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41 Cool Websites You Never Knew About

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Whenever you are bored and would like to kill time, one of the best places you can do this is the internet.

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The internet houses thousands of websites that are super cool and would help you kill so much time; you would forget how long you have been surfing.

If you want to travel the world and don’t have enough money or even a passport, all you have to do is search the internet, and you will be wherever you want in a matter of seconds.

Despite the tons of amazing sites in this virtual space, people usually find themselves going back to some specific websites instead of exploring to find out more exciting ones.

I have put together some of the most interesting websites on the internet today, and I have decided to share them with you.

So on those days when you feel like doing something good with the spare time you have instead of counting sheep, all you have to do is visit these 41 cool websites and kill as much time as possible.

Who knows, you just might learn a few interesting things while you are at it.

1. Little Alchemy 2

Little Alchemy 2 is a fun time killer that you might get addicted to after the first time. As the name of this site suggests, it basically deals with the process of change or transformation that you notice when you begin to mix different things.

At first, you begin with the elements, namely air, water, fire, and earth. The purpose is for you to create as many objects or materials as you can.

For instance, if you combine air and earth, it gives you dust. You’re free to let your creativity take charge as there are no rules; all you have to do is match and mix your Creations to get new ones.


2. Mental Floss

Mental Floss is a new website for people who want to know the backstory of most of the popular happenings around the globe.

On this website, everything is covered from history to science Pop Culture to technology. prepare to have your mind blown away as you learn the most exciting hidden facts behind a lot of things that you thought you already knew.

3. Vsauce

Are you a fan of learning new things, but you hate to be pressured to be in a classroom? If yes, then Vsauce is the Perfect website for you.

This is a place where you can learn and have fun at the same time. Whenever there is a little downtime, and you do not want to waste it, you can simply visit this site and learn some interesting stuff.

Learn stuff like the napkin ring problem, the infinite money paradox, and even the game you win by losing. And if after checking out these three titles I have listed here, you do not find anyone familiar; then you most definitely should visit the website as there are tons of other things you do not know.

4. A Good Movie To Watch

We all know that it can be a very difficult challenge to find a perfect movie to watch whenever you’re in the mood.

I always find myself in this situation, and it makes me watch the same movie over and over again. This website is a lifesaver to people who are just like me as they make a highly curated list of the best movies that you can select based on your mood, based on genre, or just randomly.

The most amazing thing about this website is that you would find movies which for some reason did not become popular but are totally amazing to watch, if you are a sucker for such uncommon movies, then you most definitely should visit the site.


Still on choosing a movie to watch, If you’re one of those who would often get confused when you go through a catalog of movies, then this is the best site for you as the only feature 30 movies at a time.

A single movie is added and removed every day, meaning if there are 30 movies on the site today, each movie has 30 days to remain on the site. This gives you enough time to watch the movie while they’re there. So if your goal is to watch a movie a day, then you have a list of movies to s for the 30 days of the month.


6. The Moth

If you love storytelling, or you basically love to listen to people tell stories, then this site is just for you. On the moth, you are exposed to real-life stories by people who have experienced them.

The site also features a podcast that offers you all the stories that have been told from around the world or moth stages. No doubt, the stories featured at just what you would want to hear and more.


The website houses tons of original satirical comic strips that are related to math, language, and Romance.

If you haven’t had a good laugh in a long time, you will laugh so hard that you will begin to shed tears. If you love maths or just have a thing for numbers, you are especially going to enjoy this one.

8. The Odd 1s Out

The odd 1s out is yet another comic strip website which you would find quite hilarious. The comics featured here are a satirical take on basic everyday life questions and a bunch of funny stuff.

If you have enough data to burn in videos, they also have a corresponding YouTube channel specifically made for you.

9. BoredPanda

The website is home to everything funny in the internet world. The site primarily deals with photo-heavy listicle contents.

The articles on the site are really fun to read and funny too. The panda might get bored most of the time, but you will never be.

10. Cracked

Another website like bored panda which focuses on heavy listicle funny content. The site takes advantage of the variety that comes with using a lot of freelance writers, and that is why you will never run out of rib-cracking content. This will surely brighten up your day.

