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Davido’s Baby Mama Finally Tells Us How She Feels About Her EX and Chioma

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Nigerians are all over the super start singer Davido and his sugarplum Chioma. It will be recalled that earlier this year the singer bought his woman a Porsche for her 23rd birthday and ever since then everybody seems to have grown some interest in the singer’s love life.


With the baby mamas that the singer has and his present relationship, so much drama is expected, and his new relationship is supposed to be a little shaky, but the singer has managed to keep it all together.
DavidoSophia Momodu has been mute on her feelings about Davido’s new relationship, and we are wondering what she has up her sleeves. Well, we are about to find out. Sophia Momodu must be aware of all the recent rumours flying up and down the web about the not so beautiful things happening in her baby daddy’s relationship. Much recently, news had it that Davido and Chioma had a break up because they unfollowed each other’s Instagram page.

But the singer was quick to defend his relationship by commenting on the post the suggested they had broken up to say that the account that he unfollowed was not even his baby’s account. Meaning that most of us have been following fake accounts all over social media in her name. I guess we have to look for the verified one. Furthermore, it was all over the place that Chioma dropped out of school to be with the singer. It was reported that she had gained admission to study economics at Babcock University in 2012 and up till date is still had 300 level.

Some sources that Chioma’s parents are unhappy with her relationship with davido claiming that her parents see her relationship with the singer as a distraction from her academics. And as a seventh day Adventist family, Chioma’s parents do not expect such behaviour from their daughter. However, the chef came on social media to defend herself by saying “if you do not know something about anything, then do not talk about it”. It means that she expects people to get their facts right before going on social media to spew things. Guess now we are more confused about what the truth is. Just a few days ago a fan indirectly dissed davido on social media in the comment section of the picture of another celebrity who bought his wife a Porsches.

The commenter indirectly asked why chioma has not been seen driving her Porsche and insinuated that Chioma’s car might be a publicity stunt. Davido replied the commenter, telling him that Chioma was shy and doesn’t know how to drive. He went further to explain that he hasn’t had time to teach her driving, so his driver takes her everywhere she wants to go. He concluded by saying that if the commenter wouldn’t mind being a driver, he could employ him. Ouch! That was some savage reply from OBO.

We know how protective mothers can be of their children with videos and pictures of Chioma playing with davido’s daughter Imade, we won’t be surprised if Sophia Momodu becomes uncomfortable and tries to raise dust. But she has done no such thing yet. Out of concern fans are beginning to wonder why Imade’s mother has chosen to pretend not to see things through the eyes of a jealous ex, and now they are asking questions.

Sophia finally decided to break the ice with a reply to one of her nosey fans who asked her why she wasn’t doing anything about the relationship between her Ex and Chioma. The fan complained that the singer doesn’t comment or like Sophia’s posts on social media even though she has a child for him. Miss Momodu said that it was none of her business what Davido her Ex, does in his relationship life. He went ahead to say that OBO is a great dad and they are co-parenting.

Sophia made it clear that they had moved on with their lives and the commenter should move on with her’s too. I guess Imade’s mum isn’t upset after all, she is minding her own business and enjoys co-parenting her little girl with Davido. Right about nice davido’s ship seems to be sailing on troubled waters as another rumour has it that the chef is unhappy with the fact that Davido doesn’t have time to give her all the attention she needs.

However, we cannot ascertain her true Chioma’s alleged claim is because she has been seen everywhere with her man and there are speculations that Davido proposed to Chioma indirectly on social media.


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