreneur of the Year (Nigeria)”. Which he proceeded to the 3rd position in the world at UK finals.
  • In the same year, he emerged as the winner of “Producer of the Year” at Future Awards.
  • In 2014, Cobhams was honoured for the ” Recording of the Year” for his song “Ordinary People” at the Headies Awards.
  • In 2017, Cobhams emerged as the winner of ” Best Afro Soul Producer” for his song ” Empty” at the Beats Awards.

Others of Cobhams related awards are works he did for musicians such as Asa, Tim Dakolo, Bez and many more.

Cobhams Net Worth

Cobhams wealth stems from his passion for great taste of music. The pursuit of this passion has made him wealthy with an estimated net worth of $1.5 million.

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