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13 Different Types of Air Fresheners

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Air Fresheners have become the divine evolution for all countries closer to the equator. Humans are social animals.

They keep moving, shifting, and growing, no matter the climate. Students and the active community make up most of the population.

Approximately 90% of students spend eight hours daily in schools and colleges. Similarly, a significant part of working society is toiling in offices for about 90000 hours in their lifetime. Human beings require mental peace and a calmful environment.

In such situations, air fresheners are the best fix to provide warmth to people. Is it not a perfect deal to have a sweet-smelling home, office, and school? Yes, right?

We have kept your needs in our mind. We know that facing the current inflation we need some affordable and different types of Air Fresheners.

Don’t worry. Head below to see which Air Fresheners are a quick relief.

Different Types of Air Fresheners

It can be embarrassing to have guests when your home smells nasty. We all must agree that summers and humidity can kill your buzz.

You can get all sweaty and consequently stink. You may take a bath; what about your workplace and home?

According to a survey, 200+ million American use different types of Air Fresheners. Hence, we have saved you from the hassle.

Go and get your hands on the best fit!

1. Electric Fan Air Fresheners

They are the most commonly used air fresheners in the market. Among different types of Air Fresheners, Electric Fan Air Fresheners help purify the air in the room. As the name suggests, they function by eclectic operatory batteries. 

They are like rechargeable fans and have liquid fillers in the cartridges. They diffuse into the air. Electric Fan Air Fresheners come in a variety of ranges. You can either use them for deodorizing or giving a pleasant scent to the room.

They provide long-lasting fragrance; you need to change the cartridge after some time. Also, Electric Fan Air Fresheners are portable and easy to carry with varying speed options. These Air Fresheners have multi-features; thus, they can be expensive relatively. 

2. Traditional Air Fresheners

This addition to different types of Air Fresheners is also primarily sold. They traditionally come with two options. The first one is to use the Air Freshener as a gel. In this way, you need to unseal the gel bottle.

After that, it will automatically release the odor by evaporating in the air. You may place the gel between the vase, a table, and anywhere hidden from the eyes. On the other hand, you can also get air freshener in aerosol sprays.

You can directly add the scent to the air by pressing the spray nozzle. These types of Air fresheners are budget-friendly. The convenient usage makes them netizens’ favorite.

3. Time-Operated Mist Dispensers

The Time-Operated Mist Dispensers provide similar functionality to the electric-operated fresheners. They are also expensive and use automated systems to dispense odor in the air. 

They include programmable features where you can select the duration and amount of scent. It is an intelligent device that can automatically gauge the remaining scented oil in the cartridge. 

You can choose the odor which pleases you. Additionally, the advanced functionality of the Time-Operated Mist Dispenser may require you to spend some extra bucks.

4. Incense

Are you ready to give your home a traditional Turkey look? Then, let Incense take care of the sweat reeks.

Incense is an inexpensive way to bring a lasting and sweet aroma to your place. Usually,  people burn bark and stems to create sandalwood and multi-purpose products.

However, when you burn Incense, It infuses a luring and lingering aroma into the air. It works instantly and leaves a pleasing fragrance for a period.

Incense can be your deal among different types of Air Fresheners; if you want something organic. Before wasting the Incense, make sure to burn it whole down. 

4. Plug-Ins

Plug-Ins are a great choice if you’re long for something to make your place extra odoriferous. They function through electricity and contain the ability to leave a giant building sweetly perfumed.

The best thing is that you won’t have to bear the same fragrance the whole time. Plug’Ins come with the option to refill whichever scented liquid you like.

The device has also got updates with time and now even has a modification option. The function helps the user choose the amount of fluid to diffuse within a specific time interval.

5. Heated Oil and Spray

Heating oil and Spray are well-known among different types of Air Fresheners. They work best with Plug-Ins that are electrically operable. The cartridges contain this scented oil.

Later, when the device gets heated, the material evaporates in the air. This way, the oil gets hot first; after that, it dispenses in the air by spraying.

