Domino’s Robotic Unit (DRU): It’s Time for Robots to Deliver to You

Domino's Robotic Unit
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How would you like your pizzas delivered to you by a robot, hot and fresh? That’s exactly what Domino’s new pizza delivery machine aims to do.

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The new Domino’s Robotic Unit will be launching as a test phase on the streets of Australia pretty soon and will be a prototype first. The machine, designed with military grade standards, will ensure your pizzas are hot and your drinks cold – till they reach your home.

It’s an ingenuine product from Domino’s, designed by its DLAB innovation lab back in Brisbane, and can make short-range deliveries easily, without the need for any humans. To keep your food warm, it has a heated compartment, and to keep your drinks cold, a chiller.

Add to it a GPS system that helps it know how to navigate, and sensors to ensure it doesn’t run into things on the pavement. Dominos says that it is working with the government to ensure that it can employ DRU’s in the real world very soon.

The worry, of course, will be things like surveillance and security with these robots – you wouldn’t want muggers stealing pizzas from these robots.

However, given the fact that these are designed with tech and platform sourced from the military, we can be sure that perhaps these robots will be equipped with a little more for some pizza protection.

Automation and DRU’s – The Future?

Automation in daily life will bring many changes some may be good, and some may not be that beneficial in the long run. But nevertheless, automation is the future. Automation will happen for daily straightforward works and also for complex activities like driving.

It will produce more leisure time for individuals but at the same time, it will cause a loss of jobs. It has, however, the potential to affect all the aspects of our lives. The next and the younger generation will learn about new product variety and economy.

Automation will help to increase product quality while driving down their cost significantly. Different machines have the ability to perform certain tasks more efficiently and much quicker than the human. So, there will be more product variability and manufacturing time will be less. However, the initial new products will be because of human creativity.

It has to be remembered that DRU’s are the latest automation movement and will replace human workers. It will ensure that turnaround times and deliveries are more efficient and effective. And yes, unlike previous times when Dominos stated that it probably won’t be using such technology, it seems it is really serious this time around!

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Newage Technologies like automation, closed loop function, or artificial intelligence fast becoming very reliable because of the development of innovative statistical models and data technologies.

These will reduce human intervention and therefore increase productivity. But this also means a reduction of jobs. So, technology-oriented job opportunities will increase in the future, but manual jobs will diminish.

Therefore, automation is terrible for employers with less technological skills, although it is great for companies. The cost to maintain technology will be always cheaper than having employers doing the same. Evolve of artificial intelligence further worsened the situation. The jobs are becoming processes.

What do you think of the new DRU’s? Let us know in the comment box below.

Domino's Robotic Unit
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