13 Different Types of Jewelry

Different Types of Jewelry

Jewelry is ornamented, often made with valuable materials, and designed with pearls, gems, and precious stones.

There are different types of jewelry, and each class is worn for a specific purpose.

In many cultures worldwide, jewelry holds a high place in tradition and is used during marriages, child naming, and other festivals.

They highlight the beauty in womanhood and symbolize status, wealth, affluence, confidence, and elegance. Different types of jewelry can be classified based on worn and design.

Jewelry is essential in modern fashion, and a knowledge of what different types of jewelry you possess would help you make informed decisions about what to wear and when to wear it.

If you’d like to know more about jewelry, keep reading this article to explore different types of jewelry.

1. Head Jewelry

Start with your head if you’re going to decorate yourself with jewels. Because this is where most people’s attention is focused, you’ll get the most use out of your ornaments here.

Depending on the outfit you’re going with, there are different kinds of head jewelry to choose from that would complement your dressing.

There are extravagant head adornments such as crowns, circlets, tiara, coronets, and simple hair clips, hairpins, and hair rings.

2. Earrings

Earrings are a pair of finely-cut pieces of jewelry that is worn on the outer part of the ear, particularly the earlobes via piercings or clip-one; they come in pairs for males and females too.

Earrings are the most common jewelry worn and are made of either gold, silver, platinum, or precious stones. They are available in various shapes, colors, and sizes, such as studs, hoops, etc.

3. Ear Cuffs 

Ear cuffs are extravagant jewelry that is similar to earrings. But unlike earing, they are attached to the upper section of the ear instead of the lobe.

These pieces of jewelry are worn on the ear’s outer rim and can be fastened to the lobe through a piercing. Ear cuffs can be made of gold, silver, and crystals and are constructed in various styles, from simple to complex.

4. Necklace

As the name implies, necklaces are jewelry meant to beautify the neck; they are worn around the neck. What usually makes the necklace is a band or chain, suspended from it, could be a pendant, locked or stone, and this is optional.

Furthermore, necklaces come in different sizes, lengths, and designs such as chokers, chains, etc. Pearls and other precious stones can be used for its decor.

5. Chokers

Chokers are similar to necklaces in that they are worn around the neck, but they are tighter.

Plastic, velvet, beads, metal, latex, base metals, and precious metals are only some of the materials used to create them.

They were created by Sumerian craftsmen about 2500 B.C.E. and have been around for thousands of years.

Also, ladies wore red chokers to respect the aristocracy executed by guillotine following the French Revolution.

Cuff links are a pair of jewelry that keeps the cuffs of your long-sleeved shirt knitted. Cufflinks are pairs of finely made jewelry used to hold both ends of shirt cuffs.

They are mainly used for buttonholes without buttons fixed in them. Furthermore, these pieces of jewelry are tiny but can be made in different shapes and colors.

Gold, silver, and fine metals are materials used in making cufflinks.

7. Bracelets

Bracelets are links of beads, chains, or bands worn on the wrists for functions or personal preference. Anklets, Bangles, bead bracelets, hand chains, etc., are accessories classified as bracelets.

Bracelets can possess spiritual meanings and can be used for various occasions. Friendship bracelets, gospel bracelets, charm bracelets, etc., are mostly made of precious stones and beads.

8. Watches

A watch is a visually appealing piece of jewelry that you wear on your wrist.

Some claim that timepieces aren’t jewelry since they serve a purpose, yet any item of jewelry may serve a purpose and still be considered jewelry.

Smartwatches, which may perform various duties, are also classified as jewelry. In men’s jewelry, watches are trendy. The wristwatch is the type of watch that most people are familiar with nowadays.

People used to carry pocket watches long before they used wristwatches. These timepieces were genuinely wearable jewelry.

9. Rings

A ring is a small round band worn around the fingers. There are different types of rings such as earrings, bracelets, toe rings, nose rings, and signet rings.

However, rings are generally known for being on the finger. Toe rings are worn on the toe, and nose rings are worn on the nose.

Furthermore, rings are made to beautify the fingers and have significance, especially when a call is worn on any finger. Married couples wear a wedding ring on the fourth finger on the left hand.

10. Belly Chain

The belly chain is a popular Indian body decoration that has acquired international attention. This chain encircles the waist and is popular among young women with a slim waistline. Silver or gold belly chains are the most common.

11. Chatelaines

Among the different types of jewelry on this list, Chatelaines happen to no longer be in fashion. This is a belt-mounted piece of jewelry made composed of multiple hanging chains.

The chains contain little hooks on the ends that you can use to hang keys, watches, handbags, scissors, and other items.

12. Amulet

An amulet, sometimes known as a talisman, is a piece of jewelry worn to bring the wearer luck, good fortune, or some other particular reason. Amulets may be used for defense, health improvement, or any other use you can think of.

Charms are usually worn as necklaces around the neck. Typically, you can use anything for an amulet, a rock, a diamond, or even a feather.

13. Cameo

A cameo is a type of brooch with unique characteristics. At the middle of the cameo is a raised symbol. The elevated logo, usually a carved profile face, is set against a flat backdrop and surrounded by various ornamental components.

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