6. Gravity Drip Restroom Fixture Deodorizer System

Have you had enough of the foul and musky-smelling toilets? If yes, let Gravity Drip Restroom Fixture Deodorizer System take care of the rest.

The deodorizer comprises multiple purposes. It not only makes the restroom odor heavenly but also cleanses the air.

You have often seen them hanging at the top of the urinary and toilet seats. They contain a strong-scented liquid that releases a sweet odor when it comes in contact with the water. Thus, this addition to different types of Air Fresheners is optimum for your restrooms.

7. Ultrasonic Diffusers

Ultrasonic Diffusers work best with essential oils. The diffusers take minimal electricity capacity and are easy to operate.

They have no cartridges and additional parts to clean. They diffuse the fresh scent in the air to a longer distance and time.

It works through vibrations to release the oil slowly into the air. The oil gets into touch with the water; the diffuser keeps the oil in vibration before setting it free. Thus, no heat or fan; it only operates through vibrations.

Essential Oil Diffusers are a way out for efficient skincare. The essential oil gets in touch with your skin and gives a better finish to it.

8. Aroma Beads

Aroma beads are a safe idea if you want to make your place fragrant with some decoration. They are colorful and vibrant beads that are capable of absorbing fluid.

In this case, the aroma beads are put in essential and scented oils for some time. When they have enough odor, remove the beads from the oil.

After that, you can keep these beads in the vase, bowls, cabinets, or wardrobe. They leave a pleasant and long-wearing scent wherever they are.

9. Potpourri

Potpourri has a variety of scents and is pocket-friendly, providing a welcoming fragrance to the home. You can keep them in the decoration bowls, giving a pleasant view and odor. 

They are natural plant materials added disparate with scented stems and dried herbs. It comes in a variety of colors. People who love organic things can become a fan of Potpourri. They are cheaper and give a natural odor to your home.

So, if you’re looking for a positive and healthy change, go to Potpourri among the different types of Air Fresheners.

10. Nebulizers

Nebulizers are an expensive option in the list of different types of Air Fresheners. They convert the scented liquid into vapors.

They work in the steamed form. They are portable devices and only diffuse the fragrance in a given area.

They use electricity to break down the scented fluid into small articles. You can add disparate scents in the Nebulizers for the best effect.

11. Scented Candles

Scented Candles are a convenient way to make your private place smell good. You may use candle warmers to save your room from burning. 

Though warmers operate on electricity, they give a smoke-free experience by melting the wax down; they contain a variety of scents such as flowers, herbs, and fruits; you can adapt your favorite flavor.

They emit a fresh scent as they burn. Still, we suggest not burning these candles if you are prone to allergies. The composition of these candles may contain poisonous chemicals.

12. Air Fan Air Fresheners

These air fresheners are low-maintenance as they do not require refilling spray or liquid. Air Fan Air Fresheners are battery operable; they can release fragrance for 30 days.

They come in different options. You can use them to fill your single room or the whole building with a sweet scent.

They use cartridges to diffuse pleasant odors. They are costly as compared to traditional Air Fresheners.

You may need some extra powered cartridges on hand. You can customize the settings of Air Fan Air Fresheners according to your desire.

This addition to the list of different types of Air Fresheners can be your call if you want a handy device that is installable in cars or your room.

13. Cleaning Agents

The cleaning agents containing enzymatic products help best to fight off musky smells. You can spray them over the furniture or use the liquid to mop the floor. It gives a pleasant and sweet odor to the house and office. 

Hence, you can expect a pollution-free environment and a fragrant place for yourself. They give a long-lasting essence to the room. They are also inexpensive products in different types of Air Fresheners.


Humidity gets the best of us at high degrees of temperature. In this scenario, we all need a life-saving product to secure us from stinking and reeking smells. Thus, we have enlisted different types of Air Fresheners to your rescue.

Now, you can skim our list and see what works best for you. The ball is in your court to choose the first choice that suits you. 

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