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Commonly Used SEO Terms You Should Know

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Almost everyone has been going crazy about SEO or search engine optimisation in recent times. So if you’re one of the people who are not familiar with SEO terms, you are missing out on so much already.

The good news is that we are here to explain everything that you need to know when he comes to search engine optimisation terms. And for people who are a little more advanced, we will be introducing you to some of the best search engine optimisation trends.

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before we go further, it is essential that you understand what SEO or search engine optimisation is.

What is SEO?


If you must increase the traffic to your pages, then website optimisation is essential. This is merely a process that requires you to do everything possible to make sure you come up as high as possible on search results.

There are local SEO and standard so. When we talk about local SEO which merely refers to you optimising your website to specifically for the area in which you live all the area in which your service or business is being provided.

Search engine optimisation has become very famous and wildly used so much so that it created an entire branch of new jobs and it also became a whole separate profession. SEO experts are much valued in the industry, and they also earn a lot. Marketing is essential when it comes to succeeding so if you have plans of specialising in so then it is one of the best decisions you can make in this century.

A website that is well optimised will always come up first on search results before other sites that have not been properly tuned. What this means is that when people search for things they would instead click on the websites that show up first rather than those that come after.

Which means that if yours come up early, you will be getting more traffic than those whose sites that come later.

SEO glossary

The 301 redirects


The 301 redirect is what happens when you are redirected to a totally different site when you visit a particular website. Such transfer occurs automatically when the page you have visited has been moved to another page with a different URL. So, whenever a website changes their location and they want their visitors to come to a new site, they make use of the 301 redirects.

There are two different types of redirections one is the temporary redirection while the other is a permanent redirection. To the user, these two types of redirection make no real difference, but to the search engine, it makes a lot of difference.

Anchor Texts

Every link consists of two primary elements; these elements are the anchor text and the web address that the relationship is pointing to. It is possible for you to choose almost anything as an anchor even though some text are better than others.

However, an anchor text is basically a text that a link is glued to. You may not know this, but anchor texts are very vital for search engine optimisation.

There are times when people might just stumble on your website when they accidentally match a keyword from their search with one or two elements that you have on your site.

For example, when you see a text in an article that is highlighted with a different colour and you click on it – it takes you to a separate page or website. That text is the anchor text that takes you to a different place on the internet.

Making use of backlinks


Backlinks are very similar to anchor text. Backlinks are links that you just place in another person’s websites that are linked back to yours. One of the fantastic ways you can get a robust search engine optimisation is to get as many backlinking as possible that have relevant and context. The benefits of these is that you automatically get an improved search engine ranking.

Now that we are shared some vital information as regards search engine optimisation with you we hope that you will be able to put them to good use and also share them with other people.

If you have any other SEO terms you would like to share; please do not hesitate to leave them in the comments section provided below.

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