Cosmixology – Missing Out on Your Favourite Comics?


If you own an android device and love reading comics, then the app you definitely need to have is the Comixology Comics app for Android.

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This app gives you access to an entire world of comics where you will always be flooded with amazing comics for you to put your hand on, when you finish with one.

With an excellent guided view mode that stretches from panel to panel, most of the comics are available on the app on the same day as the print issue and these comics are available in HD display.

What would you love about the app?

It is your one-stop shop for comic books from just about all the major publishers. You can impulse and buy dozens of titles with just one tap on your screen. Readers if are new to comics might enjoy the guided view mode, which takes you through each book panel by panel in details.

What doesn’t work as great?

There are a few drawbacks to the Cosmixology’s Android app version when compared to the web version, but there are still plenty of reasons why this app is a must-have for all the comic lovers addicted to Android.

Starting with Cosmixology

This app can easily sync among all the different devices – be it your laptop or smartphone. To get started, you will have to create an account to log in. Previously purchased comics will be available on any device that you choose to log in from.

The best part is that irrespective of which device you were previously reading your favourite comic on, when you log in again, Cosmixology always gives you the option of starting where you left off. So you don’t have to go through the hassle of wasting your time flipping the digital pages to resume your reading.

Get any comic that you want

This app might have partnered with Marvel, but it hosts a wide collection of comics from both big publishers and small. So if you don’t stick to one particular comic, this app will be your favourite where you can switch between any comic that you’d like, irrespective of who published it.

Using the app

The user interface is very simple and easy. The home screen will show you the featured section, popular comics and new releases.

Since all the comics are released online the same day as their respective hardcopies, you will never fall behind your peers, just because you opted to go digital.

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There is a search option where you can search comics by using names, publisher’s name and so on. There are different criteria that you can use to go through the huge collection such as publisher, genre, ratings and so on.

If you come across a comic that you might want to read, tap the issue icon and you will be able to see the description, rating, pricing and even read a few sample pages to get a feel of the issue.

Selecting, purchasing and making payment is smooth, just like any other e-commerce site and your comic is downloaded quickly for you to get busy reading.

One way in which this app is sure to win your heart is the alerts that it allows you to set up, informing you when the latest issue of your favourite comic series is releasing, thus always keeping you on the top of your game.

Reading the comics

The Cosmixology Android app gives you comics in HD display and also fits the pages to the screen size of the device that you are reading it on. It has taken a while for these features to come and now that they have, reading comics on your Android device will reach a whole new amazing experience.

Kingsley Felix
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