What Is a Content House?

What Is a Content House

What if you had an opportunity to live in a mansion in California with Gen Z’s finest? Or maybe you were offered a chance to move in with 19 of your fakest friends to collaborate and create content? That wouldn’t be a big brother’s house; it is a content house.

What indeed is a content house, and why should you care? Is it an excellent place for you as a content creator, and will it make you earn more from your social media?

There have been many claims about content houses, and they have particularly become popular on TikTok. To find soothing answers, read on as I demystify a content house and list some of the best around town.

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What is a content house?

A content house, also called a collab house, is a physical location where creators, influencers, and celebrities collaborate to create content for their platforms.

This house is a real home where people live, and they usually have nice bathrooms, extensive gardens, lovely lighting, and a pool.

For a content house to be A-rated, it must be big with excellent amenities to create room for fun activities. It must also offer privacy from fans and neighbors.

Due to the standards with which they are built and maintained, big content houses are expensive to rent.

How did content houses originate?

Content houses didn’t exist until 2014 when a group of content creators, Our Second Life, lived together in a home, their 02L Mansion, to create content.

According to the Times, some of the prominent people on Vine started living in an apartment in 1600 Vine Street in Los Angeles to create content the following year.

In 2017, Jake Paul (yep, the weirdo) and his social media squad, Team 10, moved into his Team 10 house to wreak havoc (to them, that was fun!) by creating very dangerous videos.

They used this content house to video themselves doing crazy things like tossing furniture into a pool and setting it ablaze.

This so-called fun life turned out to be noisy and disrupting for their neighbors who complained about the challenge of staying in the neighborhood due to Team 10’s house pranks.

Why content houses?

Content houses are created to keep content creators close and help them build on their careers.

While it is not easy to live in a house with more than 19 weird and somewhat dramatic people, this house allows influencers to meet each other and build a team, and it also enables them to provide emotional support for each other.

Content creation is solo work, and one can quickly become unmotivated. Being in a content house inspires you to do more since people do the same content creation work daily.

Also, influencers in the home can tag each other in their posts to increase their content reach.

Being in a content house with big influencers can be a real game-changer too. You will experience better growth in your content creation process and social media as a whole.

Other house members’ followers will be introduced to your social media handle and will likely love your content, thereby following you too.

Besides, you will also intrigue your followers when you host other influencers in your content. Have you ever thought about having live interviews with the most famous people in your niche? Joining a content house can help you achieve that.

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Even when you cannot meet them, you may meet a person who knows them, and they give you leads.

How to join a content house

Before you pack your bags and head run off to LA, some rules are attached to joining and staying in a content house. These rules are unique to each house.

According to the Hype House Founders, Thomas Petrou and Chase Hudson, they only accept members that publish content daily.

People who can’t meet this target cannot be part of the team. Though this is not a prerequisite, Thomas said that a creator could not stay in the content house for a week without making any videos.

Well, since content houses are mainly created for productivity, it is not advisable to go there if you do not want to pay the price for it. Love to party? A content house may not be the best place for you.

Thomas also stated the Hype House was created for something big, and people who go out every weekend cannot achieve that.

Besides this, you must be young and energetic to get in. also, you need to be a little weird, extremely beautiful, funny, or dramatic to survive in a content house.

After all, the weird ones succeed most on the internet.

Does every content creator live in a content house?

Oh no! not every content creator live in a collab house. Though some people live in the home, others rent out the space to crash in town.

However, this depends on the content house. Still, for the Hype House, in which content creators like Lil Huddy, Addison Rae Easterling, and Charlie D’Amelio are members, only four out of 19 people are residents.

This proves that people mostly use content houses to create videos, not residential. Great, right? Yep, though I wish some content houses were more beautifully decorated.

Is it lucrative to join a content house?

Yes, it is. As long as you will work, you can get all the motivation you need for house members and turn your content creation journey around for the best.

According to Forbes, Addison Rae Easterling, a member of Hype House, topped the list of 7 highest earners on TikTok, earning $5 million in August 2020. If that isn’t lucrative, what is?

How many TikTok content houses are there?

What Is a Content House

There are too many TikTok content houses to mention. Some of them are:

The Valid Crib content house is for strictly black content creators in Atlanta, Georgia. They have over 25 members, managed by Keith Dorsey, a chief executive of Young Guns Entertainment. This content house is aimed at making Atlanta the hub of creator talent.

The Clubhouse Beverly Hills was founded by Daisy Keech, a former Hype house member and famous content creator on TikTok, and cofounded by Abby Rao. It is located in Los Angeles, and its members live in a seven-bedroom mansion in Beverly Hills, and actors and actresses mainly occupy it.

This London-based content house is the first-ever in the UK. It is a home to 6 girls under 22 who specialize in creating prank-pulling, dancing, and cosplaying famous characters.

This house was founded by Sydney May, Peyton Jordan, Emily Nicol, Adam Cohen, and Karin Moskalensky and was created to be a friendly house. Located in Los Angeles, California, this house members post dance videos and other content related to their activities.

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This is among the most famous TikTok content houses mainly because it is home to the most famous influencers on the platform.

