6 Dangerous Habits That Cause a Heart Attack

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A lot of things we do, thinking it is “enjoyment” or living life to the fullest, are actually reducing our lifespan.

Do you know to eat fried food once a week increases the chances of having a heart attack by 7%? Or getting more than 9 hours of sleep a day increases the risk of having heart disease by 5%?

Health docter is here to show you some of the habits that can increase the chances of having a heart attack.

1. Sleep

While sleeping too much takes a toll on your overall health and heart, a lack of sleep can lead to sleep deprivation.

Poor quality sleep can lead to hormonal imbalances, which will make you eat more, and have a negative impact on your heart.

Lack of sleep also increases the level of stress hormones. For a healthy heart, you get 7-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep every night.

Keep the late-night movies aside and enjoy an undisturbed sleep your body craves for.

Also, rearrange your work schedules; ensure you utilize your day instead of making reducing your resting time because of your time mismanagement.

Besides, just because you stay up late working, does not mean others who finished theirs in good time are lazy and unserious.

2. Stress

If you are in a constant state of stress, you might want to see a therapist; stress damages your overall health and weakens your heart explicitly.

It can raise your blood pressure, and when you are stressed, the body produced a stress hormone called cortisol.

Cortisol in doses makes your heart pumper harder than it should, and if left unchecked, this can trigger a heart attack.

Furthermore, steer clear for people or things that take your peace away; if you always feel stressed out and depress after having a conversation with someone, reduce their presence in your life. Your sanity matters.

3. Poor food choices

Poor diets destroy your heart though it is slowly; it accumulates over time, which can be deadly.

Foods that are rich in sugar and fat will lead to obesity, which increases the chances of having heart diseases.

Furthermore, being overweight, especially when you are bigger around your abdomen, increases the risk of heart attack by 12%. Cut down on junk, takeouts, and prepare your meals yourself; it is healthier and cheaper.

Furthermore, there are healthy diet choices you can choose from but talk to your doctor before switching diets, especially if you want if it is for weight loss.

4. Excess salt

You may need a bit of salt to make your food tasty; it can also lead to blood pressure when you have an excess of it.

The more salt you eat, the higher your blood pressure; it will put a greater strain on your heart, which can lead to heart attacks. 

Studies show that a healthy diet can reduce the chances of heart attack by 18%.

Furthermore, stay away from salty snacks, go for healthy snacks, try some nuts, or go for fruits instead.

5. Lack of Exercise

A sedentary laid-back lifestyle can seem like the dream life, but it is actually dangerous to your health, especially to your heart.

The less you exercise, the more you may gain weight and develop some health problems.

Studies show that getting to work out regularly can help you control your weight and reduce the risk of having a heart attack.

Furthermore, moderate exercise such as walking at a brisk pace for thirty minutes on most days of the week will keep your heart in a healthy working condition.

Besides, for more health benefits, aim for 300 minutes of moderate aerobic activity or 150 vigorous aerobic activities every week.

6. Smoking

Your heart is at risk if you smoke or use tobacco of any kind, even if you consider yourself to be just a “social smoker.”

No amount of smoke is safe when it comes to keeping your heart healthy. Smoking is responsible for approximately 30% of deaths related to heart diseases.

Chemicals in tobacco can damage your blood vessels. Also, plaque may build up in your arteries, causing them to narrow, which can automatically lead to a heart attack. In general, the more you smoke, the higher the risk of having a heart attack.

Also, you are at risk if you are a non-smoker but stay around people who smoke. Secondary smokers are putting their lives at risk without even burning a stick of cigarette!

The more you breathe in the smoke, the more harm you are causing to your heart, including your kidneys.

Steer clear from bars, or anywhere smokers are puffing out smoke.

Now, this is just a shortlist of the many things that can damage your heart. If you are concerned that your heart may not be healthy, speak to a doctor right now.

Fortunately, these damages can be reversed as habits change; it is never too late to change those dangerous habits with healthy ones.

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