11. Don’t Even Reply

A person must have a lot of free time on his hand if he is always quick to reply to every classified ad that pops up on Craigslist.


Well, the owner of this website seems to have plenty of free time for that, and the email exchange is the funniest you’ll ever see. You will be glad you visited the site.

12. Cool Interesting Stuff

This site is an amazing one with a name that explains exactly what it is about. Cool Interesting Stuff is the home for the most breathtaking mysteries you would ever find on the Internet.

You do not have to take the content on this site on its face level, and have it in mind that this is one of the best ways to kill time when your bored.

13. Wait But Why

The website is not a bad one and deals with normal news and other nice content that is related to life. Some simple stick man figures are creatively used to explain each topic in the most hilarious way. The website surely seems eccentric and funny.

14. This Is My Website Now

We can confidently say that this website is a deliberate time killer. There is nothing super special, as it is just a basic collection of small games that you can play on your browser.

If you are at work and you need to take a short bathroom break, this game can keep you busy for the few minutes you spend in the bathroom.

15. The Oatmeal

There are lots of comic strip websites, but I can assure you that this is the funniest one I have visited.

None of the content featured is predictable, so you can never guess what the punch line or the ending of the comics will be. However, one thing is sure, you will laugh every few seconds you are on the site.

16. The Onion

Considered as the first site focused on satirical news coverage, the Onion has managed to remain the best among its class.

One reason why writers and other people love the Onion is it’s ability to inspire a generation of writers to dish out even the hardest of news in the most hilarious way possible. Check out this site for your daily dose.


17. BuzzFeed

Among The Few companies doing the same thing that “The Onions” do, BuzzFeed is arguably the very first to take inspiration from The onions and thrive.

Today, BuzzFeed is one of the most famous websites among youngsters and teenagers. On BuzzFeed, you can find articles featuring funny Photoshop images and gifs. You can find listicles and the funniest time wasters on the internet.

18. The Chive

Bragging to probably be the best website in the entire universe, The Chive is a lot similar to BuzzFeed in the content it delivers.

That is both a win and a loss, a bad and good thing. You might get bored when you find some articles similar to BuzzFeed on this platform, but they also can be fun to read.


GIPHY is very famous, and almost everyone who uses the internet must have seen at least one GIF with the GIPHY watermark. These folks house the most popular GIFs, which are shared over a million times on the internet.

GIFs are a way of expressing yourself in a laughter-inducing and inoffensive manner. You can use some GIFs to improve your Twitter game.

20. I Waste So Much Time

If you are looking just to waste your time doing nothing, then this site is great for you. I must point out that you will not find any long articles or amazing stories to help you learn anything; all that is featured on this site are funny images with text on them.

This is the perfect time waster for those short breaks you do not want to make good use of.

21. Oddee

The Website deals specifically on the bizarre, odd, and strange things of the planet and beyond and brings you unique articles that are totally different from what you will find on BuzzFeed.

Although the format of Oddee and BuzzFeed are the same, the content on both sites is fairly different. This one is a good alternative to BuzzFeed and one of the greatest time killers.


22. ZergNet

ZergNet does not have any original content to offer you. What is does is to host the content it gathers from the best publishers around the world.

The content on this site mainly focuses on tv-series, movies, and other entertainment-related things. A great place for you to discover quality articles.

23. Uncrate

Thinking of the best product to get as a gift for the man in your life, this website features more than 9000 products specifically for men. You can choose anything ranging from Bluetooth earbuds to beautiful jackets, and even vintage motorcycles.

If you are ready to go shopping but you have no idea what to get for your husband, brother, boyfriend, or a male friend, then you most definitely should check out this site.

24. This Is Why I Am Broke

So let’s talk about getting gift items that are unique and very appealing. If you were to list the best gift that falls into this category, you probably would not be able to count as many as ten. This site is where you can get the best gift ideas that are unique and affordable.

You can find products that cost only a few dollars, and if you are rich, you can find products that cost a few thousand. There is something special for every single person on this website.

25. Forgetify

No human who knows Spotify can deny that it is one of the most reliable places to discover music. Still, we also cannot deny the fact that the vast catalog favors only popular artists.

With Forgetify, you will discover those artists who are not that famous but make the greatest music. A wonderful place to discover new music and artists.

