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CocoFax Review: Send and Receive Faxes Online from PC, Cell Phone and Emails

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If somebody told you a long time ago that you would be able to fax through your mobile phones, computers and emails, you would probably have made a laughing stock of him.

But, in this guide, you will get to know how this all was made possible through just a single service. Fax is, in fact, an old method of communication which originated towards the end of the 20th century.

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However, due to the immense security advantages that it provides, it never fell apart. Faxing has always remained as an important part of the communication world. No other means of communication could surpass faxing in the security aspects.

However, the only downside to faxing is the prerequisites it requires. Faxing is quite primitive hence the prerequisites are also quite old. Fax machines, paper, toner and ink etc. are not only difficult to use but inconvenient too. Moreover, they cost much money as well as effort to use.

But how is it that besides the inconvenience, a large number of people are using faxes for their official communications? Well, the answer is simple.

The time advanced, so did the tech. Fax machines have been replaced and the things that have taken their place are the devices we have in our homes already and we use them daily.

Yes, faxing is now being done through computers, tablets and even small gadgets like mobile phones. All these devices have now become fax capable and all of this was done through one fax service that we will describe below.

CocoFax ? Easy and Free Online Faxing via PC, Cell Phone and Email

If you want to get rid of your fax machines then your one and only solution is CocoFax. You can receive and send free fax on CocoFax. It is the place where you can fax without any worries.

CocoFax has made faxing a much easier task than before, actually it is now just a child’s play.

CocoFax is a mainstream name in the world of faxing. It has changed the view that faxing was ever troublesome. It is all due to CocoFax that we now have the benefit of easy faxing.

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The big and bulky fax machines are now nowhere to be found, and all thanks to CocoFax. CocoFax has even ended the need for other requirements like paper, toner and ink etc. That means now we no longer have to spend money constantly on these things.

All of this was made possible due to the super quality and unique features of CocoFax that have made faxing an enjoyable task. With CocoFax, you can fax through the internet using any device of yours. PCs, tablets and even mobile phones, all these devices now allow faxing to be done through them. This makes the task ridiculously easy.

If you ever feel the need to send a fax when taking a walk in the park, you can do it within just minutes through your mobile phone. You don’t necessarily have to be at home or at the office to send or receive a fax.

And in fact, you can carry your little fax machine everywhere you go in the form of a laptop or mobile phone.

Due to all these benefits, CocoFax has huge fame and also a millionaire client base. Many international media firms like the New York Times and PC World have positive reviews about it.

ilounge has also praised CocoFax,that it’s a company that helps you to know everything about this wonderful fax service. This is all due to the top quality services and highlights provided by CocoFax.

Email to Fax Service

CocoFax has this unique feature named email to fax feature that lets you transfer as well as get all your faxes through the facility of emails(Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook or any other).

As you know, emails are a new and popular way of communication, hence the fax experts decided to combine it with faxing.

This way, you get the combined features of both these wonderful platforms.

This feature of CocoFax works wonders and is used by millions of individuals all over the world. Email faxing provided by CocoFax can be done from any device you use, be it computer, tablet, laptop or even a mobile phone.

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In the later section, we have described all the steps to use emails to fax through the internet.

Step wise Guide for Online Faxing through Emails

Step 1: First of all, you need to have a CocoFax account. If you already have one, then well and good. Otherwise, you can always create one through the easy CocoFax sign-up process.

You can go to the official CocoFax site through any internet browser you use. There, you will find the button for a 30-day free trial.

Through this trial, you can get to fax freely without paying any money for a month. With this free month, you will also get a free fax number.

Moreover, you can yourself choose this fax number. CocoFax has this unique feature of creating your own fax number so that you get a suitable and appropriate one for yourself.

Step 2: During the registration process, you will also be asked to provide an email. Provide a suitable and active email if you want to use the email to fax services provided by CocoFax.

This email account is the place where you will be sending as well as receiving your faxes.

Step 3: Once you have completed the sign-up, you can now move ahead to creating your new fax. For this purpose, you need to log in to your email account and click on the button of new mail.

In the To field, you will write the fax address of the individual receiving the fax instead of writing the recipient’s email address.

By fax address, we mean the fax number along with the extension of @cocofax.com. CocoFax allows you to send your fax to more than one person. Hence, there can be multiple fax numbers.

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In the subject field, you can write something that you want your fax file to have at the top of it when it reaches its destination point. In the email body, you can write something that you wish to have on the first introductory page of your fax document.

Then you need to attach your fax document, there can be more than one documents. Hit the send button once you’re done with everything. CocoFax will do its work and translate your email into something that fax can understand. Then it will forward it to the receiver.

Receiving Faxes on Email

CocoFax has made email a platform where you can receive your faxes as well. Hence, all your faxes first arrive at CocoFax, which changes them into emails and then forwards them to your email account.

This way, you get all your faxes delivered to your email ID.


CocoFax is a platform where you can easily send and get all your faxes. It has made all your devices fax capable. So if you want to have a pleasant faxing experience, head to CocoFax right now.

More than that, CocoFax works magic especially during this virus outbreak as a remote tool, securing your data while helping you conduct team collaboration.

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