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32 Different Types of Tulips

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From their brilliant colors to striking shapes and stately height, every species of tulip is unique in its way.

Did you know there are over 3000 different types of tulips dispersed all over the world? These insanely popular flowers originated from Asia and have become a must-have for any garden, bouquets, and landscape.

Tulips are gorgeous spring flowers planted as bulbs in the fall and can bloom anywhere from March to May depending on the species and don’t continuously bloom again in subsequent years, so they’re often treated as annuals.

How many different types of tulips do you know? Here are ten different kinds of tulips you should know about:

Single Tulips

Single tulips are the typical, six-petal cupped tulips common among most people. These tulips can grow up to 30 inches tall, depending on the species and when they bloom.

Single tulips may likely bloom anytime within early spring or late spring.

Furthermore, single tulips are perfect flowers to place in flower beds with other tulips to have a sweet scent and gorgeous look.

Some standard tulips in this category include;

Apricot Beauty

These peach-colored tulips can grow up to 16 inches tall, and they thrive best in areas where the winters are excellent and the summers are warm and dry.

Christmas Dream

Christmas Dream is a gorgeous tulip that’s dark pink-red. It usually blooms in early spring and can grow up to 14 inches tall.

Queen of Night

A unique tulip with an extra-deep red, mahogany, or dark maroon color. The Queen of Night is considered one of the prettiest deep-purple tulips out there. It can grow up to 26 inches in height with a sturdy stem and looks gorgeous when planted in large groups to highlight its beautiful color.

Double Tulips

Because of their large petals, these tulips are sometimes referred to as peony tulips. Double tulips may reach a height of 14 inches and have petals as wide as 10 inches. These types of tulips are pretty fragile and sensitive to the wind and rain because of their broad petals, and as a result, they do best in a protected setting surrounding your home.

A few examples of the double tulip variation are shown below;


These tulips have sturdy stems and are variegated in dark and light pink. They bloom in early spring. They are tiny and only reach a height of approximately 12 inches, but they are easy to grow and pair well with tulips of all hues and other flowers.

Orange Princess

The hues of this peony-shaped bloom are a blend of vivid orange, reddish-purple, and warm pink. The petals are big and bowl-shaped, and they usually reach a height of 12-14 inches. These tulips should also plant them in a protected area because they are susceptible to wind and rain damage. They also have a beautiful scent that you may appreciate.

Double Sugar

Because of their ruffled petals, they resemble roses, and they come in a variety of pink tints ranging from light pink to dark pink, as well as a pale green and pale yellow. Also, Double Sugar tulips grow up to 18 inches tall and must be planted in a protected spot because of their delicate petals.

Fosteriana Tulips

These bowl-shaped tulips bloom in early to mid-spring, making them some of the earliest tulips to appear each year. Fosteriana Tulips possess 5-inch broad petals with striped leaves on occasion. This category includes the following tulip varieties:

Exotic Emperor

Beautiful white tulips with light green stripes and a hint of cream hue, these blooms bloom year after year and may reach a height of 16 inches.

Flaming Purissima

This tulip is creamy-white with a gorgeous raspberry-rose brushing on top, and it may grow up to 16 inches tall. They look best in clusters of 12-15 bulbs and are suitable for use in beds, borders, and containers.

Orange Emperor

Orange emperor features enormous, broad petals and is vivid orange with a pale yellow base and black anthers, making it a unique-looking tulip. It may reach a height of 16 inches and returns year after year, much to the farmer’s joy. It also features a sturdy stem that can easily handle wind and rain.

Kaufmanniana Tulips

Kaufmanniana tulips are well-known for having various contrasting hues that make them stand out in a lovely way.

When it’s sunny, they open up and take on the shape of a star, but when they close up, their colors become even more vibrant. They barely reach a height of 6 to 12 inches and bloom in the early to mid-spring.

The following are some of them;

Giuseppe Verdi

The dazzling gold tulips feature broad red stripes on the interior and carmine lines outside, making them a show-stopper. They usually reach a height of 8 to 10 inches and appreciate warm weather.

Heart’s Delight

These tulips have crimson petals with creamy-white borders on the outer and are the first to bloom. Their soft pink interior has a yellow core, and their speckled leaves make them an impressive variety.


These tulips are creamy-white on the inside, with yellow centers rimmed in red and rose red and soft pink on the outer. Their wavy-edged foliage adds to the flower’s unusual and attractive appearance. They’re also simple to cultivate.

