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DJI Inspire 1 – Well-built Quadcopter With High Quality Camera Other Features

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DJI Inspire 1 Well-built Quadcopter is made for the aerial photographers and videographers whose main requirement is shooting smooth and sharp images and videos.

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This drone is made with excellent quality camera so you don’t need to buy a new camera. This commercial drone is featured with advanced technology, HD camera, powerful camera and stabilization system.

You will also get a excellent flight experience because this drone has a pretty good flight time. This is a ready to fly and easy to use quadcopter. Day by day with dual controller support and 360 degree camera movement this drone is going to be favorite ready to fly aerial platform for the professional videographers.

Camera and image quality of DJI Inspire 1 well-built Quadcopter

This drone is comes with Zenmuse X3 camera, Zenmuse X5 camera, Zenmuse X5R camera, Zenmuse XT camera, Zenmuse Z3 camera. You can add any one from these five cameras on your DJI Inspire 1 Well-built Quadcopter.

Now let’s know about these five types camera and their image quality:

  • Zenmuse X3 camera: This camera is able to shoot videos at up to 4Kp30 and also able to capture 12 MP (megapixel) pictures. The camera is also featured with new 9-lyer lens which helps you to take the best aerial pictures. The lens removes distortion of the images which you will take the camera. For keeping the camera stable in the sky and giving you the best professional pictures and videos, the best technologies of DJI have been used into the gimbal. The 3 axis gimbal of the camera knows flight parameters of the DJI Inspire 1 well-built quadcopter. In every second it computes the proper motion correction of the aircraft. The gimbal is run by the brushless motors which are made for longer life and higher precision. The 1/ 2.3” sensor of the camera can record 4096 x 2160 (25fps). For seeing wherever you want to see you have to just rotate and tilt the camera by tapping your finger on the screen. The 360 degree range will be always at your fingertips. You can capture images in time of flying by one simple motion of finger.
  • Zenmuse X5 camera: This camera is specifically made for aerial photography and cinematography. The camera is world’s first mirror less and Micro Four Thirds camera. The Zenmuse X5 is made with powerful sensor that can record 4K videos and capture pictures at 16 mega pixel. This camera prepared for the DJI Inspire 1 Well-built Quadcopter with standard MFT interchangeable lens mount. It also allows you to shoot pictures and videos as your wish.
  • Zenmuse X5R camera: The best feature of this camera is it can record lossless 4K videos in RAW. It is world’s first Micro Four Thirds aerial camera so get ready to shoot images in RAW. The camera can shoot 30 fps (frame per second) and with 1.7Gbps average bit rate it allows you to shoot professional pictures every time. The Zenmuse X5R camera featured with powerful MFT sensor and also captures 16 megapixel images. This camera is designed for perfectly adding with the inspire 1 and for creating professional aerial imaging system. At last I want to say it’s an aerial camera which is really fit for the DJI Inspire 1 well-built quadcopter and professional videographers.

Ready to fly at any time

After buying this drone, you will see that it is not too much heavy and also flexible. The drone will be in the sky within minutes because new aerial technology is packed into one simple, ready to fly system.

The Inspire 1 can also use autopilot when required. If the charge of the battery gets low and the connection of the drone with your remote controller lost at any time then don’t worry. The positioning system and smart flight technology is used by the drone to return back to you.

Design of the Rotor

The new quick release rotors are 13 inch long. The rotors are made with unique Z-Blade design. The rotors of DJI Inspire 1 well-built quadcopter is made by the new carbon fiber material for ensuring amazing performance with enhanced stability.

Design of the aircraft

The arm of the aircraft is made by the carbon fiber which gives you the power to move in the air. You can capture pictures independently with a full 360 degree unobstructed view.

The brushless motors are integrated by curved magnets that blush around the border of every motor. Though it is too much hard to produce, the airflow gaps into the motors are eliminated by these magnets for increasing the efficiency.


The aircraft is also featured with single wire design. More than one strands of copper wire have been changed by a single strand. Because of the decrease in wasted shape between the wires it has been possible to include more copper into every motor.

There is a centrifugal pump inside the motor of the DJI Inspire 1 well-built quadcopter which enhances the airflow into the neat for increasing the life of the motors.

The aircraft is also designed with revolutionary Electronic Speed Controllers (ESC) and new sinusoidal drive. For offering the features like distinct functional redundancy and closed loop torque control, the algorithm of the ESCs have been customized and tuned.

Dual positioning system

In time of flying the position of your drone is quickly recorded because of having GLONASS + GPS system. The dual positioning system of this drone allows higher precision and satellite acquisition.

This system allows you to see exactly where your quadcopter is on a live GPS map. By the press of a button the drone can take off and land without connected with the GPS.

What’s the flight time of Inspire 1 Drone?

It is really easy to fly the DJI Inspire 1 Well-built Quadcopter. It can fly up to 50 mph and can also reach up to 15,000 feet and can also fly at low temperatures.

You can fly the drone for 18 minutes with a single charge. That means without recharging the battery you will enjoy 18 minutes flight time.

Intelligent flight battery

A powerful intelligent battery provides powers to your drone. The best feature of this battery is you can see the remaining power live on the screen in time of flying.

Because of having this feature you will be able to know about how long you will able to fly. Another feature of this battery is the advanced algorithms automatically calculate the actual distance of your drone and determined time to return home.

This will help you to know the time to fly back home. Another excellent feature of the battery of the DJI Inspire 1 Well-built Quadcopter is it reports about overall health, each cells voltage and status of the battery.


Because of having all these features you will able to keep your drone in the sky and flying for years to come.

Controller of the Inspire 1

Controller is known as the brain of the whole system. It receives thousands of data in every second and also translates these data into action in time of flying.

