Why Dieters Should Drink Enough Water?


Diet and dieters come in various shapes and sizes. Some diets are quite complicated while some others are simple. But is water important when you are on a diet?

A diet that is dependent on your blood type may seem like an overly complicated one compared to a diet that just requires you to simply cut out all carbs.

On the other hand, if you are on an ultra low carb diet, it may seem incredibly convoluted when compared to being on a grapefruit diet. If you are on a great product you will be required to feed on grapefruits almost exclusively for a couple of days or even weeks.

Regardless of what your diet plan is or what kind of diet you are on your purpose is doomed to fail if you’re not drinking as much water as you should.

A lot of diets has have been discovered to make this big mistake of focusing majorly on their new eating plan and completely forgetting how much water they are required to consume.

Individuals who are on extreme diets usually have higher levels of salt and a less degree of hydrogen. This increase in salt levels may the very problematic particularly for diets that are mixed rich. If you are drinking less than enough water and feeding on meat you are likely to experience complications such as kidney stones.

The good thing about the human body is that it has a natural way of letting you know when you need to hydrate, and that is thirst.

When you’re running low on fluid, you become thirsty because your body has no other way to tell you that you need water. And immediately you feel thirsty, it is vital that you respond by drinking water.

The point we are trying to make here is that dehydration would put you at risk of sabotaging your healthy feeding plan. Because when you become dehydrated, your body finds it difficult to function properly. This explains why people can live longer without food than they can without water.

Thirst can easily be misinterpreted as hunger. The pangs of longing can sometimes lead you to go for a snack instead of water, and some people decide to even go for soft drinks which does nothing to quench their thirst.

To lose weight successfully you must have a weight loss plan of action that would give you access to where you want to be from where you already are with is even though you have to put in some effort.

The question now is does water have to be a significant part of your weight loss plan as much as emphasis on the quality and kind of food you eat?

The answer is yes. Water is a very essential part; not just for weight loss, but for your overall health.

How does water help?


Water alone will not do the magic for you when it comes to weight loss the same way any other elements of your healthy lifestyle will not be solely responsible for weight loss. This includes healthy food or exercise.

A healthy diet and a weight loss plan are dependent on a handful of significant factors that work together.

Though I have already pointed out that drinking large quantities of water will not solely be responsible for helping you achieve weight loss however it can help when you include it to your regimen of nutrition that would help with healthy distribution of micronutrients and different consumptions of food groups.

What this means is that water along with your new healthy diet will help you rich your goal so if you ignore the importance of water you could sabotage your entire weight loss plan.

Proper hydration is thought to aids the loss of excess weight by increasing your fat metabolism and also decreasing the amount of food that should consume.

A study carried out in 2016 with over 18000 middle-aged participants revealed that individuals who consume more water were more satisfied. As a result of this, the participants eat fewer calories every day.

The same research discovered that individuals who drank water steadily turned out to consume fewer fat calories and salt as part of their daily food consumption when compared to those who didn’t drink enough water or were dehydrated.

If you drink plenty of water and your meals are made up of mac and cheese, fried chicken, and ribs, there is no way you are going to lose weight. So you cannot say because you drink enough water every other factor that contributes to weight loss has to be neglected.

However, this should not discourage you from drinking as much water as you can. It is very common for people to mistake thirst for hunger and end up eating when they should be drinking. So you should be able to differentiate when you are fasting from when you are hungry and respond to each body language the right way.

I for one, know when I am not eating or drinking enough. Sometimes, when you drink water in between meals, you’ll end up feeling satisfied easily and eating less because water fills you up legitimately.

A study carried out in 2010 found out that people who drink water immediately before they eat actually have a higher success rate when it comes to weight loss than people who do not drink water at all.

The author of the study believes that the reason why it is possible for those set of people to lose weight compared to those who do not drink water is that water helps you feel fuller and makes you eat less.

Another critical reason why diet has most drink water is that it comes with no added sugar, no calories, carbs or even fat, unlike other drinks.

How to introduce more water to your diet?

A lot of people wait till they are thirsty before drinking water but this shouldn’t be the case staying hydrated is very important because it helps both your brain and your skin. In fact, it helps your entire body.

Pack water

I go everywhere with water, and it’s in everyone’s best interest that water is always handy. Get a water bottle and make sure to fill it from every clean tap you find.

Opt for water alternatives

There are lots of people who hate water, and I am one of them. You can opt for a fruity decaf or iced tea instead of your regular water. However, it is better that you go for herbal iced tea as they are very healthy and do not come with artificial sweeteners. This is a great way to get a lot of liquid into your system.

Set an alarm

If you find it difficult to remember when it’s time to drink water set a reminder to drink a glass of water at least five times daily.

Stay hydrated using foods

Do not forget that different foods can help you stay hydrated. Foods like watermelon and oranges will help.

Now that you know how important water is to your diet plan, you have no excuse to avoid it. We hope that you found this piece of writing educating. Please do not hesitate to leave a comment below. We look forward to hearing from you.

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