26. Attack Of The Cute

Attack of the Cute is one very simple website that shows you the cutest photos of different animals. If you are an animal lover and you also love to go “Ewwww,” this is the site you should visit.

27. Open Puppies

The website features great GIFs and small videos of dogs and puppies, which are super adorable. All the content on this site is displayed in full-screen high-quality mode. If you are a puppy lover, you will love it here.


28. Akinator

Akinator is full magic, or let’s say it feels that way. You can think of any character in the whole world, and via a series of questions, this site will deduce the name of the character. Do you doubt it? Go try for yourself.

29. Pixel Thoughts

This site is a straightforward, sixty-second meditation tool. The site features a bubble that floats through empty space. You only have to put in your troubling thought in that bubble and follow it for sixty-seconds. It may not seem like much; nonetheless, this small exercise is indeed relaxing.

30. A Soft Murmur

This site is great for people who are anxious or who can’t sleep. It hosts a wide range of natural sounds such as that of wind, rain, waves, etc.

The site helps you to relax and focus completely when you are working. If you do not want to visit the site, you can get the corresponding app for both iOS and Android devices.

31. 100,000 Stars

This is one of the prettiest things you might ever see on the web. It displays a representation of galaxy with millions of stars inside it.

You can relax and take one of the best tours of your life starting from the Sun, all the way to the outer edges of the galaxy, and you get to learn some valuable insights in between.

32. Smithsonian

Are you in the mood to learn something useful about technology or history without feeling under pressure of getting into the classroom? Then this website was specially created for you.

The articles featured on this website are not too academic in outlook, but are of the highest standard and uses the simplest languages. It is one of the most reliable places to learn.

33. The Toast

Are you an aspiring writer and looking for a website where you can learn about stories, books, the characters in them, and even the authors?

Then the Toast is a website you should check out as soon as possible. This website is like a daily blog where you can find exciting insights about the author of a book or the book itself.


There are other forms of articles on this website that you will find very interesting, so when you visit the site, all you have to do is surf and read what you like.

34. How Stuff Works

As the name of this site suggests, it focuses on detailing how things work. From beautiful soda fountains to crazy tornados, there is almost nothing you will not find here.

All the articles are written in a short language that is easy to understand. You will have as much fun as possible, and also learn a lot on the site here.

35. WiKi How

This is the site where you find answers to all your questions. If you love to do some DIY, or you ever need to find how to do anything else, I mean anything at all, you can find it here.

36. Ancient History Encyclopedia

If you are a lover of history, this is the best website to learn everything you never knew about our pasts. From Epic wars to Ancient Kingdoms, you can find everything old and ancient here. It is impressive for history buffs like yourself.

37. Open Culture

Like the Ancient History Encyclopedia website that deals with history, this site deals with a variety of cultures around the world and how they morphed and evolved into what we know today.

38. Unplug The TV

The website is straightforward and has one video window that you can tap to play. The video featured always contains informative content and allows you to learn about great stuff one video at a time. You cannot select what you feel like watching, but you can skip a video if you do not like it.

39. This American Life

This American Life by WBEZ Chicago is one of the longest-running podcast, is one of the best content ever created in the entertainment industry. The stories on this site always bring out all the emotions inside you.

You can learn about the present situation of things, as well in the past, while you also listen to real-life stories of people that are affected by them. You should try listening to This American Life; you should start today.

40. Nautilus

A fantastic place for you to read informative and impeccably written stories and articles that deal with a wide range of topics, which can be greatly divided into science, psychology, history, and autobiography. If you want to learn new things while passing time, you will find no better place on the web.


41. Big Think

Think big is a place where insights and ideas are shared from the most successful individuals around the globe. You will not get life-hacks here, but you will enjoy real-life information.

Experience is supposedly the best teacher, but you will learn from the mistakes of other people, as well as from their successes too. Looking for a good place to get the genuine content from people who know exactly what they are talking about? Visit this site and be shocked.

What exactly is stopping you from visiting any of these sites?

When next you get a free minute or even a work-free day, do not waste all that time watching the same boring content again and again.

Let all the popular website satisfy people who don’t want to spice things up, you are in search of something new, so take advantage of these sites.

Let us know what you think about these sites. Leave a comment below!

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