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14 Different Types of Lily Flowers

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What’s the first picture that comes to mind when you hear the word lily? Depending on where you are in the world, you may think of a flower peculiar to your locality.

However, lily flowers have different shapes, sizes, heights, colors, and aromas. With over a hundred species of lily flowers, one may not recognize these plants when they see them.

If you’re curious to learn about the different types of lily flowers, check out this page.

We’ve compiled a list of 14 distinct species of lily blooms, including classics like Calla lilies and a rainbow of colors, including white, purple, orange, and more.

1. Asiatic Lilies

Asiatic hybrids are a cross between different types of lily flowers. Each stalk has 3 to 6 blooms, and the petals are often speckled.

Asiatic lilies do not have a scent, and their blossoms are smaller than those of other lilies. They exist in various colors, including orange, red, yellow, and creamy white.

Furthermore, Asiatic lilies are a favorite of deer and bunnies. They produce robust, straight stems that require little staking when grown in a whole light.

Cut flowers from Asiatics are beautiful and last a long time.

2. Oriental Lilies

Among the different types of lily flowers, Oriental lilies are the most fragrant of all the lilies. The blooms’ intoxicating aroma is incredibly intense in the evening.

Also, Oriental lilies have larger leaves than other lily flowers, and their foliage and blossoms are resistant to deer and rabbits. They generate a lot of heavy pollen in their anthers.

Furthermore, the blossoms of Oriental lilies are as huge as a dinner plate, and each stalk has several buds. Oriental lilies come in various colors, including pink, purplish red, white, and creamy yellow.

Some types have speckled and recurving petals, whereas others are not. Oriental lilies are among the newest blossoming lilies, growing 2 to 5 feet tall.

3. Trumpet Lilies

These hybrid lilies, sometimes known as Aurelian lilies, are nothing short of amazing. The flowers are prolific, trumpet-shaped, colorful, long-lasting, and fragrant.

Their petals are spotless, and their leaves are large, albeit not as broad as an Oriental lily’s leaves. Some trumpet lily types have up to a dozen buds per stem, while others only have a handful.

Trumpet lilies are also available in various colors, including white, yellow, orange, cream, and pink, with a star-shaped neck in a different color.

Trumpet lilies are tall and showy, with several scented blossoms on each stalk.

4. Orienpet Lilies

Orienpet lilies are a mix of Oriental hybrids and trumpet lilies and are one of the biggest types of lily flowers for summer gardens.

Before completely opening into a large bloom, their blossoms have a shallow trumpet shape and range in size from 6 to 10 inches across and come in pink, yellow, red, orange, and white hues.

These plants reach two to three feet in height and have highly perfumed outward-facing blossoms. Furthermore, these lilies come in some charming varieties with great-cut flowers.

5. Yellow Water Lily

The yellow water lily is one of the most popular lily flowers. They’re well-known for the beautiful, blooming flowers that thrive in their ponds.

This plant’s leaves come in various sizes and shapes, including thin and broad. Yellow Water Lily floats on the surface of ponds, with its gorgeous yellow blossoms standing out like a sore thumb.

6. Turk’s Cap Lilies

Their recurved petals easily identify this type of lily flower. Turk’s cap lilies are as cute as they come, with tiny butterflies dangling from the ends of elegant flower stalks.

Each stem of martagon lilies, also known as martagon lilies, yields a dozen or more blooms. These lilies come in various colors, including orange, yellow, red, and pink.

Many types have stalks that grow up to 6 feet tall! Some varieties have spotted petals, while others do not, and the majority are fragrant.

Like this pink variation, Turk’s cap lilies have recurved petals and lengthy blooming stems.

7. Fish Lily Plant

Peace Lily Plant is another name for fish lily plants. They are much-liked for their attractive appearance and the advantages they give.

This lily aid in the purification of the air and creates a pleasant atmosphere to breathe in. Peace lilies are also one of the most popular types of houseplants. They’re straightforward to cultivate.

8. Longiflorium Lilies

Longiflorium lilies, usually referred to as Easter lily, are seasonal flowers with a faint fragrance.

They come in different variations, but they all have a typical Easter lily look. The blooms are white and trumpet-shaped, pointing outward.

Longiflorium lilies, which grow to be 1 to 3 feet tall, are pushed to flower out of season and in time for Easter season by exposing the bulbs to extreme circumstances.

Easter lilies, surprisingly, are tough plants that can withstand temperatures as low as -20 degrees Fahrenheit.

It takes a lot of energy away from the bulb to push them to bloom out of season, but you may try growing Easter lilies in the yard if you want to give it a shot.

Plant the bulbs in your garden as you would other varieties of lilies after you’ve enjoyed their blooms indoors, and you’ll have flowers for many seasons if they take to their new habitat.

9. Casablanca Lily

The Casablanca Lily is a popular Oriental Lily hybrid. These types of lily flowers blossom during the summer, and the lovely and appealing flowers appear.

It’s a classy lily plant category with snowy white flowers and a magnetic fragrance. Bridal bouquets are made using them frequently.

10. Orange Lily

Basal leaves make up this herbaceous, long-lasting plant. Flowering stems range in height from three to six feet tall.

The branch of this lily flower tends to droop down, and the leaves are usually big and slender. Orange lily possesses large and orange-colored flowers.

11. Canada Lilies

The Canada lily is a natural North American lily with orange or yellow petals that are gently recurved.

Each stem produces whorls of 3 to 8 leaves at intervals along the length of the stem, and the plants develop to reach between 2 and 4 feet tall.

Between 5 and 20 nodding flowers appear on each branch. Canada lilies are a fantastic addition to forest gardens and damp meadows since they are more shade-tolerant than most other varieties of lilies.

Regrettably, animals and rabbits enjoy this variety of lily almost as much as gardeners. Canada lilies are a bright and cheerful addition to any garden as they can tolerate more shade than most other lilies.

12. Stargazer Lily

It’s a mix between oriental and western. Oriental lilies are known for their fragrant blossoms and vivid blooms throughout the summer.

Stargazer Lily is a fashionable cross with large, eye-catching flowers. Nonetheless, these lily flowers are relatively simple and basic to grow or develop.

13. LA hybrid Lilies

LA hybrids are the showgirl cousins of plain Asiatic lilies, resulting from a genetic cross between Asiatic and “Easter-type” lilies.

They have bigger, bolder, and sexier blossoms than the Asiatics. Furthermore, they are available in a more extensive choice of vibrant hues.

LA hybrids, like Asiatic lilies, have no scent and are genuine garden standouts since they create beautiful cut flowers and bloom for weeks.

Each flower is roughly 7 inches wide, and the bushes may reach a height of four feet. Lastly, LA hybrids are eye-popping and straightforward to cultivate, and they’re sexier, more vibrant, and more prolific than Asiatic lilies.

14. Dwarf Water Lily

It’s a sturdy water lily plant with a bit of yellow color. The most well-known dwarf lily type is dwarf water lilies.

Although, the majority of individuals do not have a yard or enough land to build a pond for water lilies. However, Dwarf water lilies may be cultivated in a tiny water container or a table bowl, ending the problem.

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