Some current/former members of the hype house include Avanni Gregg, Addison Rae, Charli D’Amelio, Chase Hudson, and Thomas Petrou.

It is located in Los Angeles, California. However, there is another Hype House in Russia named after the original house in the US. Members of this house care more about being a family and succeeding together, and they have a popular YouTube account.

Kids Next Door is an active content house located in Los Angeles, California. It was founded by Marcos Olin and was launched in May 2020. Amongst the famous members of this house are Jesse Underhill, Brandon Westenberg, and Hailey Orona.

The talent management company, Influences, alongside content houses like Drip Crip and Girls in the Valley, has been made in this house.

The Vibe Crew content house in LA is home for young creators between 10 and 15 years. Their content is mainly focused on dance, and the most prominent members are Walker Bryant, Liliana Ketchman, Merrick Hannah, Enzo Lopez, etc.

It is still a very new content house as it was launched in August 2020.

The Icon House is a TikTok content house based in the UK, with its members being former reality TV stars.

The members of this house usually stay secret until they are revealed dramatically, doing something like skydiving and others. So far, members that have been announced are George Harrison, Luke Mabbot, Elis Watts, and Josh Ryan.

Also, a UK-based TikTok content house, the Wave House is similar to Icon House; they reveal their members dramatically. Members of this content house live in a fancy mansion, and some of them include Kate Elizabeth, Bobby Moore, Millie T, Jimbo H, amongst others.

Vault house is based in LA and is managed by members of an influencer marketing agency, Six Degrees of Influence, including Cayman Rhodes, KieraVanias, Bryce Xavier, and Malcolm Suarez.

The content house is a 5,000 square foot West Hollywood home with a rooftop deck, seven bedrooms, an interior courtyard, and a pool.

Merged with Top Talent House to create Just A House, Not A Content House is a female-only home for content creators.

It was launched in August 2020, and the top members include Madie Monroe, Cynthia Parker, Devyn Winkler, Ava Tortorici, and Lauren Kettering.

Though there were rumors that Not A Content House had issues with the creator’s management team, in February 2021, the Not A Content House members posted a video on YouTube, stating that they had resolved their differences.

They also mentioned that some people in the Creator’s management team had been replaced to give creators a healthy workplace.

They also announced their new merging and the beginning of a new house called just a house. This content house is located in Los Angeles, California.

Collab Crib is a content house for black content creators based in Atlanta, Georgia. It was launched in November 2020 and brought together by Keith Dorsey, and CashApp and Dubsmash back up this content. Like Valid Crib, it aims to make Atlanta the hope for content creator talent.

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The Drip Crib is another content house located in Los Angeles, California. Though Influence invested in the place, they dissociated from the group in June 2021 when their contract was breached.

According to Business Insider, the Drip Crib’s landlord sued them for pandemic partying, unpaid rent, and reality TV show production after having long unresolved conflict on the issue.

Rihanna started Fenty Beauty House for her beauty brand, Fenty Beauty, and primarily uses TikTok as their marketing engine. After its launching in March 2020, it had five initial residents, including Emmy Combs and Don Morante.

Because of the pandemic, this house was temporarily closed for some weeks after launching come out, but the residents kept uploading makeup posts and funny videos remotely.

With the motto “Hype fades. Prestige is timeless”, Gotham House is the first East Coast TikTok content house in New York City. Their slogan separates them from the generic content houses and makes their videos sophisticated by adding a touch of vintage film effects and outfits for the videos.

The French House has the most popular TikTokers in France as members. Though the members do not live full-time in this house, they meet to create content for YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram in their Parisian villa located around the center of Paris in the 14tharrondissement.

The famous members of this house are in their late teenage years, including Marie-Victoire Tiangue, Maybe Ponsard, Oceane Guichard, and Raphael Curron.

The Hlfway House it’s located in Los Angeles, California, and was launched in January 2021. It is sponsored by a canned drinking water brand, Liquid Death, and the members share TikTok videos that center on storytelling and what it feels like to run a TikTok house.

Currently active in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA, the Halo House is a home for four popular comedy and acting personalities from TikTok, namely Ace Cross Crook, Lauren Babin, Josh Sadowski, and Alex Kawaguchi.

According to the Instagram bio, Halo House is a house of originality, talent, humor, and diversity. GenFree Management manages it.

The Honey House is a content house for adults, and four couples house it. One of the members is an eCommerce brand strategist, another a mindfulness coach, and other fitness trainers. However, they all contribute to the house TikTok account.

They shared fun ways to spend the quarantine together during the pandemic and uploaded challenge videos and scenes on daily activities.

In November 2020, they announced in a video that the honey house season one is over. However, within a few weeks, season 2 began, and there was a new set of couples living in the Honey House to produce videos.

The Shluv House is another content house in Los Angeles, California. Led by Michael Le and Spencer X, their TikTok videos feature Michael’s seven-year-old brother with more than a hundred thousand social media followers, Jonathan Le.

Being a 9000 square foot content house, it’s is an abode for content creators like Elyssa Joy, Javier Romero, Michael Uy, Matthew Gonzalez, and Jon Klaasen.


Now that we have discussed the content house and mentioned some of the most popular around town, do you think it’s time to get in? Think twice, but if it is for success, you can go all in.

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