Top 10 DJ Apps for iPhone and iPad

DJ apps
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Music apps keep getting advance these days, and because of this, they are people who would love to scratch, mix and tweak some tunes on their smartphone. Fortunately, there are quite a few capable solutions to help you get what you desire.

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With the widespread of DJ controllers and software, it?s becoming technologically bright for smart devices as they now follow suit.

In this article, we will talk about the DJ apps that are out there, the ones that are worth buying has a free trial and the ones you should spend your time on. We will mix all of them to narrow down your search.

Although iOS devices can never take the place of CDJs, controllers, and turntables, they are a great alternative to have during parties and some small events. Renew your DJ passion by looking into the best iOS DJ apps we will compile for you

Best DJ Apps for iPhone and iPad

1. DJ Mix Pads 2

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Have you ever thought about making a remix of your favourite track? Yeah, this app is your best bet. It?s the right tool for you to animate your DJ dream with the much need for fun. With this app, you can make and remix your music with absolute ease.

Although they are a lot of different type of sounds and beats out there, this joint will hook you up with more fresh beats and sounds with its professional sound effects to add more value to your music and improve its quality.

You can also add custom sound to give your audio a unique signature.  Download for free 

2. edjing Mix

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This amazing app turns your iPhone into a fantastic DJ set and offers a great experience. It is packed with over 20 DJ FX and features that let you remix with style.

With this app, you can quickly access your iTunes, Deezer and SoundCloud playlist so matching and mixing songs will become easy.

With over 50 million tracks at your beck and call with only a tap away. It also has a queue system to help you smoothly prepare your songs. Download for free 

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3. DJ Player Professional

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This DJ app has distinguished itself from the others by supporting a wide range of devices and USB interfaces. By exceeding its expectations, it?s giving you access to tools and many effects on your iPhone.

It has simple controls and a complete list of features to help you familiarize with the app. It delivers fast loading of music to your mixing booth, giving you the freedom with Mix with pride. You can?t go out of your way with its controls because all its options are labelled and user-friendly.

It also supports features like MIDI connectivity, Timecode vinyl control and multiple output modes. Download for free

4. djay Free

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This is a DJ app that can transform your device into a good DJ setup. iPad brings out the best in this app. with access to over 25 tracks from your music library, although it?s not so much compared to the others it can also deliver.

To give you more professional feel and effect, it comes with a friendly interface and a very low-latency converge. This app is not only for experts but also allows learners to dabble with songs, and while at it, they can come out with a high-quality result.

Its outstanding feature is the ability to match and switch the tempo of a song automatically.  This app supports all leading audio formats such as MP3, AAC, WAV, and AIFF.  Download for free

5. Pacemaker DJ

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This app sets a standard for others to follow with its simple look and powerful features. You can redo your playlist by loading tracks from your private collection into the app.

With its realistic looks, you have all the scope to mix your favourite songs with options to scratch using syncing beats of multiple songs or a turntable, and it provides a Crossfade for you on an on-screen slider. Download for free

6. DJ Mixer Studio

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This app comes with well-packed features. With an enticing user interface and efficient editing tools to make you the best DJ, you can be.

It integrates the app with your iTunes and iCloud music library so you can instantly access all of your tracks and playlists for quick mixing and editing.

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It has features like Crossfade effects and other effects that are given to you for more control. You can also mix and match tracks, tweak the pitch and tempo of a song to take control of the dance floor. Download for free 

7. DJ Rig

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This is an excellent DJ mixing app packed with advanced editing tools for creating good music. You can auto mix songs, sync tempo, and other effects included to transform your music completely.

It comes with a double-deck interface which features a selectable waveform, a turntable which will give your editing a great experience.

Another feature is its multiple deck controls like pitch, volume and three-band kill equalizer along with Crossfader and isolator. To customize fades, they pack it with three Crossfader curves.

It has a live recorder to record your sessions; you can also export and share your performances. It is also compatible with major audio formats such as MP3, AIFF, AAC, WAV.  Download for free

8. Deej

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This is the only paid app on this list; it features interactive tutorial to help groom beginners in the art of editing music is a straightforward way. It is a must-have for beginners.

With stunning loops and effects, it elegantly enriches your music. It also has a bit crush effect to adorn your track and three-band EQ to control your music to perfection.

Finally, you can record your sessions and upload them to cloud storage like Dropbox.  Download for $5.99

9. Cross DJ

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Here is another DJ app that comes with great features like mixers and EQs in the centre and two decks on the side. Great, huh? This app offers two effects, echo and flanger, but others are available via in-app purchases.

Cross DJ looping function is user-friendly and exceptional, and the cue points are so on point. You can use your songs that were stored in your Soundcloud account for DJing because Cross DJ has partnered with Soundcloud to make this possible.

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Though the interface may seem out of place, it is competent enough to deliver the job.  Download for free 

10. U Beats: Beat Maker & Drum Pad

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Last on our list is U Beats. This is a simple app used for mixing tracks. It has a feature that allows you to add drum rolls and other effects to an existing record and it didn?t end there, you can also create a melody from scratch.

It comes with pre-installed sound effects and many other features for beginners and expert DJ. If you want to become a DJ, I think this is an excellent place to start with.  Download for free but with optional in-app purchases

With the number of great DJ apps listed for iPhone and iPad, DJing won?t be a difficult task for you anymore, and you won?t have an excuse anymore.

Enjoy the experience and fun that comes with the apps listed in this article and share your thoughts and feedback with us by using the comment section below.

DJ apps
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