Darwin Hybrid Tulips

Botanists created these tulips in the Netherlands through pure cross-breeding. And as such, Darwin Hybrid Tulips evolved to have enormous petals and sturdy stems. They may bloom for up to five years and may reach a height of 28 inches.

Some of their variations are listed below;


These tulips are dark pink or crimson and grow up to two feet tall when planted in clusters of 12-15 bulbs. They bloom in mid-to late-spring, and their beauty and stateliness are breathtaking.

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These tulips liven up any garden with giant petals in rich colors like dark red, edged with yellow, and may grow up to 24 inches tall. Throughout the year, they prefer warmer temperatures.


This internationally recognized tulip has received several international prizes for its distinctive appearance. Daydream tulips are white-yellow in color and bloom in the middle of spring and can tolerate wind and rain with ease.

Greigii Tulips

Greigii tulips bloom in early to mid-spring and feature single, bowl-shaped petals yellow, red, and white. They are low-growing, reaching about 12 inches in height, and their leaves are frequently striped or speckled.

Below are some different types of tulips in this category;


These tulips feature mottled purple leaves that are exceedingly ornamental, with orange-red petals edged in yellow. They can reach a height of 12 inches and are completely open in the sun. Also, calypso may grow as broad as 4 inches when fully opened, and they add brightness and brilliance to any landscape.


These tulips have 3-5 blossoms per bulb and may reach a height of 12 inches. They have a beautiful yellow color with a red emphasis, and they return every spring.


Pinocchio tulips have a bronze-colored center and are creamy-white and vivid red. Their speckled leaves provide a nice touch to an already lovely bloom, and when they open throughout the day, they may be up to 4 inches across. Lastly, Pinocchio tulips are an eye-catching bloom every farmer would love to have.

Fringed Tulips

Because these tulips have petals with fringed edges, one can easily guess how they got their name. Also, these tulips can reach a height of 30 inches, but their size and flowering time fluctuate because they are mutant.

The different types of tulips in this category include;

Bell Song

Tulips range in color from violet pink to coral, with white margins, big leaves, and 20 inches tall.


Davenport tulips are distinguished by their crimson-red petals trimmed in vivid yellow. They’re adorable in flowering bulb gardens with different sorts of bulbs.


Cummins is a lovely tulip bloom with lavender-purple petals with a white accent. When fully opened, these tulips may reach a width of 4 inches and reach a height of 20 inches.

Triumph Tulips

Among the different tulips, triumph tulips are the largest tulips with single, cup-shaped petals that appear in a rainbow of colors.

They barely reach a height of 16 inches and are tough enough to resist April’s relentless rains.

Trumpet tulips also come in a variety of styles, some of which are;


This bi-color cultivar distinguishes among tulips, thanks to its brilliant hues of deep maroon with a creamy yellow edging. It proliferates and looks best when planted alongside 12 to 15 other Gaviotas.


When these tulips open, they have an ivory-white petal edged with purple, and when they close, they have a light lilac petal. They work well as cutting flowers and for forcing.


Attila has large dark purple petals with rose and pink trimmings. They also have a wonderful perfume to appreciate, as well as a sturdy stem to survive the outdoors.

Parrot Tulips

Tulips with uncommon tints, big petals, and fringed edges are known as parrot tulips. They have green buds that open to reveal their colors and mimic a parrot’s feathers.

They bloom in late spring and reach a height of 26 inches. Parrot tulips also come in a variety of shapes and sizes; some examples include:

Bright Parrot

These have large bright-orange petals that are edged in gold, and they expand so wide in the sunlight that they appear almost flat. They’re also simple to cultivate.

Black Parrot

The rich purple petals of these tulips are trimmed in black and bloom in late spring. It’s a stunning tulip with beautiful hues.

Estella Rijnveld

These tulips, sometimes known as Gay Presto, are whimsically formed and come in vivid, dark-pink petals with pink-rose borders and fluffy white dots throughout. They may reach a height of 24 inches.

Botanical Tulips

Tulips stay low to the ground and have a natural appearance. They come in different bright colors, some with stripes, and bloom as soon as they emerge from the ground.

Botanical tulips blossom in the early spring, are sturdy and robust, and are pretty attractive.

Lastly, these types of tulips come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including;


Cynthia tulips have a soft yellow and rose red color scheme and close at night. During the day, however, they open to display a star-like pattern, which is rather remarkable.

Alba Coreulea Oculata

They are about 4-6 inches tall when open, but their star-like look will surely attract your attention. They are beautifully constructed and have white petals and deep-blue cores.

Lilac Wonder

These tulips are lilac or dark violet with bright yellow cores, making them one of the most striking botanical tulips available.

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