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How to Completely Delete Siri Recordings From Apple’s Servers?

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Remember the good old days when Apple was flying the innocent flag concerning its user’s privacy? Then later came reports flooding the internet about how apple is using contractors to monitor its user’s conversations on Siri.


With those reports, the concerns about user-privacy got heightened. With this revelation about Siri recordings being tapped, many Apple users are likely to lose their sleep over this report.

Fortunately, after the report circulated the Internet, Apple suspended the program. However, your old recordings are still saved on Apple’s servers.

If you’re the user that puts privacy and security over everything else, then tag along as we show you on this article how you can delete your Siri recordings from Apple’s servers from your macOS and iOS devices.

There are some tips you should know before you can delete Siri recordings from Apple’s servers. I will make everything clear with this crucial point.

A Little Spotlight on the Controversial Siri Recordings

It’s funny how a company like Apple who in time immemorial has not failed to speak against companies for being too data-hungry and represented itself to the public like a saviour to users’ security and privacy can allow such a program to run.

To prevent more outrage from its users, Apple has gone into damage control not only to suspend the program of using human contractors but also to offer a walk around cleaning up the recordings from their servers.

But there’s a string attached to it. Turn off Siri completely and Dictation on each of your devices to get rid of the recordings. The string attached is that you cannot use Siri once you delete your voice recordings. It is a desperate and bad move from Apple.

I think they should have a better way to fix this problem without compromising their user’s experience. After understanding the controversy, you want to proceed with this. Then let’s get to it.

How to Delete Siri Voice Recordings from iPhone and iPad?

1. Open the Settings app on your device



2. Tap on “Siri & Search”


3. Next, toggle off the switch for Listen for “Hey Siri”. Make sure that the “Press Side/Home Button for  Siri” is turned off.


When that is done, you will receive a warning from Apple stating that you have turned off Siri. Ignore the message.

4. Next, tap the back button at the top left corner and choose ‘General’ then tap ‘Keyboard’


5. Finally, toggle off the ‘Enable Dictation’ and confirm this by tapping on ‘Turn off Dictation’.



How to Erase Siri Recordings from Mac?

Below are the steps you need to follow to clean up Siri recordings from macOS

1. First, click on the Apple menu that is located at the top left corner of the screen and then select ‘System Preferences’. Alternatively, you can use Spotlight to search for System Preferences, launch it when it appears.


2. Next, click on Siri.


3. Uncheck the box to the left of ‘Enable Ask Siri’.


4. Now, go back to ‘System Preferences’ and then click on ‘Keyboard’ and select the ‘Dictation’ tab


5. To complete it, select the ‘Off’ button that is located to the right of the ‘Dictation’ option.



That is it! It’s done.

Note: Not all your voice recordings will be wiped out of Apple’s server. If you want to go back to the way things were, follow the same steps to turn on Siri and enable dictation on your iDevice.

That is how you can remove Siri voice recordings from your device and Apple’s server. As a user, it’s expected that Apple would make the process straightforward.

What’s your take on the privacy reports and do you think it will have any negative effect on Apple? Do well to share your thoughts and feedback by using the comments section below.


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