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How to Downgrade/Rollback Windows 10 to Windows 10/8.1/8/7

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Windows 10 has proven to be one of the best operating system coming out from Microsoft, no doubt about that. Meanwhile, users feel that Windows 7 was a much simpler, cool and easier to use operating system compared to Windows 10.

That is true to some extent because Windows 10 comes with some unwanted baggage. However, if you don’t want to roll back to windows 7, latest updates from Windows 10 can break your PC thereby giving you a reason to roll back to previous versions for smooth use.

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This article will talk about the three simple ways you can downgrade your Windows 10 to the previous versions and these processes are easy to follow. Let’s get to it.

How to Downgrade Windows 10?

Like I said above, you will learn about the different ways to downgrade your Windows 10. You can either downgrade to Windows 7/8 or you might prefer to downgrade to Windows 10 working build.

We will provide three ways to achieve this task, and we will walk you through these steps.

Downgrade Windows 10 from Settings

Have you recently upgraded your PC to Windows 10? Then this is a straight forward process for you. While you are downgrading, your data will not be deleted in the process but it is recommended that you backup your valuable data.

Below are the steps you will need to downgrade. Note that you cannot downgrade from Windows 10 using these steps if you have spent more than 10 days on Windows 10.

So make sure it’s less than 10 days else this method will downgrade your windows 10 to its latest version.

Press the “Windows” and “I” keys simultaneously to open the Windows Settings. Then click on ‘Update and Security’.



Now, go to the ‘Recovery’ tab and you will come across the ‘Go back to the previous version’ section. Click on the ‘Get Started’ button just below the section.


  • When it’s done, Windows will take you through different options. And it will ask you if you would like to keep your files, programs, etc. select your option carefully and proceed.
  • Finally, you can click on ‘Go back to earlier build’ button to restart your computer and the downgrade process will commence.


After a while, depending on your PC, your computer will boot back to the previous operating system.

You can now enjoy your PC with its previous Windows operating system.

How to Downgrade Windows 10 using the Reset Tool?

If you have gone beyond the 10 days limit then your option is to downgrade your Windows 10 using the Reset Tool.

This option allows you to go way back to the operating system that was shipped with the PC (sort of factory reset). Have it mind that this method will wipe all the data from your PC so it’s advisable to back up important files before proceeding to downgrade.

However, if your PC was shipped with Windows 10 then it will fall back to Windows 10 after the downgrade. Having all that in mind, follow the steps below to proceed.

Follow similar steps in the previous method to the recovery tab (Windows Settings > Update and Security > switch to Recovery tab). When you get there, click on ‘Get Started’ found under ‘Reset this PC’ section.



A mini window will pop up. Then click on ‘Keep my files’ to keep your data safe from deletion. It’s recommended that you backup your data to be on a safe side.


Another mini window will appear, click on ‘Only the drive where Windows is installed’ option. This will allow only your C drive or whichever your Windows is installed on to be reset.


The PC will reboot and the reset process will commence. After a while depending on your PC, your computer will boot into the default (factory) version of Windows.

How to Downgrade Windows 10 to its Previous Build?

If after upgrading, you came up with some issues that prevent your PC from performing perfectly then this method will help you to downgrade your Windows 10 to its previous working build.

Note: make sure to create a backup of your important data before proceeding to downgrade.

Windows Settings > Update and Security > switch to Recovery tab to open the Recovery window. On getting there, click on ‘Restart Now’ under the ‘Advanced Startup’ section. Once you have clicked on it, your PC will boot into an Advanced Startup screen as seen in the images below.



In case your PC refused to boot, try turning off and on three times. That will trigger an ‘Automatic Repair’ screen. Click on ‘Advanced Options’ and then it should take you to the Advanced Startup screen.


On the screen, click on ‘Troubleshoot’.


While on the next screen, click on ‘Advanced Options’.


And on the next screen, you will find the ‘Go back to the previous builds’ option. Click on it to initiate the downgrade process.


Once it’s all done, your PC will boot back to the last working build.

Those are the three easy methods to downgrade Windows 10. You can go through each of them to see which one suits your current situation. However, if these methods could not solve the issues with Windows 10, share your problem with us by using the comments section below.

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