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There is competition on between DDR3 vs DDRR4 RAMs. There is many DDR4 model on the market and it is competing with the DDR3 model. The fact remains that many people still prefer to use DDR3 compared to DDR4. There are reasons for that. It is possible that some people will prefer DDR4 instead of DDR3.

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The major reason many people prefer to use the DDR3 is that the DDR4 alternative is more expensive to use. Its use it highly restricted as several operating systems cannot use it. For now, Intel’s X99 platform, as well as extreme processors, can use it. These processors are by far more expensive.

Apart from the fact that they are more expensive, they are not the best when it comes to gaming. Many gamers will prefer not to use DDR4 model. Moreover, in terms of the price cost, DDR4 is by far more expensive than the counterpart is.

There is a need to know the core reasons people prefer the DDR3 and not the DDR4. It is better to look at their features and compare them.


One of the key features that people consider when they are looking for this kind of product includes the issue of performance. DDR4 operates at a lower voltage and this tends to affect the performance. It does not operate up to 1.5 rather it operates at 1.2 volts. This means that it is not adaptable or it is not meant for the usual home PCs which many people will like to use.

It can save in terms of energy efficiency, but the feature is good for industrial use and not for the normal domestic use. The model is meant for large-scale computers and server farms that consume plenty of power. Such establishments can make do with the DDR4 because of the lower voltage.


Another thing that tells the difference between DDR3 vs DDR4 is the speed. DDR3 specifications commence from 800 MT/s. This translates to millions of transfers every second. Some can be higher than that as they can rise to 2133. DDR4 does not start that low. It can start from 2133 MHz. This translates to speed increase.

This can also mean the bandwidth increase. While it moves at a higher speed and bandwidth more than DDR3, it features an increased latency. There can be quicker transfers but when you take the issue of latency into consideration. It will still come to almost the same performance as DDR3 and DDR2.

When it now comes to performance, there is no clear leader. This is because differences between DDR3 vs DDR4 is negligible in several applications such as handbrake video conversion to some game. In some instances, DDR3 can be faster.

DDR3 has been in the market for at least eight years before manufacturers started to produce DDR4. It is expected that the newest model should be better in several aspects. It could be that those who choose DDR3 against DDR4 are not well informed of the improved features.


Technical improvements

Since DDR4 was manufactured after many years after DDR3 has been in existence, it means that there must be improvements in several areas. Improvements can be noticed in the area of speed. Some people can call it clock speed as well as timings.

Furthermore, there is an improvement in other areas like power consumption. It consumes less power than models before it. Another improvement is in the area of latency. Many users believe that there is reduced latency.

When it comes to speed, DDR3 has a ceiling or a limitation it cannot go beyond. DDR4 has an advantage here because it does not have ceiling or limitations when it comes to speed.


Another area the latest model has an edge over the previous models includes the memory aspect. DDR3 is also limited when it comes to memory. This means that it cannot store many things, as DDR4 would do. Experts believe that the maximum configuration or storage limit for CDR3 is 128GB. DDR4 counterpart can boast of space of five times more than that.

This, therefore, means that those who want storage will consider DDR4 as against DDR3. It is now understandable while many home users prefer the DDR3 and not the DDR4. Industrial users prefer DDR4 because it offers more storage space and this means more memory.


As stated, DDR4 is bound to be more expensive than the DDR3 counterpart is. This is what you should expect from a fresh technology that has just entered the market. It is expected that as time goes on that the price will reduce and many people will begin to appreciate the improved features and begin to use it.

Is it possible to upgrade?

The major complaint about DDR4 comes from gamers. They thought that migrating to the new chip model would have been an alternative, but that seems not to be possible for gamers as there is little possibility for that to be achieved.

However, for those using the system for other things, there is little or nothing to worry about. If you are in a professional using your system for design, Photoshop, and other things, you will enjoy the benefits of that innovative feature.

If you really want to become a true professional, you must explore ways of benefiting from it. Features people have is not founded. Because they are already used to the old system, they are finding it extremely hard to migrate.



Giving the option of choosing between DDR3 vs DDR4, choosing the newest model will be the wisest thing to do. There are many benefits of using it. It offers better module density, higher transfer rates, better reliability as well as decreased voltage use.

You will like it for its better speed, and energy efficiency. The standard is better and it is certain that it is meant for the future. It supports many things you do industrially and domestically with your operating systems. There is no doubt that you will have a better experience with DDR4 than you will do with DDR3.

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