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Different Types of Purifiers

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Most of us have heard about purifiers or cleansers, but the question is, how well do we know them? Have you had to make use of one before? What do you think they are, and how do you suppose they work?

Purifiers or cleaners are electronic devices that filter and sterilize the air inside your living environment. They work by extracting all forms of toxins through various stages. 

There are varieties of purifiers that can be used in homes and offices. Read along to find out the different types that fit each occasion. 

7 Types of purifiers 

1. Activated Carbon Air Purifiers

These cleaners are very functional in evacuating smoke, offensive smell, and gasses from the air in the home’s interior. Activated Carbon Air Purifiers are majorly designed to eradicate odor, gases, and fumes.

2. Electronic Air Cleaners

An Electronic Air Cleaner works alongside your air conditioner. It uses passive or stable electricity to cage particles of impurities found in the air.

In essence, an electronic air cleaner guarantees that the air going through the air conditioner of your home also goes through a HEPA filter that can entrap tiny particles as small as 3 microns.

Any leftover is gotten rid of by positively charged ions induced by the electronic air cleaner. 

3. Ultraviolet (UV) Air Purifiers

The UV Air Purifiers use an ultraviolet ray of light to eradicate detrimental microorganisms from your household.

The brain behind the UV air purifiers is from the medical centers that use ultraviolet bulbs to sterilize their laboratories and patients’ rooms.

One particular factor to consider is that, since UV Air Purifiers use UV bulbs for purification, there is a need for frequent replacement of the bulb. 

4. HEPA Air Purifiers

The HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) Air purifiers use an improved air sieve that eradicates about 99.7% of substances bigger than 0.2 microns from the atmosphere in the household.

The undesirable aspect of this purifier is that it’s tricky to capture extremely tiny microorganisms below 0.2 microns. 

5. Air-To-Air Exchangers

The primary function of this particular purifier is to get rid of an already existing stench and replace it with pleasant air. The Air-To-Air Exchangers also assists in managing the condition of humidity of the interior environment by putting the “energy recovery ventilators” into use. 

6. Central Air Cleaners

The Central Air Cleaners are connected to the home’s available temperature control system. This powerful device functions noiselessly to eradicate dust and any tiny leftover particles in the house. 

A critical feature of this workpiece is its functionality in subduing the aftermath of reactions. This particular device is also suitable for trapping very tiny harmful substances like smokers. 

7. Ionic Air Purifiers

This wonder device functions without using a motor, thereby working noiselessly. Ionic Air Purifiers serve by releasing negatively charged ions into the atmosphere.

The negative ions then stick with the positively charged substance such as dust, thereby adding weight and dropping from the atmosphere. 

Now that you’ve been able to identify some types of cleaners, it would be worthwhile to know the functional parts of the purifier. 

3 Main Functional Parts Of The Air Purifier

Let’s look at the 3 main components of the air purifiers and their functions, so read along. 

1. Electronic fan

The electric fan helps to draw in air to the device. While the air is being sapped into the device, it traps contaminants along with the air. When the air has been sterilized in the device’s system, the cleaned air is then expelled into the environment. 

2. HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filter

This is a mechanical component in the cleaner that saps in all kinds of pollutants such as dust and smoke that could threaten your health. It acts by pushing air through a quality net that captures poisonous substances.

3. Casing/Housing

This houses all the essential components of the purifier, thereby shielding them from any form of external effects. As a result, the purifier comes with many benefits that you can’t help but get in your home. 

Benefits of the Air Purifier

  • Minimizes or ultimately eliminates offensive odor in homes: A foul odor can occupy our homes due to wet rugs, damaged sewage pipes, or worse. The air purifier helps trap this offensive odor and sanitizes the air around, thereby giving your atmosphere the freshness you want. 
  • Produces calming noise for sound sleep: The kind of noise that emanates from the air purifier is such that it would make you have a good sleep. So after the stress of the day, you could just come home, switch on the purifier and enjoy a night of uninterrupted and noiseless sleep. 
  • Cleanses the air around your pet: Having a pet is not a bad idea, but the issue is that when they shed their hair, they also shed some odor. That could be detrimental to the health of household members. An efficient purifier helps clean the air around your pets, thereby making the home safe for both humans and pets. 
  • Eliminates harmful microorganisms: The ultraviolet rays produced from the UV light purifiers help trap and get rid of the germs and harmful bacterias in the surrounding air. So if you wish to defend your household from harmful microorganisms that cause ailment, then an air purifier is a sure bet. 
  • Lightens reactions: Air purifiers are built with sensitive components that trap and eradicate dust and other particles that bring about allergies in sensitive people. However, you should note that the home’s standard sanitation can hardly eliminate the causative of reactions so that an air purifier will do the work. 
  • Combats asthma and other respiratory-related issues:  Air purifiers can evacuate the harmful particles that birth respiratory-related complications, especially asthma. In addition, the filters in them help to sieve a high percentage of allergens. 
  • Minimize pressure: It’s been medically proven that both interior and exterior contaminants heighten the level of stress. So in the process of purifying the area and eradicating poisonous substances, the air purifiers also perform the vital function that helps minimize stress and help you regulate your psychological well-being. 
  • Wards off insects: Insects like mosquitoes can be annoyingly unbearable. The development of purifiers comes with the function of repelling insects from home. Insects come with various illnesses, and these cleaners repel insects, thereby keeping the household members safe from any form of sickness. 
  • Preserve walls from decays: With the introduction of purifiers in homes, our walls are protected from fungi. But, unfortunately, these fungi are not just repulsive, but they also breed health problems. So the air purifiers are excellent mediums to get rid of the molds on our interior walls. 
  • Favorable to the skin: While air purifiers are busy working indoors, they also absorb poisonous air that could spark skin reactions, thereby preserving the skin. 


Purifiers are essential household tools that come with varying health benefits. You can go through the list of cleaners mentioned above to find which one would fit into your home perfectly.

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