What is Digital Watermarking?

Digital Watermarking

When it became a usual practice to share information on the internet, digital watermarking became an essential part of content creation.

The internet is a world of its own, and people can easily share or reuse your content without your permission. To avoid such unauthorized commercial use of your content or files, there are several things you can do.

One of the things you can do is create low-quality content or create nothing at all, but we can agree that these options and not the best.

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So what do you do when you want to share your content and don’t want people to steal it? Let us talk about digital watermarking as an effective way of digital copyright protection.

A digital watermark is any pattern of beats introduced into a digital file audio-video or image. These messages will typically carry copyright information on the Shared file.

The name digital watermarking originated from the watermarking of money or paper. However, the primary difference between digital watermarking and the ordinary watermarking of cash or paper is that digital watermarking I supposed to be almost invisible or at least cause no physical alteration to the original content it is protecting.

Talking about digital image watermarking, watermarks can be divided into two primary groups the visible and the invisible watermarks.

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What is a visible watermark?

This kind of watermark is a visible text that a semi-transparent or an image that is overlaid on the main image. These watermarks allow the original image to be obvious and viewable, but it still offers copyright protection by serving as a mark on the owner’s property.

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Visible watermarks are a preferable option for reliable copyright protection, especially when dealing with images.

Whenever copyright property you have in digital format may benefit from the invisible watermark.

What is an invisible digital watermark?

For an invisible watermark, the owner of digital property and beds and image that cannot be seen with the human eyes. Only a specialized software or an electronic device can make the hidden watermark visible.

People who use invisible watermarks do so when they have specialized digital content with the purpose of proving its authenticity by revealing the watermark when necessary.

Although the primary purpose of digital watermarks Is copyright protection, they can also be used for advertising (adding company’s logo and name as a watermark for promos instead of protection) or even for adding memo titles to digital photos.

However, it is evident that the only kind of watermark that satisfies these requirements is visible watermarks. You can add a visible image watermark with the aid of a graphics editor (a commonly used one is free MS Paint).

But a more effective way to add digital image watermarks is with the assistance of special watermark software, which makes the watermarking process simpler, speeds up image processing, and makes it possible to batch add watermarks.

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Digital Watermarking

If you take your time to run a search through the internet, you will discover that so many people have copyrighted their content with the use of digital watermarking.

These people include normal internet users, business owners, photographers, writers, and lots more. However, the question you might want to ask is whether or not digital watermarking is worth the stress?

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Watermarking is as old as the first age. You may have come across many printed pictures with the word COPY or phrases related to that on them. To date, Photographers implement image watermarking before they provide their premium clients with some prints of photography.

This is the age of technology, and an electronic watermark is trending in fashion. Content curators now add a digital watermark to videos to signify that such content may not be reproduced by any means without their permission.

Examples of watermarks used on images could be superimposing logos, texts, or symbols on the image or just positioning them near the border of the picture.

What is the use of watermarks?

There are several reasons why people use digital watermarking on their online assets or website. Whether it is a visible or invisible digital watermark, it serves a purpose.

Digital watermarking is another type of copyright that stops people from utilizing and personalizing your content without your consent.

It is a cheap and straightforward means of signing your pictures or videos, just like your digital signature. This is meant to help other internet users trace the content back to you. That way, you can have your online reputation optimize as an astute photographer or as a content curator.

However, while it is undeniable that watermarking offers a copyright solution, it also has its disadvantages if not used correctly. It could make your content unclear or cause distraction and change the focus of your audience from the material to the watermark.

This is precisely why you must learn how to do it professionally.

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Tips for Utilizing Watermarking

If you have made up your mind to use a watermark, which may be the reason why you are reading this, then you must learn a few things.

Firstly, it is vital to customize the text or logo to the right size. Using a more significant size will cause a distraction from the content, while a smaller size watermark will be wholly or almost invisible.

That’s not all; your watermark has to be legible. Content owners can utilize their digital signature, provided users can read it.


Do not forget that your image is a representation of your brand on the internet. That is why you must go for what works well with you. Include your copyright information to the image captions or descriptions to effectively communicate your brand to your target audience.

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