The activities of the main controller include telling your drone what to do, how to do, calculating environmental conditions etc. The controller ensures that the quadcopter responds to your command quickly.

Quality of the remote

The remote controller of the DJI Inspire 1 Well-built Quadcopter is made with DJI’s advanced control technology. The remote controller is also featured with dual operator support.

This is the world’s first advanced controller which is specifically created for controlling flight and camera. Inside the remote DJI Lightbridge HD video downlink has been included for the first time.

You can enjoy a live view of what the camera of your drone sees when your drone is connected with a mobile device. It can also increase the maximum control range to 5 kilometer. These all are possible because of the DJI Lightbridge.

You can easily control all functions of both flight and camera by the remote. Buttons for capturing images and videos, dials for camera settings and return to home functionality etc are included inside the remote.

When you will fly the DJI Inspire 1 Well-built Quadcopter with your friend, you have to control the aircraft while your friend moves the direction of the camera and the gimbal.

The remotes of both you will receive live video and data from the drone. But the only condition is you will able to send commands to the drone.

Another condition is your friend’s controller must be linked with your controller via strong password for controlling the gimbal. For giving you stable and smooth flight, DJI’s all flight technologies have been included into the remote’s software.


The remote is built with 6000 mAh LiPo 2S rechargeable battery. So don’t worry about the run time of the remote. You can take more than two flights without worry about the power of remote.

You will able to see the remaining charge of the battery live on the screen of the remote. You will also get a warning when the charge of the battery runs low.

Enjoy live HD view

You can enjoy live HD video from the camera of the DJI Inspire 1 Well-built Quadcopter on your mobile screen. You have to just adjust the setting of the camera and then use the real time view for taking perfect shot.

You can completely control your camera by the DJI GO app. The videos that your camera shot will be automatically saved on your iPhone or iPod. So you can edit them later when you want.

Are you thinking about the price?

Let me clear one thing, good products are always quite high priced. The inspire 1 is the DJI’s first sucessful innovation for the aerial videographers and filmmakers. This drone is especially made for the professionals.

Is your main requirement is a professional quadcopter with best features and high quality camera? Then I think you should not look at the price. I have already said that best products are high priced.

I assure you that you will get better service from the DJI Inspire 1 Well-built Quadcopter. DJI’s best technologies are integrated into this quadcopter so it’s simple that the price will be high.

You can see drones of other companies and then compare this drone with them. Then you will understand that why its price is higher than others. BUY ON AMAZON

How to construct the aircraft?

After receiving this quadcopter you have to construct it step by step. Let’s see the procedure:

  • Unlock The Travel Mode: During the delivery the aircraft will be in sport mode. For changing it to landing mode before first flight you have to follow these steps:
  1. First of all you have to insert the battery into the battery compartment.
  2. Then power on the remote controller
  3. Then off the power of the aircraft.
  4. Don’t forget to charge fully before using it for the first time.
  • Install the camera and gimbal: Now let’s see the procedure of installing the camera and gimbal into the aircraft:
  1. First of all you have to remove the gimbal cover
  2. Then turn the gimbal lock to the unlocked position
  3. Then insert the gimbal
  • Attach the propellers: Now attach the propellers with the balck nut onto the motors with the black dot. Now attach the propellers with gray nut into the motors without a black dot for secure.

List accessories of Inspire 1

Have you already planned to buy the DJI Inspire 1 Well-built Quadcopter? If yes, then I have a question- What about the accessories? I have listed the necessary accessories for your drone.


Now let’s know briefly about the accessories;

  1. New Backpack: This backpack is especially designed for the inspire 1. The weight of this backpack is only 2 pounds and lighter than other backpacks of the DJI’s drones. You can use this backpack in all weather because it’s featured with a cover. The price is not too high in terms of quality of the backpack.
  2. iPad or mobile device holder: It is made for using with the inspire 1.
  3. Bestem Aerial BT-INSPIRE-GBLK Gimbal lock: You can use this accessory to lock the camera and gimbal. The gimbal lock is made with Nylon plastic in bright red color.
  4. DJI TB47 4500 mAh battery: This battery is only suited with the inspire 1. The capacity of the battery is 4500 mAh and the maximum flight time is 18 minutes. This battery is featured with intelligent charging and remaining charge indicator.

Short reviews

In the online a lot of customers have already given their reviews. Almost all customers have given good reviews for the DJI Inspire 1 Well-built Quadcopter. Someone said that, this drone is really awesome for the professional photographers and videographers. Now let’s see the Pros and Cons of this quadcopter.


  • It is a well built quadcopter which incorporates a complete system.
  • Ready to fly, advanced and aerodynamic design
  • Can record 4k videos
  • Made buy the carbon fiber which is just superb
  • Too much fast
  • Lots of best feature
  • The camera is removable and upgradable camera
  • Featured with dual positioning system
  • Featured with 3 axis gimbal
  • Can fly for the long time
  • Built with GPS + GLONASS system


Everyone just wants to know about the pros but what about the cons of this drone. Let’s see the cons of this drone:

  • It’s too much expensive for middle class aerial videographers.
  • It’s bulky
  • With the standard battery it can fly for 15 minutes per charge
  • Though this drone has dual operator, but they relay on the same camera.
  • If you are a new filmmaker with tight budget, then this drone is not for you.
  • The battery is quite expensive.


At last I want to say, if your main requirement is shooting amazing aerial photos and videos, then you should try this one. I assure you that the features of this drone will meet your all requirements.

This drone is especially made for the professionals and filmmakers. Now I think you should buy and try the DJI Inspire 1 Well-built Quadcopter on AMAZON.

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